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*energon episode 30*Misha looked worried
*Jewry’s not in the infirmary*Ironhide
*I think she went out on the sky deck for fresh air*
*outside on the sky deck*JJ was wearing her hospital cloths with her pendent on her neck and she was looking up at the sky Kicker was catching his breath and saw JJ sitting on the sky deck and the wing was barely blowing Kicker
*Jewry…*JJ was singing
*Far far above the clouds soaring with the wind, a falcon flies alone silent as the sky*
*I hear his lonely cry, never can he rest*
*I walk with you along an empty winding road, we’re far from the one’s we love never can return*
*never can we see again the countries of our birth*Kicker looked very surprised
*inside the base*Misha looked surprised and the symbol on her body started to glow JJ’s singing voice
*when will I even find a place to call my home? Sadness circling like a falcon in the sky*
*when will I even find a way to speak my heart? To someone who knows what’s it’s like to be alone*tears started to fell down misha’s face
*back to JJ*JJ was holding the side of her head while singing and the wind came again
*far far above the clouds agenized the setting sun, a falcon flies alone silent as the sky*
*I hear his lonely cry, never can he rest, I long to spread my wings and fly into the night*
*open this lonely heart to one that understands*kicker covered his eyes with his hand and he started crying JJ was still singing
*when will I ever find a way to speak my heart? When will I ever find a place to call my home?*
*sadness and loneliness a falcon in the sky, when will I ever find a way to speak my heart?*
*to someone who knows what it is to be alone*she looked surprised JJ
*kicker I didn’t know you where here*she turned her head to him
*why are you crying I’ve never seen this side of you before*kicker whipped the tears off his eyes
*I don’t know why either the tears just came all of a sudden*JJ
*I see*kicker sat next to her
*glad your feeling better everyone was….*JJ
*worried about me, I’m not surprised about that*Kicker
*Jewry I didn’t know you sang so beautifully*JJ didn’t look at him
*you ever asked*
*how serious was my injuries*Kicker
*one of your teammates said you lost more blood than you could handle you’ve been out cold for a few days*JJ
*again that’s a damn downer*
*minutes later*Misha’s voice
*wait a minute lady Jewry what are you doing*JJ’s voice
*come on don’t be so shy*Misha’s voice
*but I don’t want to ware that why don’t you wear it*Kicker quickly opens the door
*hey what’s……*he quickly blushed misha was on the ground and JJ was on top of her and misha suit was zipped haft way down misha blushed and yelled
*no don’t look*Kicker quickly shuts the door and stands behind it sweating
*oh man*inferno
*what’s going on out there*kicker nods no while his face was red
*dude you don’t want to know but that was the most interesting sight I saw*the door quickly opens JJ petting misha’s head they were sitting on the ground and misha was blushing while wearing mikura’s maid outfit JJ smiling
*when it comes to moai a maids cosplays is perfect*
*alright misha whenever I’m here you got to wear this outfit*Misha yelled her and she was blushing
*I could change myself thank you very much*Kicker
*ah why did you make misha wear a maids outfit in the first place*JJ hugs misha from behind  
*well why not Misha does share my powers after all*
*I was going to ask you….but I you have pinned you down on the floor*kicker
*glad I didn’t do….wait a minute you wanted me to wear a maids outfits*inferno started laughing JJ gets up and picks up misha’s yellow suit
*no but your close*
*outside*signalflair and the other two hear the door JJ runs past them
*you didn’t see me here*she jumps off the building signalflair
*what was that about?*
*meanwhile in the forest*JJ was catching her breath
*I think I lost him*
*although it was fun messing with him*she quickly turned around
*that’s right inferno*she quickly ran off
*it’s my fault it’s my fault about inferno*she quickly stops and sees him
*oh inferno*decepticons start firing at the planet JJ yelled
*move it inferno quickly*he looks up
*what*JJ quickly move him when a blast almost hit he looked around and the forest was on fire JJ was in junkesu’s battle form with her pendent on her neck still she quickly swung Sastuki’s blade and a very strong wind shot came and blew away the fire
*I could use some help over here*inferno
*right*he helps her out by using his water still swinger her blade
*I know what you’re thinking and I think I know how to help*Inferno
*you do how*JJ didn’t look at him
*I’ll show you*he saw that the flames just stood there and didn’t burn at all he realized time and motion stopped in the area that there in inferno
*how did you*JJ lands on the ground
*I am able to control space and time at my own will*she stops in front of him
*meaning I can reverse what megatron did to you*inferno
*are you serious you can really do that*JJ
*yes I am able too*
*later*Inferno and JJ where fight off jaguar teracons one of them bits JJ’s leg JJ
*get the hell off me*she swings her blade and cuts it in two
*why do they keep biting*her blood started to drip on the ground the teracons quickly turned around Kicker’s voice  
*Jewry*she turned around
*kicker*Kicker was in ichigo’s bonkai form and lands on the ground next to her
*you guys alright*she looked out in the distance
*we got trouble*ironhide
*it’s scorpinock*
*we’re in big trouble*kicker
*megatron turned scorpinock into a decepticon*Ironhide
*you sure*JJ
*who do you think told him that*scorpinock
*inferno where is the energon you are a decepticon now and it’s your deity to tell me where it is*JJ
*sorry to say this but he’s not a decepicon I made sure of that*inferno
*and I’ll never I’m an autobot and my sworn deity is to serve this girl and optimus prime*scoptinock
*autobot decepticon I don’t care where’s the energon*he jumps up and comes at them he transformed and almost hit inferno with his stinger JJ gets in front of him and block it with her arm blade ironhide
*your Excellency*JJ looking at scorpinock
*stop worrying about me for once and worry about yourself*scorpinock swings his tail and she was thrown to the ridge kicker
*Jewry*she was on the ground and barely coughed up blood scorpinock quickly stopped JJ quickly blocks scorpinock’s stinger with her blade JJ
*dude what up with you*kicker swings his sword
*Getsuga Tenshou*a extremely power beam fired at him kicker helps her up JJ
*thank you*scorpinock turned into his robot mood scorpinok comes at them JJ’s eyes where light blue held his arm with one finger scorpinock
*what*she puts her finger on his and his body was cut all around and she punched him in his face causing him to go in the water she started running at him then stops
*w-what is*her eye turn back to their normal color she falls on the ground and looked like she was in pain and her pendent fell on the ground under her inferno
*lady Jewry*JJ tried to get up her hair was in her face
*stay back!*her eyes barely started to glowing as purple as dark energon kicker hair starts to glow
*is this energon I’m syncing right now…no it’s different it’s more darker*she looks up at scorpinock
*slashing sound*JJ smiled like ichigio’s hollow self and her eyes where was like dark energon scorpinock
*what* JJ was back in her normal form and her arms was into his shoulder and she quickly pulled it out he falls on the ground JJ comes at him from the air misha punched her in her stomach she started coughing misha was in mila rose’s clothing
*that’s enough my lady*JJ fell on her knees then fell on her back and she was catching her breath Kicker picked up JJ’s pendent
*her pendent fell off*he quickly realized and he ran to her Misha
*kicker what are you doing*JJ quickly stood up and bit into the side of kicker’s neck and his blood barely dripped on the ground Kicker barely looked in pain
*I think I get it the pendent that she’s wears is a type of seal*JJ bit harder into him Kicker
*it’s what controls the dark side of her which is unicron*he struggled to put her pendent back around her neck Kicker
*Jewry..Jewry it’s me kicker let me help you I’m not going to hurt you*JJ barely looked surprised JJ let’s go of him and she was staring at him with a blank look on her back him his blood on her mouth and lips Kicker puts her pendent back on her neck and her eyes turned back to their normal color she looked surprised and confused
*kicker what the hell just happened*she stood up and noticed Misha
*Misha what are you doing here*Misha
*you mean you don’t remember*JJ
*remember?*she touched her pendent and looked worried
*it came off didn’t it*Kicker
*I didn’t realize until I saw it on the ground*JJ
*yes and I act like that when I lose too much blood or someone took too much of it*the symbol of misha’s arm stops glowing
*now if you don’t mind I’ll take over this fight*JJ
*go ahead *Misha walked past her
*as you wish*Scorpinock
*you think you can defeat human well your wrong*Kicker
*misha what are you doing*Misha draws her sword out
*don’t get in the way kicker I can handle this*scorpinock fires at her and a smoke filled the air JJ
*now release your swords power*Misha’s voice
*now eat your fill* the smoke cleared and misha was in mila rose’s hollow form
*what no way*Misha
*My lady*JJ
*don’t kill him just yet only defeat him*Misha puts her sword in front of her
*very well then*misha kicked scorpinock in his face and he slides on the ground she points her hand at him
*sedio*a powerful beam comes out of her hand and fires at him and he quickly dodged it misha appeared in front of him and the sides of his face then she punched him in his face that throw him in the water he quickly comes out
*you think this is over well your wrong*
*transform*he transformed and flow off JJ high fived misha
*way to go misha well done*Misha smiles
*well I have you to thank*the hear someone laughing they turned around Bulkhead
*well nicely done if I must say*JJ puts her hand on her hip
*thanks for coming to help the autobots out and the same with your team as well*
*back at the ship*rodimus
*thanks for helping us protecting this planet bulkhead we couldn’t have done it without you*bulkhead
*it was nothing rodimus we only did what any autobot would do and we were happy to do it do it was our pleasure*
*and I couldn’t have done it without cliffjumper and downshift over here*both of them
*thanks*JJ flipped her hair
*let’s not get cocky here boys we know that they’ll be back and we need to be ready for them*ironhide
*it won’t be easy*Kicker
*sure it will with the help from your friends it’ll be a snitch*downshift
*hey kid I hope you’re not trying to be funny*bulkhead
*will you relax downshift it was compliment*downshift
*or right sorry*Bulkhead
*he’s not the brightest*Kicker
*so tell us how did you find us*JJ
*allow me..*
*they crossed throw the opening as quickly throw the space bridge*
*meanwhile you guys can still contact cybertron*Kicker
*that means we can contact cybertron and rebuild the energon towers*JJ
*not quite we need to allow the planet full with energon*
*in that being said we have another goal we just discovered another way for energon*
*right signalflair*signalflair
*got that right*JJ holding onto kicker’s arm
*and I bet Alpha Q will be very happy with this*Energon cliffjumper noticed wheeljack
*what*he gets in front of him Kicker still holding onto JJ’s head
*whoa that’s creepy*JJ
*shut up*she pinched him and he lets up
*you didn’t haft to do that you know*JJ
*I do whatever the hell I want to do*Kicker
*oh that’s right*JJ
*damn straight*
*G1 season 2 episode 43*JJ was in ciel’s form wearing his pink dress with her pendent on her neck JJ lies on the grassy ground
*aw it’s peaceful here*she pets a dear
*no matter how many times I see this place*cherry blossom pedals flew past her and sever human arms flowered out of each of her shoulders and several birds land on them and she smiled she realized
*of right*the arms vanished and the birds flew off when she stood up her outfit changed to izaya’s and she took his form
*only a matter of time now*
*meanwhile*JJ appeared above blizwing and land on him in his tank mood with great force Preceptor
*L?*JJ spoke like izaya
*well who else*she lands on the land Blizwing quickly transformed and almost shoots at her she turned to him and she pointed her hand at him
*Hodo number 88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho* a gigantic electricity blast of spiritual energy resulting in a truly enormous explosion Blizwing quickly got out of the way and he flew off JJ crossed her arms in front of her and closed her eyes and cherry blossom pedals flew past her a dozen arms flowered out of his body JJ opened her eyes
*slam*Blizwing quickly fell into the ocean and was screaming
*later on*JJ was looking at her iphone
*activate camera 55*Izaya
*you got it*the scream goes into static JJ
*alright now much damage did they do*she looked upset
*oh great I make something nice then it’s destroyed*
*Cliffjumper*Prime cliffjumper’s voice
*you summoned*JJ
*you know what to do right you better get to it*
*where preceptor beachcommer and seaspry where*starscream and thrust come in JJ was hanging above them they both here a whistle noise JJ quickly comes down and kicks starscream in the face that actually made a scratch on him starscream
*you managed to hurt me*JJ motion the both of them to come at her they both did JJ just stood there
*now cien fleur* cherry blossoms barely flew past starscream and thrust and a dozen arms flowered out of each of them and they were holding their arms JJ
*twist*the arms grabbed both their arms and they twisted them and they fell on the ground Starscream
*w-what are you*JJ taking the key to the locks from him
*who me*she stood up and smiled
*I’m just a simple college student who enjoys kicking your sorry asses*she walked past them and unlocked the sells preceptor
*how are you able to do that*JJ
*you want to find out for yourself*Preceptor scared
*t-thank you no*JJ pressing a few things on her watch
*that’s what I thought*her to her watch
*activate space bridge code numbers 246571*a ground bridge opens up Preceptor
* a mobile space bridge not ever we can make that kind of technology*JJ slightly turned her head to him
*not yet at least*she goes throw the bridge the three autobots quickly go throw it then it vanishes Thrust and starscream’s pain went away the bridge open to where the eletrom was JJ
*shh*she jumps out of the pushes and they hear punching and kicking sounds JJ’s voice
*ok we’re good*Beachcommer
*whoa*Dredge was tied up with his mouth taped to his mouth JJ opened a lit to a permanent parker Dredge nods no quickly and tried to get away JJ
*what are you doing*JJ holding a piece of paper
*I’m writing down my list for dinner tonight*she starts writing and finishes
*that’s better*JJ starts swinging him then throws him high in the air and out of the earth’s atmosphere they all hear someone coming the autobot points their weapons JJ
*drops your weapons it’s only the other*optimus and all the others showed up prime
*it’s good we weren’t the only ones who found this place at the same time* JJ holding a giant burned tree branch
*all my hard work on this place destroyed* Beachcommer
*you made this place*JJ
*you don’t thing electrom came on its own did you I created this area to get away from the crazy*
*sadly the crazy came here anyway I maybe a tech nerd but I love nature*she pointed out
*and now look what happened*optimus
*is there a way to stop the decepticons Jewry*JJ
*there is*
*but I’m going to need some help for it to work*optimus
*we’ll be more than happy to help out*
*few minutes later*the decepticons fire at them optimus firing at the cons
*preceptor how much longer*Preceptor
*not long*JJ looking at her watch
*Three two one*JJ jumps off of omega supreams shoulder she held in her a senbonzakura JJ
*now scatter senbonzakura*her sword turned into cherry blossom peddles and scattered in the air megatron looking at them
*what is this*a grin comes on her face then the swarmed at him the peddles where able to cut throw the electrom and made is vanish on him Megatron
*impossible*he quickly dodges them while blasting them JJ in her own voice
*no use bitch*she swings her handle all the decepticons where surrounded in the tornado of them the peddles starts to return to her handle and it becomes a blade again and she lands on the ground and spoke like izaya
*they won’t go down that easy*JJ
*you best take this advantage to take them down*optimus
*autobots open fire*he and the others started firing at the decepticons megatron
*decepticons retreat*they all flow off JJ
*now there’s one more thing left to do*she powered walked past them and held out a knife optimus
*what are you…*
*cutting sound*JJ cuts the palm of her hand making it bleed then held her bleeding hand above the lagoon JJ
*I’m getting rid of the damn problem*her blood drips in the pool and it starts to turn back into normal water with every drop of her blood coming into it the pool was completely turned into pure spring water prime cliffjumper was wrapped her arm with bandages JJ
*that should keep them from coming back again*
*transformers robots in disguise 2015 episode 11*Sideswipe was covered in mud and he whips it off his face
*we need to get that bot to sit still and be quiet now*Fix it
* That will be difficult, lieutenant bumblebee has the energy and attitude of an earth child even younger than Russle*Russle
*okay how did my baby sitters get me to hold still?* Sideswipe
*duct tape?* they heard something turned onn Russle
*hey who turned on the TV?*
*meanwhile*JJ was wearing a full hiro cosplay with her pendent on her neck and she was watching Big hero 6 on now a very large flat screen and she was lying on the leather couch licking a lollipop and she spoke just like Hiro
*care to watch bee*Bumblebee was behind the couch leaning forward and he looked very happy
*oh boy would I*Sideswipe and Russle quickly came Russle looked very shock
*whoa look at the size of that TV*JJ’s voice
*glad you think that it catches a child’s attention doesn’t it*Sideswipe
*Lady Jewry*JJ stood up and looked at him and she smiled Russle
*Jewry you looks like a guy*JJ spoke like hiro again
*I’m cosplay Hiro Hamada from the movie Big hero 6*she was hold volume one of the movie
*and bestselling manga*Russle
*how come I’ve never heard of that movie*JJ
*then you suck, come oh watch it you won’t regret it* she got off the couch and walked past bumblebee that had his eyes still on the screen
*I’ve seen it 8 times now, I put it on for bumblebee*he’s perfectly entertained now*Sideswipe
*that’s what we were going to do how you knew that would work*JJ spoke like Hiro
*I have four nephews and there a pain in the ass bee’s personality isn’t that different from the oldest that’s nine* Russle
*wait you do have family, I thought you didn’t*JJ spoke normally
*yeah I lied, don’t tell anyone and same for you sideswipe that’s a direct order*Sideswipe
*y-yes ma’am*JJ walked past him
*good I’ll be helping Strongarm and grimlock you two can handle bee in my place*she went through a ground bridge and it closed up Sideswipe
*bumblebee and optimus had to deal with that every day, I knew she was weird but still*Russle
*Cosplayers like to stay in character that’s what Jewry said*
*meanwhile at the Carnival* Fixit’s voice in the autobot communications
* tracking quillfire’s signal Bee team he’s very close to your position*Strongarm quickly got out her gun
*okay keep very quiet so we can surprise him*the power started to turn on and everything around the area started to turn dark and creepy Strongarm
*quillfre must have turned on the power to detract us?*Grimlock looked worried
*is it just me or did this place get really really scary when the power turned on*bumblebee was quickly looked around
*whoa dude check it out it’s scary, this place could be hunted*he started cheering Strongarm to Grimlock
*well I guess while bumblebee is distracted we can look for the decepticon*they both started to walk off JJ was in laughing lack’s form with her pendent on her neck and was standing on top of the ferries wheel
*I think it’s about time for things to get really dark*smokescreen appeared from behind her
*this should be fun, and I know your happy too*JJ smiled at him
*G1 season 3 episode 46* JJ was in Hiro’s form again with her pendent on her neck and ryuko’s red glove on her right hand she arrive to see the cons fighting the autobots she jumps to the field and grabs a bat and a baseball she tosses the ball in the air
*batter up boys*she swings the bat with the ball the ball went so fast that is was on fire and hits starscream in the face hard starscream holding his face
*my face*JJ drops the bat on the ground
*why did it haft to be baseball of all sports*Ravage quickly came at her JJ smiled two arms flowered under ravage and they grabbed his back leg and he was wining and he fell on the ground she throw something at megatron
*hey megajerk*he catches it JJ smiled and dropped a holder from a grenade Megatron he quickly throw the grenade high in the air then it detonated optimus tackles at megatron and they go into the bridge optimus picks up megatron
*strike three megatron your out*he throw him out of the bridge he stood up he say JJ did a few back flip while dodging a few shots megatron fires at her JJ
*oh crud*JJ falls on bluestreaker in the bridge smokescreen
*hey I know you*JJ
*yeah hi*she gets off of him quickly they here an explosion and JJ moved a few steps to the right preceptor lands next to her the opening to the bridge closes JJ
*oh no*the bridge activates megatron gets up and turned around
*no it can’t be*inside the thing was empty megatron
*my energon cubes are gone*everyone inside the bridge and goes throw an opening and they land on the ground optimus
*another decepticon trick*starscream
*you mean an autobot trick so where are we*optimus
*evidently the space bridge transported all of us to this alien planet*JJ turned around and whispers to her phone
*activate location AP*a screen pops up on where they where JJ
*great signal here*soundwave’s voice
*alert alert assistance required*JJ takes pictures of them inferno
*looks like the decepticons have their handle full*he transform
*let’s load the energon cube into my trailer and get out of here*they started to load the energon starscream
*do something*thrust
*you can’t leave us*soundwave’s voice
*get us out of here*JJ
*should we do something*inferno
*whoa I just noticed you how did YOU get here*JJ
*megatron blasted me into the space bridge before is brought us here*
*but right now we should be more focused of getting out of here *Optimus’s voice
*agreed autobots roll out*the others drove off JJ sat on preceptor she looked ahead
*hey check it out a building*JJ gets lands on the ground then the autobots turn into their robot moods they put the energon down and went inside inferno
*it’s completely deserted*preceptor
*and it looks it be extremely to have solid construction*JJ taps in the wall
*hmm interesting the inside is hollow*everyone walking JJ sitting on bee’s shoulder optimus
*I don’t think we’ll find any answers here*JJ jumps down and runs around she quickly came back to them
*you all are not going to believe this*a giant hand reaches for starscream
*no don’t come near me you monster*the hand grabs him and puts him in a giant fish bowl soundwave runs the hand picks him up and puts him in the boll as well the hand picks up thrust
*release me or I’ll…*he was dropped into the bowl starscream
*we need a talker*the hand grabs ravage voice
*ouch*ravage was put in the boll starscream
*let us out of here or else*a giant boy taps on the glass Bee
*it’s a giant boy*JJ
*I don’t think so it’s the perspective*preceptor
*L’s right*
*we’re mimicker robots to him*Bluestreaker
*and breakfast to his pet*JJ
*join the damn clue now you know how humans fell to you guys*Boy to his pet
*do you like our new toys nitro*the cat jumps out of his hand
*what’s the matter*the cat goes to the building and taps the building preceptor
*brass yourself everyone*boy
*nitro get away from that building set*he throws something at him and he leave Bee
*here we go again*JJ
*can you put me down please*he lets go of her JJ
*thank you*
*alright anyone got any ideas on how to get out of this mess*Starscream lurked and quickly stopped
*autobots*he fires at them Bee
*starscream why you..*optimus
*everybody out get the energon cubes out of here before they all explode*they all pick up a few energon cube and started running out the giant boy saw is building smoking
*oh no*everyone was running out of there with the energon cubes inferno
*let me handle this*he transformed and took out the fire starscream comes out of there the boy comes over and grabs him
*that was very very bad*he puts him in a box closes the lid and puts him on the dresser he went to the autobot and got to his level
*you saved my building set*Inferno changed to his robot form
*all in the line of duty*he picked him up and the other JJ on the ground
*hey be careful there very fragile*Boy
*you hear something*JJ
*looks like I’m too small for him to see and hear me*she gets an idea
*oh I know*Erin puts the autobots on his desk
*my name is Erin*JJ catching her breath when she got to them JJ pressing a few buttons on her watch
*you all might want to step back for this*she pressed the size button and she started to grow Erin
*whoa*JJ sat on the edge in Erin’s size she flips her hair and was sitting on the desk
*that’s more like it*Erin
*and who are you*JJ
*you can call me L I’m with them*Optimus
*we are called autobots my name is optimus prime leader of the autobots*
*this is preceptor, Bumblebee, and inferno*Inferno
*and the others are decepticons*JJ
*be careful of them there bad news*optimus
*Erin can you tell us where we are*Erin
*sure your*voices
*Erin*his mother
*you’re not playing with fire are you*Erin
*oh no not me mom it was the decepticons*Bee noticed that JJ wasn’t there
*hey where she go*he looked up JJ was hanging onto the sealing without his parents seeing her Erin’s dad
*aren’t you a little old to be making up imagery things like this*Erin
*I didn’t make them up look*he grabs ravage out of the cage and showed him to them Erin’s mom
*oh get this disgusting creator out of my face*Erin’s dad picks him up Erin
*there’s more*he grabs thrust this one is a robot but he turned into a plain*thrust turned into a robot Erin
*wasn’t that great dad they all can do that*Erin’s dad picks him up
*that’s fine son we better put them away before*starscream fires at him Erin
*what another one*the box falls onto the ground Erin
*don’t let them get away*Erin’s mom
*catch them*Erin looks up and saw JJ he points to the open window he nods no him to the autobot
*don’t worry autobots I won’t let them get ya*he opened a dour they all went in and he shuts it Erin’s dad
*there got them*he put them in the box Erin’s voice
*you forgot one*he left to find soundwave and held him on his head
*whoa look at that*he transformed Erin’s dad
*alright give it here*soundwave shot at him Erin’s dad
*ouch it bit me*he grabbed him put him in the box Erin’s dad
*is that all of them*Erin
*ah yes dad that’s…all the decepticons*Erin’s mom
*tell the truth Erin we don’t know where they came from they might be dangerous*Nitro crawling the gore the autobot where in Erin
*nitro get away from there*Erin’s mom opens it and saw cars
*Erin where did you get these*Erin
*there there the autobots there my friends*Erin’s mom picks up inferno Erin
*that fire engine saved my building set from burning you should of seen it mom it was great*he transformed she scream
*it alive she throw it back with the others and shuts the door
*I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m calling the authorities*two human arms flowered out from both sides of her waste JJ’s voice
*restrain*the arms quickly held onto Erin’s mom and she was struggling Erin
*what’s happened*a human arm popped out of his back and was covering his mouth and two arms where holding him and he was struggling JJ was outside the window and she was leaning forward
*you might want to hurry and get out of here kid*Erin runs off with the autobots JJ to his parents
*normally I would kill someone on the stop, but I’ll make an exception*the arms around them quickly vanished and she quickly ran off she quickly runs to the building that had the others she jumps ontop of the building  
*inside*JJ comes in right before they started cutting them open Erin
*L* JJ crossed her arms in front of her
*duos fleur*cherry blossoms barely flew past them and human arms flowered out of the adults in the room JJ
*twist*the arms grabbed them and they twisted them and they screamed JJ grabs the autobots and starts running
*come on Erin*he runs off with her she stops and grabs his should JJ
*stay quiet*the police
*I think they went this was*Erin’s mom
*Erin come back please*JJ’s voice
*looks like the cost is clear*Erin and JJ Erin
*that was a close one*JJ
*yeah no kidding kid*Erin
*thanks for kicking Marty for me*JJ
*I just hope optimus and the others are doing alright*they both start running to his house Erin
*I hope so two*
*so are you like them*JJ
*almost I’m there heir*Erin
*you’re a prince*JJ spoke in her normal voice
*not exactly*Erin looked surprised JJ turned back into her normal form Erin
*you’re a girl*JJ
*don’t tell the autobots I don’t want them to find out just yet*Erin
*yes your highness*JJ turned back into Hiro form and spoke like him
*Thanks’ Erin*
*hours later*Erin’s parent leave the room JJ jumps down and lands on the ground and quickly looks out the window
*guys you made it*optimus and the others get off of nitro prime
*thanks to nitro*Preceptor
*if I can resettable the energon cube and modify my canon into a transport beam amplifying the rays through this telescope*optimus
*don’t tell us about it just do it*JJ
*wait where are the cubes*Erin held them and showed it to them
*are these what you mean*JJ
*you got it*
*oh I almost forgot*she deactivated the size and returned to her normal size and jumps onto the table and lands next to prime preceptor does a few tweaks
*once activated the beam will remain for a short time*Inferno fires at the energon JJ
*it worked*Preceptor
*now everyone get on top of the telescope and into the light beam and we’ll be home in seconds*Starscream’s voice
*thank you preceptor*he was holding JJ in his hand starscream
*we car taking this ride back to earth*JJ struggles Starscream
*stand back autobots*he points his gun to her head
*or I’ll shot*Erin
*I’ll stop them optimus prime*optimus
*no Erin release the boy*JJ looked pissed Erin looked worried
*I don’t like that look*a dozen human arms flowered out of his chest starscream
*what*JJ turned her head to him
*smack*the arms quickly started smacking him with great speed he lets go of JJ and she lands on the ground on her two feet and she walked to the autobots the twelve hands quickly pushed him backwards and he fell on the ground on his back the cons where shot into the sky JJ
*sorry guys looks like we’re stuck here*Inferno
*we failed*bluestreaker
*and the decepticons are back on earth*JJ
*oh I don’t think they’ll like it*she got out her phone and motions all of them to look what’s on it Bee
*glad that’s not us*she puts her phone away and she turned back to her normal form
*anyway as long as we’re here we don’t have a change to leave*Erin
*wait I got it*he held a toy rocket
*here it is it’s really cool it flies to my room and the sealing and everything*she puts it next to them smokescreen
*a rocket ship*JJ’s voice
*a toy rocket ship*Preceptor
*anything is worth a try with some…*JJ
*don’t tell it just do it*Preceptor
*right right*
*minutes later*Erin
*you’re the best I’ll miss you*Optimus
*when you look up in your telescope at the stars you know that your friends are out there*they all get in the rocket Nitro licks bee bumblebee
*ah I fell the same way about you nitro*he gets in Erin closes the shudder prime’s voice
*5 4 3 2 1*JJ’s voice
*blast off*the rocket jets into the air
*G1 season 3 episode 47*
*out in space*JJ
*can this damn toy rocket go any faster preceptor* preceptor
*that’s odd*he gets up
*it would appear that we lost our model drive*Inferno
*way to go mister wizard I thought you said you could keep this rocket running*JJ gets between them
*it won’t work if everyone is complaining*
*and it’s a damn ass toy we’re in get a grip* the ship starts moving Bee
*what happening*JJ
*I think we’re being boarded onto another ship*
*and I don’t trust those odds*the ship stopped moving the autobots and JJ come out of the entrance and started walking behind them where guards the door opens in front of them they go into the room and the door closes Preceptor
*a scientific laboratory a little adequate but fascinating*JJ
*keep you damn nerd talk to yourself* a glass tube trapped all of them JJ
*what the hell?* Voice
*greeting space travelers*he walks in and stops
*I am barsh captain of this crater*optimus
*release us adamantly*Barsh
*sorry no dice drastic times call for drastic measures*he laughs he turned on a lever and electricity fills the tubes Barsh
*your weapons are deactivated* your transforming ability are modified your free will is suspended*JJ crossed her arms Barsh
*ta da your now instant slaves* she kicks the glass with her foot and it shatters Barsh
*wha*JJ’s voice
*duos fleur* two arms flowered out from his back JJ
*grab*the arms quickly grab Barsh JJ punch the glass that Smokescreen was in JJ turned to Barsh
*you might as well give up*the guards alright fire at her JJ grins two arms flowered out of each of them JJ
*crutch*the arms started bending them backwards and the fell on the ground out cold JJ turned back to Barsh and he was still struggling JJ
* I want to know what you plain to do with the autobots*the arms started slowly bending him backwards JJ
* And don’t lie you’ll know what will happen*Barsh
*how scary*her eyes turned glowing blood red Barsh
*VERY SCARY*a stasis beam shoots at her making her not able to move and the arms on him vanished Barsh laugh
*valance is unnecessary the paralyzing effect will were off shortly*Smokescreen
*what do you intend to do with us*JJ
* isn’t it obvious he’s going to sell us*Barsh
*correct how else am I going to get off the energon I need to power this ship*
*not to mention these chambers that can hold and restore*he walks past them
*the free will of your companions*he pushes a gambling lever and he lost Barsh
*ah I can’t even beat my own machine and I had it fixed so I could cheat*the effects of the beams on JJ and smokescreen wore off smokescreen
*I’ll show you how it’s done*he walked passed JJ in her head
*still no different from the smokescreen I know*Barsh to smokescreen
*you’re a gambling wiz*smokescreen
*it’s all in the wrist*barsh
*if only we could get to monicouse we could win stacks of energon cubes*Smokescreen
*modicouse what’s that*JJ next to barsh
*it’s the biggest gambling planet in the galaxy*
*only the most luck can win*Barsh
*correct and with his talents I could clear up*Smokescreen
*we could clean up *Barsh
*yes use and we can us your robot friends as caldaria and throw in some energon chips to gamble with*he walks off
*and win enough energon to fuel my Frazer*JJ
*and return our friends to normal right*Barsh
*I’m going along with I VERY persuasive*Barsh
*very well you two need my help and I need ours*to watches the lever the champers the held the autobot where gone and they couldn’t move Barsh uses a shrinking ray to shrink them Barsh
*I’ll restore them to their normal heights*he puts them in a box and sets them down
*hold on to your luckily charm*a ship flies down Barsh’s voice
*destination modicouse*
*later on*they arrive on the planet Barsh’s voice
*just wait till you see all the action here you two*all three of them walk out of the ship Barsh
*come on we got ways to walk*Smokescreem
*we have names the name is smokescreen*JJ
*I’m L and he doesn’t walk*he transformed to a car JJ
*he drives*JJ gets in Barsh
*head for the bright light up ahead*he gets in and shuts the door then smokescreen drives off
*minutes later*JJ looking around wearing holo’s cloak
*I know someone I’ll do it*
*and you know as well*Barsh
*guess your right we got to go to lord Gyckni*Smokescreen drives off JJ messing with her watch
*where is he again*Barsh
*on the far reaches why*a bridge opens up in front of them JJ
*I got the space bridge working*smokescreen goes throw it and it vanishes they appear in front of the entrance JJ and barsh getting out smokescreen turned to his robot mood
*that had a mobile space bridge*JJ
*that’s right you must have not seen this baby* she goes into the entrance
*anyway come on*they say an arena JJ
*an arena didn’t see this coming*Smokescreen
*what are those creators*Barsh
*there called anamolianse your dome enough to pay ten energon chips to say in the arena with them for 60 seconds wins* JJ intersected
*has anyone ever won*Barsh
*no not at all*JJ smiles and licks the top of her lips Smokescreen
*win what*Barsh
*his life and 100 energon chips*
*only few have come with neither*a guard talks to them JJ
*what the hell is he saying*Barsh
*he saying it’s five energon chips for emission for each of us* JJ
*we’re here to see lord Gyckni on official business*he says speaks and leads them to him
*minutes later*lord Gyckini
*and what do you offer as collateral*Barsh
*we offer you for magnificent autobots lord Gyckini*Lord Gyckini
*well well four autobots you say*Barsh zaps them to normal size Lord Gyckni
*my my hmm I’ll give you 50 energon chips at 500% intress*Barsh
*no to steep*lord Gyckini
*that’s my best offer take it or leave it*the energon chips where set down Smokescreen take them
*we’ll take it*they started to walk off Lord gyckini
*by the way that’s payable by the end of the day*they all stop Barsh
*what*Lord gyckini
*one minute longer and your autobots belong to me*Smokescreen
*why you you*Barsh
*there’s not much time*he pushes him out of the room JJ puts her hand on his table
*you up for a bet even you can’t turn this one down*Lord gyckini
*and what would that*JJ
*put me in the area with the animanion I’ll bet I can defeat it in less than a minute*lord gyckini
*impossible no one has lasted 60 seconds*JJ
*bitch you have no idea what I can do*
*if you loss you give those two more time with a fair advantage but if you win*she held out her hand and a very small bright light appeared
*I’ll give you THIS*she shows it to him
*powers you can only dream of having control of the entire universe*the light formed into a small universe galaxy
*something like this comes once in a life time for mortals* he almost grabs it the light vanishes JJ
*so do we have a deal then*
*later*in the arena Lord Gyckni in his chair
*let the challenge begin*everyone cheers the animonien comes in JJ walks out from the door someone yelled
*what kind of being is that* JJ just stood there while the animonien came at her JJ crossed her arms in front of her
*duos fleur* a dozen human arms flowered out of his body and they were holding onto his head JJ
*crutch*the arms quickly twisted his head and he fell on the ground in front of her and the arms vanished everyone cheers louder JJ stood up her eyes where blood red JJ
*I won our bet didn’t I*a human hand started choking him from behind him JJ was next to him
*hold you your part of a damn deal*the hand tightened its grip on him he nods yes in fear JJ
*and give me the bets as well those are mine*the energon chips were given to her
*that’s more like it*the hand vanished and he was breathing deeply she walks off with the energon leaving the building she walks past ramjet and derg and they didn’t iconize her she puts on a cloak then wears a hood to hide her face and the blood on her she crushes all of them into a giant cube and drinks the energon the blood that was on her vanishes completely
*hours later*JJ saw Smokescreen driving quickly with the cons on his tail JJ runs to him her to smokescreen
*need a hand* Smokescreem’s voice
*and were where you I got worried*JJ draw out her rukia sword
*had to pick up something*she stops and turned to the cons she pulled out a sword and held it in front of her
*tsugi no mai*her blade turns into a beautiful white sword she stabs the ground four times where she was standing and snow appeared she blade starts to glows the snow surrounded her JJ
*hakuren!*a giant and powerful snow avalanche appears and barriers the cons Trust
*look out*they quickly get out on the snows way and saw everything frozen on the ground a gunshot fires at the Derg
*Ramjet where hit*Ramjet
*transform*they both did and fell to the ground Derg
*who was that guy*Ramjet
*deathcon the bounty hunter*
*let’s get out of here*JJ to deathcon
*thanks for your help*Deathcon to her
*I have the strangest feeling that I should give you great respects*JJ giggles and smiled
*you have great instanced I’ll give you that*Smokescreen’s voice
*Jewry I see you already met deathcon*JJ
*yes I have so you’re a bounty hunter interesting*Smokescreen
*so where have you been*JJ
*I won a little bet and bought you boys some more time*Deathcon
*you know I’ve seen many being*JJ turned her head to him deathcon
*but I’ve never seen anyone nearly as beautiful as you before*JJ barely laughed with a smile
*we should get going* she held her card in front of her when his tossed it the card tripled its size JJ
*portals come in quite handy*
*somewhere else*optimus and the other autobots were stacking energon cubes in astrotrain a ground bridge popped out Ramjet
*what is that*Smokescreen JJ and deathcon popped out of it and it closed up Smokescreen
*hand over that autobots ramjet*Ramjet
*how about some laser beams instead*he almost fired at them a human arm flowered out of his hand and smacked his gun to the ground then dozens of arms flowered out of him and they were holding onto him Derg
*what’s going on*dozens of arms flowered out of him as well and they were grabbing onto him and his was struggling JJ had her arms crossed in front of her
*hold*the arms started holding onto them tightly and they were both struggling JJ
*struggling will only make it worse for you two*she turned her eyes to Lord Gyckni
*oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness bring torment and pain to others oh damned wallowing in your sin *a human hand covered his mouth and his hand where behind hold from behind and he was struggling JJ
*perhaps it’s time to die*JJ’s sword turned into ryuko’s scissor blade and she sliced off his head with one swing JJ’s eyes quickly flashed light blue once and astrotrain turned to his robot form Astrotrain
*what how did this happen*dozens of human arms flowered of him and they were holding both his arms and his back JJ
*twist*the arms quickly twist him and he was screaming
*energon episode 29*
*on another planet*JJ was wearing junketsu with her pendent on her neck
*not bad reminds me of earth almost* she turned around
*Kicker*Kicker sat next to her
*enjoying the view I see*Kicker
*what kind of outfit is that* JJ
*I’m cosplaying*Kicker looked happy
*cosplaying*he looked confused
*why am I happy all of a sudden*JJ smiled
*that’s kind of my fault*JJ pocked the center of his chest and he was blushing JJ
*you see since I shared a body with you I’m though you might have catch some of my personality traits like my love of anime and cosplaying and also manga*kicker
*so if I go weird*JJ stopped pocking him
*it’s because of me*she looked surprised
*I’m actually surprised you don’t have a taste to alcohol like I do*
*that’s very strange*Kicker looked worried
*you drink THAT much?*prime breakdown gave her a large bottle sake and she takes it
*Thanks Breakdown*Breakdown
*hey you asked for it* she starts chugging to drink down Breakdown
*master that’s not the case for you we’re almost out of that band*JJ looked shocked
*what are you F-ing kidding me?* she looked at the empty bottle and looked sad
*this is the best kind of soka I like*Kicker looked worried
*you really love that stuff don’t ya*JJ pouted at him she turned to breakdown
*go get my mangas and my macarons* Breakdown
*as your ordered*JJ smiled
*later*JJ walks on the beach sore
*wow peaceful*JJ holding a bag that was filled with mangas
*great place to start reading*she hears the alarm go off JJ wines
*aw ready*breakdown
*master optimus said you need to come back we need to get moving*JJ eats two macaroons
* I’ll stay behind with kicker for energon deposits  Smokescreen and wheeljack are staying behind with me you and the others go with sempi*Breakdown salutes to her
*as you wish*he runs off JJ sighs
*at least I can have a little peace*Kicker yelled to her
*Jewry I don’t think it’s safe over there*she yelled at him
*fine*he turned around and she was in front of him JJ
*but where did you*
*how did you*JJ
*I rather not say*he looked down and saw a whole bunch of mangas in that bag Kicker
*whoa look at all of them* JJ sighs
*it can’t be helped*She gives the bag to misha
*I trust you to look after them*prime smokescreen
*hey wait*JJ
*looks like I’m helping out Sempi and the others on this*she vanished into thin air Kicker
*how come you get to hold onto those misha*Misha holding the bag
*guess she doesn’t trust guys holding her stuff*she looks at the maroons
*I wonder what these are, they look good?*
*meanwhile*shockblast underground he was looking around for inferno he hears something running at him he turned around and was throw to the wall JJ lands on the ground shockblast
*you again*he gets up then he falls on the ground JJ
*I see your still haft drained of your energon shockblast*Shockblast stood up
*shut up I’ll still take you on* JJ smiled on the upper part of the left sleeve is a blue metal band with three clasps and she closed them A large amount of light quickly surrounded her and the transformation was just like Satsuki
*life fiber override Kamui Junketsu* Shockblast
*what is this*JJ quickly drew out Setsuki’s sword from the balm of her hand she appears from behind him he slowly turned around she swings her blade and a tidal wave of electricity comes at him Shockblast
*what* he was pushed to the wall JJ exasperation was cold but beautiful
*how weak and to think megatron let you redeem yourself to him*Shockblast
*why you*her sword pierced into his left shoulder and he barely yelled the energon starscream heard him and vanished inferno
*sounds like I have back up with me*JJ blocked starscream’s sword with her own JJ
*well nice to see you again starscream*he didn’t answer her he pierced his blade into her chest and when he pushed her to the wall then he had a short flashback*
*flashback throw someone else’s eyes * JJ was wearing a gee with her pendent on her neck and her hair was up
* come on you can do better than that* JJ was on the wall and the star saber was pierced in her chest he heard what sounded like him panting JJ started to blink and she lifted her head looking at him
*well done you managed to get me starscream that was uncalled for but it is training after all*
*the flashback was over*the energon start looked very shocked he pulls back his sword and started to step backwards JJ lands on the ground and he wound quickly healed in her head
*did he have another flashback of his old memory?*
*is he starting to remember?*she heard a shot she looks down and saw her chest was dripping out blood JJ turned to shockblast
*that kinda hurt*her wound quickly healed in front of him Shockblast
*just who and what are you*he points his gun at her
*answer me*JJ
*I don’t need to answer to someone that is in no condition to fight*someone quickly grabbed her and shoved her to the wall she struggles
*great you again*megatron holding JJ by his hand
*how sweet you didn’t forget our last encounter Shockblast
*who invited you starscream*starscream turned around
*hey we’re both on the same side here shockblast and besides it was megatron*megatron
*well then I think I’m ready to begin the teragation*Shockblast
*highly doughtful*Starscream
*shockblast why don’t you go on top and have a looksy around*Shockblast
*why you*megatron
*shockblast*shockblast turned to him megatron
*exactly that part of that order did you not understand*shockblast sighs megatron
*starscream demolisher snowcap and marsh both rank above you*
*and I expect you to follow their orders*Shockblast
 *and that makes me…..*megatron
*just do as your told*JJ
*ha ha*Megatron
*now get moving before I get angry*Shockblast flies off megatron to JJ
*now where were we and please don’t give me the silent treatment I want answers and you’re going to provide them*
*that is if you know what’s good for you*JJ noticed inferno then looked at megatron
*you are one crazed up bitch*
*you think I’m going to give you answers well your dead wrong*
*back on the surface* the symbol of optimus’s neck started to glow and he was touching it
*the symbol it’s burning*
*back to megatron* Megatron
*I want to know where the energon is all of it and I don’t want you playing coy with me*JJ
*go to hell* he pointed his sword at her
*you’ve got spirit I like that about you*he look mad
*no more mister nice guy*megatron pierced his sword in her chest JJ holding the blade with her hand and her blood starts to drip on the ground and she tried to pull it out but it didn’t work and her blood starts to drip down her mouth megatron
*changed your mind ready to replace that autobot insignia with one of mine your more suited to the decepticon ranks*JJ yelled
*now inferno*Megatron turned around
*what*inferno fired at him his sword fell out of JJ’s body she falls on the ground coughing up blood and holding her wound Inferno gets to her
*Lady Jewry*Senkestu reverted to it’s normal form Inforno helps her up JJ panting
*don’t worry this is nothing*her blood kept dripping on the ground
*meanwhile*Scorpinock looked surprised Ironhide
*what’s with you*scorpinock turned around
*that smell…*ironhide
*oh man that can’t be good*
*back down*Megatron used his power to end inferno’s spark JJ yelled
*inferno no*rodimus and optimus comes in rodimus
*megatron hand over inferno*megatron turned to him
*ha no problem *the saw inferno offline megatron
*unfittingly your just a little too late* megatron laughed then stopped
*time to go starscream*starscream
*right*both of them
*transform*thy both flow off*JJ shoved inferno’s shoulder
*inferno are you alright *optimus noticed blood on the ground and the wall inferno
*yeah I think so*Optimus
*Lady Jewry are you alright*JJ
*I’ll be fine*optimus looked around
*but there’s blood everywhere*JJ didn’t turn to him
*I said it’s fine*she turned to him and looked serious
*may I*optimus
*if it will save him then yes*JJ nods yes
*what are you two…..*everyone but optimus looked shocked JJ kissed inferno on his lips and a giant circle appears from under inferno’s body his body was quickly restored and his optics come back online the circle vanished the cybertronian symbol for freedom appeared on his right hand JJ smiled at him inferno was blushing when he was looking at her
*thanks for saving me*JJ still smiling
*just doing my job sempi*she gets off him her vision started to go blurry and she was holding her head and she quickly passed out on the ground
*G1 universe 42*
Tracks driving around he hears a few punches and a guys was thrown in front of him the guy quickly runs off screaming Tracks
*wonder what got HIM jacked up*then about ten guys ran past him and they were badly hurt Female voice
*oh came on really*Tracks
*that voice*Tracks saw JJ in Sesshomaru’s form with her pendent on her neck still she dusting the dirt off her outfit then looks up to see Tracks and she spoke like sesshomaru
* Tracks*tracks
*L is that you?*JJ stood up
*yes that’s right*
*later*JJ pocks her head out Tracks’ window
*hey what is it?* Track’s voice
* sorry about that*JJ
*don’t worry I had worse*he stops and the door opens JJ holding the door
*hope to see you around again*Tracks
*same here*he drives off she gets out a bottle of energon that was from Dreadwing and drinks all of it
*that’s better*she crushes the glass bottle in her hand she opens her hand the glass starts to fall to the ground when her cuts healed she walks by Raoul JJ’s voice to him
*hey you*he turned to her JJ
*keep going strait and take a left*Raoul
*oh you’ll see why*she continued to walk away from him JJ
*I kinda feel sorry for tracks*
*then again that’s how it goes in this episode*she looks at her watch what had the cool stuff on it
*alright I got 10 minutes*
*gives me plenty of time to beat up some people*
*eight minutes later*about 2 dozen guys where on the ground beat up and unconscious JJ patting the dirt off her
*alright time so save Raoul*she runs off
*Meanwhile*one of the guys from the gang
*you know what happens to bad little boys who break their promises*someone taps his shoulder he turned around JJ punches him in the face hard and he falls on the ground other guy
*why you little*she kicked him in the gut hard and he falls on the ground in pain JJ spoke like sesshomaru
*leave now* they both run off quickly JJ helped him up
*you alright*Raoul
*where did you come from*JJ
*I was passing by when I say those guys messing with you*
*so I thought why not and help they guy out*the guys getting in the car
*that guy is scary*other guy
*let’s get out of here*JJ
*Tracks we need a ride*he droves in front of them and the doors open
*get in*they both got in and Tracks chased after them to the street a truck gets in their way and they stop Raoul
*we lost them*JJ
*hardly*when he was driving his wings came out and he flow up in the air Raoul
*y-your flying*Tracks’ voice
*My way of interdiction I think you already know my name is Tracks*JJ
*you can call me L for now* Tracks’ voice
*and what’s yours* Raoul
* Raoul*Tracks’ voice
*well Raoul you better hang on to your body socks*JJ’s voice
*there they are*Tracks lands on the ground and his wings where gone and chased them again the car turns and so do they Tracks made a u-turn and stopped
*now we really lost them*Raoul
*guess there no point in hanging around here*Tracks drives off
*after that*Raoul to Tracks in his robot mood Raoul
*so we lost them big deal*JJ
*they working for the decepticons*Track
*how do you know that*JJ was holding her ipad in her hand
*I placed a few bug around the area and on a few guys that I beat up earlier*
*who do you think I know you would find me* Raoul
*whoa what is that thing*JJ
*something that’s far advanced that you can handle* Raoul
*the getties brothers are trying to corner the hot car business*Tracks
*but why would the decepticons want stolen cars*Raoul
* hey man you’re a car you tell me*Tracks
*that’s time Raoul do you know where the Getties brothers house there stolen cars*Raoul
*then take me there*he transformed Raoul and JJ got in
*time to go under cover as a stolen car*he drove off again
*at the bay*cars were being driven into a ship Tracks JJ in the car
*so where do they take them*Raoul
*across the hustion to Jersey*Tracks
*that’s the last of them*the last car leaves and Tracks goes behind them JJ was looking on her ipad and was watching starscream and powerglide flying by them she looked out the window where her eyes where light green in her head
*I love this part I thought they were too big to fit in a mall*Raoul’s voice
*hey you alright*her eyes quickly turned back to their normal color and turns off her ipad
*yes don’t worry about it*
*few minutes later*Tracks hid out in the distance
*what the devil is this place*Raoul
*that sure is a weird looking building*the car door opens JJ stepped out
*I’m getting a closer look*she runs off Raoul
*what are you crazy*both tracks and Raoul saw megatron JJ sneaks past them and went to the back and say the cars being led into the building she hides behind a tree and sees tracks getting in the line Raoul next to her
*glad I found you L*JJ
*shh keep it down will you* she stood up
*we got to help him he can’t transform*Raoul
*how do you know that*JJ
*by know he should of left but he’s not*she runs off
*come on what are you waiting for*he runs off with her JJ to him
*can you distract them long enough for me I got a trick or two up my sleeve*Raoul
*hey you can count on me*he turned and ran to tracks JJ runs to where the action was Tracks to Raoul
*it’s a shame we’re badly outnumbered*a very power blast shot at starscream JJ next to Tracks holding her gun in her hand
*need a hand*she shots it again the shot was like a gun sedio JJ
*we need to spit*they all start running
*good idea*JJ shot at them again Tracks
*what kind of gun is that*JJ
*I made it myself it’s very powerful*tracks quickly transformed the kids get in and he drives off quickly Rumble and Ravage go after them tracks
*low on power*Rumble fires at them tracks stops
*out looks like I’ll be fighting them in robot mood*he transformed
*getting desirably low on power*he gets to the ground JJ
*we’ll draw off their fire*they both run off JJ
*you got any bright ideas*Ravage comes at them sideswipe quickly grabs Ravage JJ puts away her gun
*about time they showed up*Bee to tracks
*tracks where you been we’ve been looking for you everywhere*Raoul running to them
*he’s low on power*Sideswipe
*and who are you*Tracks
*no sideswipe trust him he’s my friend*something slaps raoul in the back of his head Raoul
*ouch*he turned to JJ
*what was that for*JJ had a case on her back that was holding ryuko’s scissor blade
*that was for quickly running off without me you damn jerk*Jazz
*L hey didn’t know you where here*JJ
*I am here when needed*
*at autobot base in a ware house*optimus
*so megatron is reconverting stolen vehicles that can drive on their own*Tracks
*that’s correct*optimus
*somehow I suspect there more into that*Cosmo’s voice
*alert optimus prime decepticon car’s there here*optimus
*autobots let’s roll out*they run off the door opens optimus in his vehicle mood
*Ratchet blaster and I will hold them on the bridge*they others drive in their vehicles mood optimus’s voice
*as for the rest of you split up and take care of the ones in the city*Cosmo’s voice
*wait I have something to tell you*Tracks and the others arrive in the city they all transform bee
*here they come*they all fired at them Tracks
*let’s stomp out of these cheap imitations*a building catches on fire Tracks
*inferno douse that fire*he saw JJ run pass them Tracks
*what do you think*JJ dropped her sword case holder on the ground and she crossed her arms I front of her
*cien fleur*dozen of arms flowered around the drone’s necks and held onto there heads JJ
*crutch*the arms quickly twisted there heads off and they all fell on the ground and the arms on them vanished Tracks
*incredible L you keep getting cooler*
*at the bridge*the autobots fire at the cons Blaster felt something jump off his shoulder he looked and saw JJ running in front of them optimus
*wait get back quickly* JJ stopped and she kissed her two figures and a giant pink heart appeared and she pulled the back of it
*slave arrow*she lets go of the heart and thousands of arrows quickly came out and all the drones where turned to stone Optimus
*L thank you*JJ turned to him
*any time* gun shots fire at them JJ
*blaster set up a jamming frequency there being remote controlled* Blaster
*You got it*he starts the frequency and the robots stopped working optimus to her
*how did you know that*JJ
*the way they walk fired and they didn’t even try to dodged your attacks*
*when facing an enemy you need to pay attention to your surrounds that’s how you can defeat your enemy*optimus
*I already know*
*at the factory*the autobots arrive and turn into their robot moods Tracks arrive Raoul and JJ come out of the doors she grabs his hand and runs off with him
*come on I have an plain*Raoul
*will I like it*JJ
*I think you will*Raoul
*sweet*they hear gun shots JJ lets go of his hand
*the back is this way*JJ kicked the door open Raoul
*whoa so cool*JJ
*Ready to get destructive* raoul
*you know it*JJ
*alright here’s my plain*
* And listen to it very well*Tacks looked around
*Raoul L where the devil are they*JJ gets inside she cracks her knuckles
*alright let’s get*someone grabs her arm megatron picks her up JJ
*let me go you jerk*Megatron
*I don’t think so you have no idea* he walks off with her Raoul saw them leaving
*oh man he’s was right on the mark* he gets up and runs to the controls
*outside*the autobots stopped firing JJ in megatron’s hand
*oh come on how you guys are just going to give up like THAT*
*you’re going to do when he says just cause he has a hostage*Megatron
*I would talk like that*JJ laughs
*like I’m going to listen to a bitch like you*Megatron
*what was that*JJ
*you damn well heard me*JJ
*like you can defeat me in combat you don’t have the ball brackets for it*all the autobots
*ouch!*tracks slightly laughed
*that has got to hurt his eco*megatron
*oh you crossed the line*JJ slightly smiled she glowed pink and vanished megatron
*what where did she go* JJ flowered out of his back and had her arms crossed
*Cuerpo Fleur*Megatron
*what the how did you get behind me like that*JJ barely smiled and two arms appeared of each of her sides where her arms are already at and she grabs hold of the back of megatron’s neck
*you know what bitch*a clone of her appeared from behind his leg and it was doing the same thing like her the clone
*I really think you need to relax* Megtron
*this is imposible*JJ started pulling back
*double*the clone did the same thing
*crutch* Megatron  quickly fell on the ground in pain the clone quickly vanished JJ jumps off his back JJ started walking away from him
*honestly I thought you would be more resistant megatron*she stopped and turned her head around
*Guess I was wrong*Megatron stood up and held his shoulder she turned her whole body to him
*still want to fight huh?*she turned to him
*well alright then*a small orb appeared next to her she grabbed it and it turned into the head captains sword
*boys you might want to stay behind me for this*
*don’t want any of you getting hurt in this*
*now*her eyes turned blood red
*all things in the universe turn to ashes*she opens her case and fire came bursting out of it
*Ryuujin Jakka!*very powerful flames quickly appear bursting out starscream backing up
*what is that I’ve never seen anything like this before*megatron looked impressed optimus
*everyone get down quick*JJ razed her fire blade in the air JJ with a blank excerption on her face
*now all of you burn in hell*she swings she blade and the fire comes at them quickly megatron
*decepticons retreat quickly*most of them flow off megatron fires at her before he left the flames protected her and the fire burned megatron’s left shoulder the flames vanishes and JJ puts her blade back in her case
*no one was inside I made sure of that* she remembered
*oh wait*she snaps her fingers and Raoul appeared next to her
*whoa how did I get here I was in there*JJ
*you welcome*
*afterwards*about 300 cars where in the ware house base Sparkplug
*well this was all I can fit and there’s 300 more parked outside on the street*optimus
*we got to convert them back to normal cars and return them to their owners*sparkplug
*even with Ratchet wheeljack and hoist working with me it’ll take weeks*Raoul Sparkplug’s voice
*I sure could us some extra help*Raoul
*well it’s been nice knowing man if your ever in town again hook me up*he almost went to the door his feet where grabbed by two arms that where flowered out under him JJ
*bitch I don’t think so your help out as well* Tracks
*right on that one*Raoul
*some friend you are*JJ pointed out
*I’m doing haft the whole lot right now and I fixed the ones outside*Sparkplug looked scared and confused and saw hundreds of arms repairing haft the cars at once JJ
*this power comes in quit handy doesn’t it, Raoul you can repair the other ones but tomorrow we should be good*Raoul starts fixing the car him to tracks
*well one thing for sure I aren’t never going to seal a car again*
*your more trouble than your worth*Tracks
*what do you mean I saved your life*Raoul
*and I saved your twice*Tracks
*oh pipe down and hand me that racket retch*JJ’s voice
*here you go*a hand flowered out in front of him holding the racket retch he barely screamed and fell down on his back Tracks
*this is going to need to be getting used too*JJ
*yeah no kidding you guys scary easily*they all heard a few screams from outside JJ
*I prove my damn point yet again this should be interesting*
*I’m not doing all the work only half of it*
*Transformers robots in disguise 2015 episode 9* JJ was in her normal form wearing the summer uniform from inu x boku with her pendent on her neck and she was smoking and e cig and blew out the smoke
*Ready to do this again starscream*starscream kneeling to the ground
*yes I am*JJ turned to him and smiled
*that’s good to know*

*meanwhile at a temple*strongarm and bumblebee arrive there strong arm examined the ground
* Tracks and freshly disturbed vegetation leading to the door*bumblebee
*our best hope is it wait for spring load to come out so we can tail him*Strong arm stood up
*I disagree and so does the manual*she activated her hologram
*regulation r65 states when performing a surveillance operation every effort should be made..* Ultra Magnus’s voice
* To keep the perpetrator in site*Bumblebee
*wait don’t tell me*Strong arm looked very shocked Bumblebee quickly turned around Ultra Magnus was standing just feet from him
*it’s been a long time scout or should I say lieutenant now*Bumblebee
*Ultra Magnus*Strong arm quickly saluted to him
*Ultra Magnus sir it’s an honor*Ultra Magnus
*ad ease solder*Bumblebee
*Sir what are you doing here*Ultra Magnus
*Lady Jewry told us about your team I wanted to see for myself*Bumblebee
*you joined up with Jewry too, is she here?*Ultra Magnus
*I was told to come here on my own*
*out from a distance*JJ was sitting on starscream’s shoulder and a orb was hovering over her hand and she saw Ultra Magnus go into the temple along with strongarm and bumblebee starscream
*you think he’ll use that power of his in there*JJ
*hopefully this time*the orb vanished Starscream
*that’s what I’m worried about, I’m not so sure that power is right for him*JJ barely motioned her two fingers to come forward
*knew you would say that after all you ate the string string fruit so that’s how you were normal say* starscream reached out his hand to her JJ grabbed his finger and bit down into it drinking his energon starscream
*let me guess for now sit back and watch the show correct*JJ
*that’s right*
*meanwhile inside the temple*strongarm quickly charged at spring load
*decepticon you are under arrest*she touched his armor and her hand started burning when she lets go of him spring load
*try to keep me from my treasure and you’ll get burned and worse*he quickly kicked her and strongarm crashed into the wall bumblebee quickly went to her
*are you okay*Strong arm look at her hand
*acid coating his armor build in defiance mechanism*the room started to shack and fall appear Ultra Magnus
*looks like temple has a few defiance mechanism of its own* Spring load
*in my search for Drodus I’m escaped far worse, but you unworthies will not*he started laughing when he quickly left both Spring load and the others where on two different orbs JJ was looking at the orbs and so was starscream
*waiting*JJ smiled
*that’s right*she motioned at him starscream barely smiled and he reached her hand to her and JJ was holding it
*thanks*she bit into one of his fingers and started drinking his energon
*meanwhile in one of the tomes* Spring load was talking to some of the statues
*please guardians of dordus, my whole life it must be near where is it. I will destroy you all where is it?*Bumblebee felt something tapping on his shoulder he turned around and barely looked surprised and happy at the same time spring load still talking to himself
*what must I do what WHAT?!*JJ’s voice
*un worthy*Spring load
*what who said that*the ground under him barely started glowing and some of the pillars started moving JJ’s voice
*the spirits of dordus have descried you do not deserve the treasure you are un worthy*Spring loads body started moving on it’s own
* No I’ve worked hard tirelessly*Bumblebee
*and your long overdo for a rest*spring load quickly turned round bumblebee quickly touched him
*ice time *spring load’s whole body quickly turned into an ice sculpture JJ’s voice
*nice job boys*JJ quickly appeared with her sitting on starscream’s shoulder Strong arm
*Lady Jewry I thought*JJ
*nope, strong arm you showed leadership back there I’m impressed and so is Ultra Magnus you’ll do just fine*
*transformers robots in disguise 2015 episode 10*Jazz was walking with Sideswipe
*well there’s still energon left on your camp and I have a feeling ped won’t be happy till he has ever last cube*Bumblebee
*that’s what we were thinking*Jazz
*you two okay?*Bumblebee
* okay as we can be after battling a con and chunking a bunch of rock in down town city, lucky we had help*Strongarm
*Ped is going to pay for this*Danny
*see that big pail of treasure* he pointed to a giant stack of energon cubes
*there a stasis pod hidden in there*Jazz
*that looks like your entire energon supply and some extra*him to bumblebee
*how did you guys get this many*Russle
*I called Jewry for a favor, when she was doing a shot for a TV show*JJ’s voice
*still pissed* JJ was wearing misa’s dress from death note with her pendent on her neck and her hair like misa’s and she was smoking a cigarette and blew out smoke from her mouth and was sitting on the plat form Jazz looked surprised
*Lady Jewry*JJ noticed Jazz
*Jazz?*Jazz was in front of her and she was looking up at him
*need something?*Jazz
*you’re her*JJ
*that’s right*Bumblebee
*Jewry do you two know each other?*JJ stood up and stepped on her cigarette
*no this is the first time we’ve met*she jumped down Russle looked upset
*again I’m sorry I didn’t know you were in production*JJ
*your all lucky I have a whole lot of energon *
*but first I need to get to the book store they have the new releases of Alice in the country of hearts and the new black butler volume*she quickly run off cheering Jazz
*was that really the defeated of unicron?*Bumblebee
*she’s weird but that’s the way she is around us, with cons it’s like she’s a whole other person*
*later on*JJ
* Jazz just to let you know you’re welcome on earth any time you like*Jazz
* Really your ladyship*JJ
*please call me Jewry you don’t half to be formal around me you know?*Jazz
*wow really you sure*JJ smiled at him as her answer Jazz
*actually there’s something I wanted to talk to you about*JJ
*what is it*Jazz
*the court martial placed a bounty on bumblebee*JJ sighed
*I thought this would happen*
*Try to talk to them tell them I’m responsible for all of this I’m dropping the charges*Jazz
*it might be easier if you talk to them in person*JJ
*let’s see if they believe you if not I’ll go back to our plant and talk with them myself*
*I’ll look forward to seeing you again Jazz*


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United States
I'm a fangirl for transformers
love deviantart
I love reading anime books
Favourite genre of music: rock or pop
Favourite style of art: taking pics
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Favourite cartoon character: transformers hot shot
  • Listening to: rock/pop
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classes last till December I only have classes Monday and Wednesday :D

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