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*transformers robots in disguise 2015 season 2 episode 2* Danny and russle where helping repairing the scrap yard JJ’s voice
*damn what happened here?*Fix it turned around and saw JJ she was wearing a gothic type of outfit a lot similar to Zoe’s cloths from the music video silent scream she still has her pendent on her neck her hair in two brads and Zoe’s hat on her head also perfect gothic makeup with her cybertronian symbols still on her body and standing behind her was breakdown Russle
*Jewry where have been?*Breakdown
*none of your business kid*JJ
*easy breakdown he’s just a child*she looked at smokescreen
*Bee looked pretty serious with overload almost disobeyed your orders*JJ sighed
*so overload is the reason*danny
*Reason what do you mean?*JJ
*well when I first met him bumblebee’s voice box was damaged, I thought it was megatron that caused that*
*Looks like I was wrong*Russle
*that explains a lot*JJ
*and I got to save his ass before he causes a massive snow ice age in the region*Fixit
*you don’t even know where he is?*JJ smiled at him
* Don’t forget who your talking too*her eyes turned into demon eyes
*with eye’s I can track any energy signature like I see colors*she started walking forward
*Breakdown, smokescreen let’s go*Smokescreen to Fixit
*following orders*he started catching up with JJ and breakdown
*hey wait for me*Russle to Fixit
*Hey Fixit can you tell us about breakdown noticed that his has a decepticon symbol*Fixit
*he is a decepticon or at least he was*he logged onto the computer and pulled up breakdown log
*During the war for cybertron breakdown was partnered with knockout megatron’s top medic*he looked at Danny and Russle
*however the records show that eneased, seneased*
*deceased*Russle looked surprised
* Whoa wait he died how is he still online*Fixit
*You’ll have to ask Lady Jewry about that, I’d like to know myself*
*meanwhile*Overload was on top of bumblebee and he punched him in his face a few times overload stopped
*your face does look familiar however, though it’s not as distinctive as mine of course*before he punched Bee again he felt his arm stop in place overload
*what’s the meaning of this*smokescreen appeared and he was holding overload’s arm
*That’s far enough con*he quickly threw overload a foot from them and smokescreen helped bumblebee up bumblebee
*smokescreen what are you doing here*Smokescreen barely looked worried
*I’m not the one you should be asking* Bumblebee looked worried and scared at the same time
*oh scrap*overload started to get up JJ’s voice
*so I hear your after my older brother*overload quickly turned around JJ was leaning from behind Breakdown’s leg and she had her arms crossed and her eyes where back to their normal color overload
*Brother? You mean optimus what a twist*JJ unfolded her arms
*yeah your right about it being a twist overload*her eyes turned light blue overload
*you think I am afraid of a bit player like yourself*JJ had her finger on her bottom lip
*well then you could do me a favor?*overload barely looked surprised JJ had boa hancock’s beautiful expressive on her face
*shut your damn mouth*Overload looked a little love struck breakdown took a few steps backwards JJ started bending back like boa hancock she quickly stood up and held out her and in front of her and made a heart shape with her hands
*now turn to stone *overload looked more love struck JJ smiled
* Love Love beam*a beam came out of her hands and it went past overload the beam stopped and he was turned to stone completely and he looked love struck Bumblebee looked surprised he noticed that ramsack and backtrack where turned to stone as well JJ’s voice
*bumblebee*Bee quickly looked at her and she smiled at him and he looked worried
*look I’m sorry for almost disobeying your rule I..*JJ
*it’s fine I’m relieved that you’re really hurt*
*Breakdown would you please from Overload with us*she looked at smokescreen
*Smokescreen find Strongarm and Grimlock and tell them to return to the scrap yard*Smokescreen
*can do*he turn invisible JJ looked at bumblebee
*Bee you carry the mini cons*her eyes turned back to their normal color bumblebee picked up the two mini cons
*so going for the goth look*JJ
*I like it I actually missed it* Breakdown picked up overload
*just go with it bumblebee*
*robots in disguise season 2 episode 3*Bumblebee tried to push back saberhorn’s blade with his ice sword and he quickly shattered to pieces Bee quickly jumped on the large bolder he held out both of his hands and two ice swords quickly formed and he quickly came at saberhorn and he dodged them and he turned to bumblebee
*bravo with a less experienced ebonite you might have scored a blow*bumblebee quickly deflected he blades with his own bumblebee ice saber  in his head
*should have took Jewry’s offer about sword play*he quickly fell on the ground near the edge Saberhorn
*surly that can’t be all you can offer with the ice of yours* he stepped back
*come now back on your feet*bee quickly got up
*your mistake snow storm*he releases a stream of snow from his lips that quickly surrounds them Bee quickly came at saberhorn and blocked his blades attacks several times and Bee nearly fell on the edge Saberhorn barely laughed
*an inspired performance you’ve given a splendid accounting for yourself autobot but alas*Bumblebee quickly came at him again and saberhorn black both of his blades
*it’s time to end our combat*he quickly broke both of bee’s sword with his horn
*and bit you a due permanently*before he did the final blow he’s sword was quickly thrown out of his hand from behind
*what?*Bumblebee looked relieved Saberhorn turned around JJ was standing just feet from him she was wearing Esdeath’s cloths and she still had her pendent on her neck and her symbols where still visible she was holding her black cybertronian sword in her hand
*you want a real challenge*she pointed her blade at him
*why not try me instead*Bumblebee looked surprised
*that blade*Saberhorn
*you wish to take me o..*he was quickly interrupted when he quickly blacked her blade with his and she grinned at him
*didn’t think you were able to block that so quickly*
* Looks like your worth my time for my sword play*she quickly jumped off his blade and she lands on the ground on her own two feet saberhorn
*I can tell you’re a lot more skilled, may I get your name*JJ barely grinned at him
*Jewry Love* Saberhorn looked surprised
*I only know one that name, you’re her*JJ
*so you already know who I am, glad I don’t have to do introductions*she rubbed the top of her blade
*and if you con’s want to take over this planet*she looked at him
*you’re going to haft to kill me first* Saberhorn barely took a step back
*knowing your reputation I actually might not have a chance agenized you I didn’t think you’d be a human*JJ barely looked serious
*are you not going to face me mortal?*Saberhorn
*It seems unfair though I would love to it would like fighting primus himself*JJ
*pity I have hoping for a little spot before I slater you*Saberhorn retracted her blades
*alas I must return to my mission*he turned to his insect form and quickly went off he almost went after him JJ
*wait*Bee stopped and saberhorn quickly flew off strongarm quickly ran to JJ
*your ladyship your just letting him get away*JJ walked past bumblebee
*you’ll see him again real soon*she stopped and picked up one of the rocks and she tossed it to Strongarm and she looked at it
*why do you suppose these rocks where so important to him* Bee picked up one and he commend fixit
*Fixit sending video on a mineral our mystery con was collecting*fixit’s voice
*cross referencing*he walked off with JJ and she looked at him
*You need more practice with your ice abilities*bumblebee
*I know your right I should have listened to you*Grimlock to Strongarm
*guess we got pretty tangled up back there*Strongarm
*WE your mashed the maneuver*Grimlock
*you didn’t explain it*Strongarm
*Sideswipe would have just know*Grimlock
*well I’m not sideswipe*JJ yelled
*Enough*Both Grimlock and strongarm
*Sorry*JJ sighed Fixit’s voie
*the mineral is raw thermitanium*they all stopped bumblebee
*why does that sound familiar?* Fixit’s voice
*when smelted with other cybertronian medals therminanium comes highly resistant to heat and pressure created an alloy often used in star ships like the Alchemor* JJ
*at least we now know what it is*Fixit’s voice
*lieutenant I’m detecting the con’s signal again, looks like he’s heading too. The same steel mile steeljaw and his pack once hid*Bumblebee
*on our way*JJ’s voice
*hold that might be difficult, I monitor that area in case he came back it’s been recon missioned, and night guards the area*
*with your permission I can handle them*Bumblebee
*you are not splattering them*JJ wined
*Aw why*Bumblebee
*this is not like decades ago*JJ sighed
*fine whatever we’ll have Danny and Russle take the heat*
*Fixit have them met us outside the mills gate*JJ walked JJ grimlock
*where are you going*JJ
*I’ll meet you guys there I need to get a few things*
*minutes later*JJ was standing on top of the mill’s building and she was on her phone
*damn soundwave make an appearance in episode 10*she smiled
*I guess I can work with that*she turned around and soundwave was standing hear her
* what do you think?*she saw him nod his head once to her JJ smiled
* Don’t worry I’ll think of something, for now I’ll just erase all their memories of you in this time era*she up her phone away
*for the mean time looks like you’re going to haft to watch from the sidelines*she snapped her fingers and soundwave tossed her both of ryuko’s scissor blades and she caught both of them and she winked at him
*see ya around*
*meanwhile in the building*the melted alloy was slowly coming down and he quickly used hic ice to slow it down saberhorn held russle in his hand
*Impressive, but how long and you keep it up*Bumblebee
*I can’t freeze the entire area in this situation*Staberhorn
*take swales in the fact that you were defeated by a true worrier, and a genital con* he quickly looked surprised he turned around and black both of JJ’s both of JJ’s blades with one blade JJ
*nice to see you again*she quickly pushed back from him and she lands on the ground on her feet saberhorn
*No wait you don’t care what happens to the life form*JJ smiled and took a few steps forward and her eyes turned glowing blood red
*Go ahead and do it*Saberhorn looked almost nervous he puts russle down and he quickly ran off to his dad Saberhorn active his other blade
*you’re more ruthless than I what I’ve heard, and this is quite the honor if I defeat you I’ll be known though out the universe*JJ pointed one of her blades at him
*Bitch we’ll see about that*when she ran at him every step she took the ground gave she jumped high up and saberhorn deflected every swing from both her blades while stepping backwards JJ smiled and she quickly punch saberhorn in his chest saberhorn
*what are you doing*JJ
*fighting dirty*Saberhorn
*that’s dishonorable *JJ quickly jumped off him
*well you don’t know me that well like megatron*she quickly puts both of her hands together in front of  her multiple amounts of ice shards appeared in front of her and she had esdeath’s evil expression
*you deceive to be impaled*she quickly releases her arms
*Weiss Schnabel*the ice shards quickly shot at saberhorn and quickly deflected them when one of the shards shot at his leg and barely looked in pain Bumblebee finally got out of the a lot and all the melt alloy was frozen
*Jewry you’re going to destroy the building in you keep that up*JJ sighed
*oh fine have it your way I’ll spare the loser you always ruin my damn fun*Bumblebee stood near her
*your fun to close and more horrible than a decepticon’s fun*JJ’s eyes turned back to their normal color
*you didn’t have this problem when I joined you guys*Bumblebee
*that was then and this is now*JJ walked past him and to the entrance Bumblebee
*where are you going?*JJ was still walking
*F this place I’m out*Bee sighed
*Great maybe I shouldn’t ague with her? *
*robots in disguise 2015 season 2 episode 4* bee grimlock and strong arm return to the scrap yard grimlock to Danny
*so thanks to my lightning fast sidewalk surface through the woods, I made it just before the van go over*
*I reached out closer, closer*Strongarm looked upset bumblebee
*be listening to the emergency frequencies to look for crazybult’s signal fixit, in case he starts another blaze before we can locate him*Fixit
*eye eye and ear ear sir*he went off past JJ andshe was wearing the uniform from durarara and she still had the symbols on her body along with her pendent she looked at bumblebee
*things went that bad huh* Bumblebee
*you can say that* strongarm came up to them bumblebee to strongarm
*what can I do for you strongarm?*she handed him her decepticon hunter
* You can take this sir*JJ
*oh boy*strongarm activated her hollow gram sheet
* regulation 9247 section 45 an officer who fails to put the safety of  the public first shall be placed on emissary leave*Bee took back the decepticon hunter
*I’m not taking this*Strongarm pushed it back
*I made an inaccessible mistake, I can’t be sure that I’ll make another*the decepticon hunter first and destroyed a gnomes Danny freaked out and held one of them
*stay with me little fella stay with me*
*I’m going to start charging for my construction services*Danny
*alright I’ll accept the charges*JJ’s eyes turned barely glowing white and all the gnomes where repaired and JJ held out her hand
*that’ll be 50 bucks right now*Danny
*50!* Strongarm
*I am a loose cannon sir*she handed him her weapon
*you can’t let me out there*then she walked off Danny searched in his pocket and she handed her $50 and she took it
*sweet I’m going to get some new manga’s*she walked off
*Breakdown start your engines *Bee’s eye’s barely flashed and he looked surprised
*Robots in disguise season 2 episode 4*JJ was sleeping a Japanese style bed and she was cuddling her scraplet and the door was quickly opened by her new manager mizuki
*Jewry get up I’ve got news to tell ya* JJ rubbed her eyes and stood up
*Mizuki what is it I had a long day yesterday*her scraplet woke up and snuggled her chest mizuki
*you know the band Rear Axal*JJ yawned
*Rear Axal, haven’t heard that name in a while a few of my friends loved that band one of them is actually a hedge fan why?*mizuki
*I just got a call from there manager and he wants you to be part of the show and helping them with their costumes cause of your cosplays*JJ sighed and she rubbed her scraplets head
*Your making me feel old Mizuki, alright tell him I said yes I’ll get ready*Mikzuki
*Alright will do*he quickly went out the room JJ stood up and she was wearing ciel’s pj’s with her pendent on her neck still along with the cybertroanian symbols on her body
*Well I might well do it, get a few things for Bee*she looked at her scraplet
*Sora would you like to come with Mommy to the concert?* her scraplet hoped a few times and circled around her JJ
*I’ll take that as a yes then? I might as well ask a favor from them for bee he loves that band like I love manga*
*At the concert*JJ was wearing naruto’s cloths from the time skip with his head band on her head and her pendent on her neck and she and her scraplet where looking around back stage
*Sora don’t go running off you’ll get lost alright?*her scraplet nods yes to her once and it nuzzled her leg and she smiled
*aw your so cute* Rear Axal’s manager ran up to her
*Miss Jewry there you are*her scraplet almost attacked him and he looked slightly worried JJ
*Sora heal he won’t harm me*her scraplet calmed down rear Axal’s manager
* We got the materials your asked for the costumes, and there not bad*JJ winked at him
*well of course who do you think you’re talking too* the manager looked at her scraplet
*just what is this thing anyway?*JJ
*Its name is Sora I kind of found him or more like he found me?*The manager
*is it Japanese*JJ
*ah sure? Oh did you get me that stirring wheel cover I asked for?*he got out the cover from his bag that he was caring
*got it right here and signed by the whole band size medium*JJ took it
*thank you*The manager
*why did you need that anyway I thought you were an otaku?*JJ
*I am it’s for a friends he loves Rear Axal you spoke with my manager how I like to be treated right*The manager
*oh yeah, this is the first time I’m treating an otaku*JJ
*very high ranked and respected otaku to be exact you don’t want to anger MY kind*
*also you have my costume ready*The manager
*as you requested and we check to make sure it wasn’t scratched or damaged*JJ smiled
*minutes later*JJ was putting on her new optimus prime cosplay her pendent was on her neck still and she put on the ear pieces
* I guess the symbols on my body are a good thing after all?*
overcoming darkness part 4
part 3…
sorry for the wait and for a short chapter
new optimus cosplay…


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