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*Naruto Shippden episode 299 near the end*itachi to Naruto
*listen closely and remember well*
*the villagers that hated you began to admire you, and came to see you as their own*
*only after you put everything you had into thinking about other and seeking acknowledgment*
*you said you came this far for thanks to everybody?*JJ appeared from behind him and was still wearing her blood the last dark uniform with her pendent on her neck and hair bangs in a brad and some of them there down and she hugged itachi’s arm
*Now that you’ve become strong, if you forgot about the others, grow conceited*
*and cling to your individuality above all else, you’ll eventually become like madara. At least the madara I used to know*Naruto
*Jewry, were you this whole time*JJ
*only haft, Naruto I think I see where Itachi is going at, if you seek to much power you’ll only hurt those around you and those people are what give you true strength*she looked at itachi
*itachi let’s get going you’ve done your part here*itachi
*of course*Killer bee
*so itachi really isn’t under kabuto’s control*JJ
*that’s right*she turned around with itachi
*you both are needed to garra’s battle*she through a card to killer bee and he caught it
*this should help you get there more quicker*killer bee and Naruto looked at the card
*a card*Naruto noticed at JJ and itachi where gone
*whoa where gone*Killer bee
*yeah but where too?*
*meanwhile*JJ was in a full Hannah cosplay from black butler with her pendent on her neck and she was drinking Japanese soda and she finished
*that’s hits the spot*she turned her head and smiled
*Your empress requests another soda*itachi was sitting in front of her
*Mistress Jewry you can get it yourself, don’t you own this place?*they were in an anime themed café and the employees were cosplaying maids and butlers from different anime series and the ending song of durarara was playing and the place was filled with customers coming in and out several TV screens where playing duarara season 1 in English sub JJ
*yes however as owner and manager of this very popular establishment I am treated like royalty, no different from back in your time area and country*someone that was cosplay a Japanese Sebastian gave her another Japanese soda
*your soda my empress*JJ barely looked love stuck when he set the soda down in front of her
*well done on presentation, but you need to practice on Sebastian’s accent more you’re getting a lot better*
*you won’t get bigger tips talking like that, you need to be far more charming than you already are*the guy bowed to her like Sebastian and barely spoke like him
*I thank you for the advice, I will remember that in the future*JJ smiled
*and that’s more like, I see a twenty dollar tip for you today*she watching him walk off Itachi
*so the main thing here is to stay in the character that there are in*JJ
*you know you can try if you want, see if you like it it’ll work since you’ve got a couple of girls eyeing you right now haft of them are some of the maids here*itachi turned his head around about a dozen girls where love struch and haft of them where the maids JJ
*girls get back to work, you’re not getting paid just standing there, you can mess with him later*the maids screaming with joy and they walked off JJ sighed
* I forgot that your fan rate is very high*she looked at him
*can you just serve a couple of people so that they would stop screaming, I can’t hear the music*itachi stood up
* Very well, I might as well see the joy into this*JJ stood up
*great, I’m happy to see you try this Itachi*
*and I’ll show you the pointers, something tells me you’ll do a lot better than the others*itachi
*others*JJ started to push itachi from his back
*never mind let’s get started shall we*
*transformers robots in disguise 2015 episode 7*Larry to Russal
* Great you’re a natural I’m going to pock around for another piece*he started walking off Russle
*hey wait you can’t just walk off without a guide*JJ’s voice
*I would listen to the child*Larry turned around
*who said that*JJ whispered into his ear
*I did*Larry quickly freaked out and fell on his back JJ was wearing nico robins cloths when she was miss all Sunday with her pendent on her neck as well and her hat was hiding the top of her face and she smiled
*You have balls breaking here*JJ tilted her hat up with her finger showing her face
*you must be despite*Larry started to stand up
*no way Jewry Love Lewis are you really her*JJ
* You better believe it*Russle
*Hey Jewry nice too see you again what are you doing here*JJ was holding a box of cigarettes in her hand and was showing them
*I forgot these last time I was here, this is the only brand I like*Larry
*you smoke?*JJ was lighting a cigarette in her mouth and flew out some smoke
*oh right my manager left out that detail*she turned around and started walking
*and also as a fellow collector*she barely glared at Larry and her eyes where glowing blood red
*show some damn respect*she turned back around and continued walking Larry
*yeah I heard from a friend that Jewry I a hard core anime collector and fan*
*at the bridge*Sideswipe strongarm and bumblebee where holding up the bridge cherry blossom pedals flew past bumblebee’s face thousands of human form quickly flowered out of the ground in front of him and formed a giant arm supporting the bridge the same thing was with strong arm and sideswipe then about a dozen giant arms where supporting the bridge Bumblebee turned around
*I was starting to think you wouldn’t show up*JJ was in front of him and she crossed her arms
*you should know me by now bumblebee*
*oh and if you want to find Denny he’s on top of a statue about ten miles from here*Sideswipe
*you didn’t get him*JJ
*bitch I ain’t doing all the damn work around here*she snapped her fingers and the bridge quickly repaired itself and the arms that where supporting it vanished
*so get you asses moving right now* she turned around and started walking off
*I’m a very busy lady you know*
*Naruto Shippuden episode 288*kakashi was deflecting Jinpachi blade with the execution sword she they both quickly stopped kakashi
*you are unforgivable I feel sympathy and pain for the ledges of past generations who are being forced to fight agenized there will, but you you reviling killing*
*I hate to think that we’re both called shinobi* Jinpachi
*stop being so full of yourself, who gave you permission to use the executioner’s blade*he quickly came at him and kakashi deflected it Kushimaru
*that blade belongs to the seven swords men of the mist*he through his weapon straight ahead and someone caught the tip of it with two fingers and it being in the center of it Kushimaru
*what, who the hell are you*kakashi looked surprised JJ holding the weapon in her hand and her hat was hiding the top part of her face and she smiled
*I was the one who gave him permission to use that blade, as I did with the blade you both are using*Jinpachi barely turned his head around
*wait I know that voice*JJ tilted her hat up showing her face
* Kushimaru Jinpachi long time no see you two haven’t changed a bit*kakashi
*Lady Jewry you know them*JJ looked at him
*I was the only that created there blades and gave it to them, cause they were worthy these blades are meant to be passed down from generation to generation*she looked at Kushimaru
*looks like I underestimated kabuto, Kisame you don’t mind taking over for me right?*Jinpachi quickly blocked Kisame’s blade with his own
*no I don’t mind at all*JJ through back Kushimaru weapon to him and he caught it with his hand
* do whatever it takes to get the job done Kisame, use your bankai if you wish I don’t care*
*just don’t destroy the damn area k*Kakashi in her head
*she’s acting different from the Jewry I know, was it an act then?*JJ barely turned her head and smiled
*you could say that kakashi*
*transformers robots in disguise 2015 episode 8*Grimlock to russle that was being picked up by him
*listen human I know you were trying to signal for help*Russle
*I wasn’t but help is coming here anyway Optimus Prime Lady Jewry should be here any second now*grimlock quickly dropped russle and looking around
*huh what*Russle
*that was our new proclivity alarm it means that there close by*Grimlock
*I can beat those two mado to mado, but the boss will scrap me empty handed*he turned around
*I’m not empty handed I have under bit*someone helped Russle up and he looked happy JJ was in nami’s form from the time skip with her pendent on her neck and she shh him she touched his forehead and his eyes quickly flashed light blue and stopped when she let go of him and she whispered
*see you later kid*she quickly vanished
*meanwhile*Sideways was holding onto steeljaw
*what did you do to Grimlock Steeljaw some kind of mind control*Steeljack quickly flipped sideswipe on the ground on his back steeljaw
*aw is it so hard to believe that dino bot would chose me over all of you*Sideswipe almost spoke JJ’s voice
*actually it is*Steeljaw quickly turned around JJ was lying on her stomach on one of the plat forms and spoke like nami
*I didn’t change that symbol on him for nothing you know*Bumblebee looked happy
*Jewry glad to see you here*JJ stood up
*always here when I’m needed Bee, but I’m not the one that’ll be fight*she opened her eyes
*that sound right Arcee*Bumblebee looked surprised
*Arcee?*he heard grimlock struggled he turned around and saw grimlock trapped in a cloud of smoke and was hovering the air Arcee came out from behind him
*Hey bee it’s been a while, so you really do have a team of your own huh?*Steeljaw quickly slashed at her from behind when he did his claw went through her and smoke came out Steeljack looked shocked
*what*arcee’s body quickly turned back to its normal state and she turned around
*Steeljaw was it? Sorry but your attacks won’t have any effect on me*Steejaw kept slashing at her and it repeated as the same as before
*what is this what kind of power do you have*JJ stood up
*I gave Arcee devil fruit powers like bumblebee*Arcee quickly grabbed steeljaw’s neck and he was struggling Arcee
*she’s right I ate the flume flume fruit so my body becomes smoke whenever I want no attacks can harm me*smoke started to escape from her hand
*but I can harm you if I want*she quickly through him to the wall and he made a small carder when he crashed and he fell on the ground Arcee
*and since I’ve been training under cybertron’s new ruler I’ve gotten a lot more stronger when I was with optimus*when JJ took a step down thousands of human arms where used as a stair case while she was walking down
*she’s right on that one* she stepped on the ground and the arms that she used quickly vanished
*however I’m not letting the same thing happen to what megatron tried to accomplish*she spoke like nami
*Arcee release Grimlock if you would please*Arcee
*whatever you say ma’am*the smoke that trapped grimlock vanished and he fell on the ground and he barely groaned JJ’s voice
*now let’s see* he quickly looked up and JJ was in front of him looking at him in the eye she was in her normal form but still wore nami’s cloths and her eyes where glowing blood red
*let’s find our problem here*Grimlock looked happy
*wow you are beautiful, the rumors where true about you it almost hurts looking at you*JJ stood up
*alright I think I see the problem here, you guys also let steeljaw get away from Under bit just now*Strong arm
*what*she sideswipe and bumblebee saw the under bits pod was gone and so was steeljaw Bumblebee to Arcee
*Arcee why didn’t you stop him*Arcee
*Jewry didn’t tell me to stop bumblebee I under her command remember just like the others*JJ jumped off of grimlock
*grimlock has a bug on him called minatron, controls anyway with a single bit he’s somewhere in grimlock plating*she turned around
*mind looking for him*Grimlock almost stood up
*oh I’d like to see you try*JJ crossed her arms
*find mil fleur Campo de Flores*JJ sprouts a thousand arms across grimlock he fell backwards and the arms quickly grabbed hold on him and he was struggling JJ
*alright now you can search him*
*later on night came*Arcee was looking around the new autobot base
*well it’s spaces I’ll give it that, and it’s not a bad hiding place either just like you said*JJ was smoking a cigarette and blew out some smoke
*when am I not wrong*Grimlock’s voice
*you wanted to see me*JJ turned around and was looking at Grimlock
*yes that’s right, the others finally see you as a real autobot, and to really initiate you in our ranks* JJ held out the Rumble-Rumble Fruit
* I wanted to give you this*Grimlock
*a fruit*JJ
*not just any fruit the Rumble-Rumble Fruit it’s gives the user lighting abilities these are the devil fruits I gave Arcee and bumblebee too*she tossed it to Grimlock and he caught it
*no way your giving this to me*Arcee
*however there’s a catch a devil fruit user is weakened by any type of water so your going to haft to give up swimming for the rest of your life*JJ
*that’s the catch of these cursed fruits so will you accept it Grimlock*Grimlock quickly ate the fruit and looked disgusted
*yeah I know they taste gross*
*Wednesday JJ’s universe at a El Centriole collage*JJ was wearing a type of misa cosplay and had her hair like hers and she wore her pendent on her neck and she looked around the inside of the collage
*wow my first collage visit*she looked worried and upset when she touched her pendent
*only two more months left*
*Naruto Shippiden episode 322* Naruto
*so the guy in front of me is the real Madara? And the one in the mask is someone else*JJ’s voice
*your correct*Naruto quickly turned around and so did Garra JJ was wearing the uniform from blood c with her pendent on her neck and her bangs in a brad and some of them where down and behind her was kakuzu sasori, isaribi and konan JJ
*I haft to admit even I didn’t see this one coming*Kakuzu
*agreed kabuto really out did himself on this one*JJ looked up at madara
*Madara long time no see*Madara
*Lady Jewry? Is that really you*JJ started to walk forward and she smiled
* It is, everyone stay out of this fight*she stopped
*kakuzu isaribi sasori Konan make sure they stay out of my way*she snapped her fingers once
*itachi Kisame you two are with me*she stepped on the ground once with her foot and the surrounding ground area started glowing and a few cybertronian symbols slowly appeared on her body and her eyes where glowing like the matrix and she grinned
* I think it’s about damn time I got serious in this universe of ours, this battle will be on my turf* from her to madara a giant glowing doom quickly appeared Naruto
*Jewry*someone’s hand quickly rested on his shoulder
*don’t worry about her Naruto*Naruto quickly looked at the person and was very shocked Jiraiya barely smiled at him
* I’m sure our girl can handle it*he lets go of Naruto
*Jiraiya? Are you really….*Konan
*It’s really him Naruto our Mistress saved his life, she even saved mine as well*
*from inside the dome*the area was cybertron when it went dark JJ had her hand on her hip
* I don’t normally do this, however I don’t have much time left so I’m making every minute count starting right now*
*you’ve noticed the area here I different, but I would take more closer*Madara barely looked around without moving JJ
*Kabuto if your listen to this which I’m sure you are I was impressed by that venom you used, overall the universes and worlds I’ve been you’re the first to actually harm me*she started pulling out her black cybertronian sword from the palm of her hand
*I’m cereous as to now you did it*Madara
*so this is the real you isn’t it you had everyone fooled*JJ smiled
*well it was easy to deceive orochimaru I’ll tell ya that, it would be funning if it wasn’t so pathetic but what the hell I’ll laugh anyway*she started laughing Muu made fist in his hand he quickly came at her while she was still laughing Itachi quickly got in front of JJ
*Bakudo number 39 enkonson* a shield quickly appeared before Muu through a punch and his fist hits the shield JJ stopped laughing Muu was in kabuto’s control when he spoke
* So it’s a game for you is that what you mean*JJ smiled
*you could say that Kabuto*Muu
*Lord orochimaru cared for you Lady Jewry you meant the world to him, he dedicated his life and research to you he never stopped thinking about you*
*but you were just using him for your own amusement is that what we are to you*Kisame
*I don’t think you heard her correctly, she’s not from this universe let alone time period*Muu looked surprised
*Kisame is quite right I’m not from this universe the universe I come from created this one, that’s how I know so much about each and every one of you well you see I’m from almost the 22nd century*Muu
*so that’s how you were able to manipulate and control anyone you want*JJ
*whenever I feel like it to be more correct I just alter reality is mostly what I do there’s really no need to control you people cause there’s really no point*the shield quickly shattered into pieces JJ
*you can kill me all you want but it won’t make any difference it wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to kill me*
*and to answer that question of yours, Kisame itachi and the others that I brought back are acting at their own will they can leave if they want*she appeared behind Muu and walked forward
*but these chose not too*Muu quickly turned around
*your walking away*JJ
*I’m not interesting in fighting you Kabuto, why do you think I brought those two here with me*
*you’re going to haft to get through them first*Muu started running at her
*you’re not getting away with this*Kisame quickly blocked him with his blade in his hand Muu
*out of my way my business is with that witch*Kisame
*Oh I can’t do that*JJ stopped only feet away from madara
*I haft to admit over all the battles I’ve fought this one should be by far the most incredible*she pointed her sword at him
*shall we dance Madara?*Madara started coming at her and she did the same JJ
*that’s what I thought*
*from outside the dome*Naruto looked shocked
*wait you mean you were never dead you were still a live*Jiraiya barely smiled
*that’s right although believe it or not I was meant to die*Naruto
*meant too I don’t get it*Jiraiya
*before I felt to head to the village hidden in the rain I went to Jewry for help, it turns out my future was to die there however things rather changed though most of it was almost a blur now that I think about it*Konan
*the same thing happened to me, but I was payment for the seven tails*everyone heard a few explosions from inside the dome Sasori
*that doesn’t sound good*
*transformers robots in disguise 2015 episode 9*JJ was wearing boa hancock’s cloths with her pendent on her neck and she was smoking yuuko’s pipe while lying on a tree branch in the amazon rain forest and she opened her eyes
*about time you showed up*Starscream was kneeling on the ground and he was looking at the ground
*Sorry for making you wait master it won’t happen again*JJ
*you and everyone else know the day is almost coming right*starscream looked up at her
*yes, will this really be the end will you return to a normal human again maser?*JJ stood up
*ye and no, I’ll still have primus’s blood however I won’t be able to travel to any other universe besides my own and I’ll lost almost all my powers that I’ve gained here*she smiled and she touched her pendent
*either way these past four years have been like a wonderful beautiful dream, and I couldn’t be any happier I thank you all and this universe for changing my life*Starscream helped her down the branch
*won’t you be lonely though you so used to us being by your side? And why about your need of energon it doesn’t exist in your universe remember?*JJ
*I know me and primus will think of something*she smiled
*I haft to admit Starscream you’ve really changed since the day I first met you, you know that right*Starscream smiled too
* I was surprised as well, perhaps you have a talents for changed us*JJ barely laughed
*in the good way maybe*she stopped laughing
*we should get going I have a little surprised for strong arm and bumblebee*
*meanwhile at a temple*strongarm and bumblebee arrive there strong arm examined the ground
* Tracks and freshly disturbed vegetation leading to the door*bumblebee
*our best hope is it wait for spring load to come out so we can tail him*Strong arm stood up
*I disagree and so does the manual*she activated her hologram
*regulation r65 states when performing a surveillance operation every effort should be made..*Ultra Magnus’s voice
* To keep the perpetrator in site*Bumblebee
*wait don’t tell me*Strong arm looked very shocked Bumblebee quickly turned around Ultra Magnus was standing just feet from him
*it’s been a long time scout or should I say lieutenant now*Bumblebee
*Ultra Magnus*Strong arm quickly saluted to him
*Ultra Magnus sir it’s an honor*Ultra Magnus
*ad ease solder*Bumblebee
*Sir what are you doing here*Ultra Magnus
*Lady Jewry told us about your team I wanted to see for myself*Bumblebee
*your on Jewry’s team too, is she here?*Ultra Magnus
*I came here on my own*
*out from a distance*JJ was sitting on starscream’s shoulder and a orb was hovering over her hand and she saw Ultra Magnus go into the temple along with strongarm and bumblebee starscream
*you sure it was alright for Magnus to go in there master?*JJ
*he ate the dice dice fruit so everything should be alight*the orb vanished Starscream
*that’s what I’m worried about, I’m not so sure that power is right for him*JJ barely motioned her two fingers to come forward
*knew you would say that after all you ate the string string fruit so that’s how you were normal say* starscream reached out his hand to her JJ grabbed his finger and bit down into it drinking his energon starscream
*let me guess for now sit back and watch the show correct*JJ
*that’s right*
*meanwhile inside the temple*strongarm quickly charged at spring load
*decepticon you are under arrest*she touched his armor and her hand started burning when she lets go of him spring load
*try to keep me from my treasure and you’ll get burned and worse*he quickly kicked her and strongarm crashed into the wall bumblebee quickly went to her
*are you okay*Strong arm look at her hand
*acid coating his armor build in defiance mechanism*the room started to shack and fall appear Ultra Magnus
*looks like temple has a few defiance mechanism of its own* Spring load
*in my search for Drodus I’m escaped far worse, but you unworthies will not*he started laughing when he quickly left both Spring load and the others where on two different orbs JJ was looking at the orbs and so was starscream
*you going to do something*JJ
*waiting for the right moment*Starscream
*what did you say what was coming up Saturday*JJ
*my senior prom I’m going*Starscream
*you said you didn’t want too*JJ
*I didn’t get the dress for nothing starscream and I’m not going alone either*Starscream
*your taking us with you*JJ
*we only have two months left might as well*she looked at one of the orbs that had bumblebee strong arm and Ultra Magnus on it
*Ultra commence with plan two me and starscream will be there shortly*the orbs quickly vanished JJ
*alright let’s do this*
*meanwhile in one of the tomes* Spring load was talking to some of the statues
*please guardians of dordus, my whole life it must be near where is it. I will destroy you all where is it?*Bumblebee felt something tapping on his shoulder he turned around and barely looked surprised and happy at the same time spring load still talking to himself
*what must I do what WHAT?!*JJ’s voice
*un worthy*Spring load
*what who said that*the ground under him barely started glowing and some of the pillars started moving JJ’s voice
*the spirits of dordus have descried you do not deserve the treasure you are un worthy*Spring loads body started moving on it’s own
* No I’ve worked hard tirelessly*Bumblebee
*and your long overdo for a rest*spring load quickly turned round bumblebee quickly touched him
*ice time *spring load’s whole body quickly turned into an ice sculpture JJ’s voice
*nice job boys*JJ quickly appeared with her sitting on starscream’s shoulder Strong arm
*Lady Jewry I thought*JJ
*nope, strong arm you showed leadership back there I’m impressed and so is Ultra Magnus you’ll do just fine*
*Saturday JJ’s universe*JJ was still sleeping in her best human cliffjumper was moving her shoulder
*my lady it’s time to get up*JJ opened her eyes
*damn it Cliff it’s 8 in the morning*Cliffjumper
*yeah you told me to wake you up at this time before your sister did* JJ stood up and rubbed her eyes
*oh right thanks*
Naruto Fanfiction
“Chapter 1 the place called the Dark Continent”
“Hello there your probably wandering what I’m about to tell you right? I’m not going to keep you waiting for the answer so I’ll start with the interdiction first then I’ll tell you my story. My name is Lilah Rose Fumizuki age nineteen, I have long dark brown hair that covers my whole back and went down to knees I have bangs so a hole half if it on my right side with a pink white and light blue lily clip. Dark light golden brown eyes almost resembling a serpents eye color, I also have one of those beauty marks on my face there was on the lower part of my right eye that a lot of people wished they had. Skin so white it almost resembled a dolls skin tone and as beautiful, I guess you can say I’m quite a pretty girl? I’m a BIG anime fan and really into cosplay I’m actually a professional cosplayer I make my own costumes my most famous ones are of the Naruto and One Piece series since there like a lot of character, well there’s Bleach but it had n ending series it to. I come from a wealthy family so it’s easy to get the material I need or my costumes, it makes it more easy since I have Japanese’s in my blood my father owns his a million dollar company both in America and in Japan which my father is from I’m haft Japanese that’s why my dark is so dark looking. My mother owns her own Salon that’s very expensive she’s American so I look a little more like her than my father. My parent are alright with my anime hobby and I’m being paid for it, I known I already said I’m a professional I forgot to say I model for them too. My friend life is pretty great I have a large group of anime friends and normal friends along with the mix and they like me for who I am rather than my money that most people want from someone with a family like mine. Sad isn’t it?  Well enough of that now for the really great part, how my life changed completely.
“However it doesn’t start here its starts somewhere else in another world in a different time period around the areas of the top part of Asia this world had ninja’s of different kind spread in those regions. Didn’t figure it out yet? I’ll tell you this world as everyone would call it the Naruto universe or Naruto Shippiden either one is kind of the same if you look at it at a certain way every character is the same as you know them if you watch the series. Orochimaru was trying to develop a justu for traveling to different worlds since on one has ever attempted it and seceded. Now you’re probably wander what does this haft to do with me right? I’m getting to that part just be patient for a little bit.”
“I just got home from school, I go to a privet school so I was wearing a uniform for that school. I was walking past the gate to my house when something strong happened, I felt this sudden chill like something was coming, something bad. I was very good at protecting myself since I took martial arts classes. I started to looked around me making sure no one was nearby, there was security camera in case anything happened around the house. The wind started to pick up all of a sudden and I was holding back some of my hair when the wind came, I didn’t realize the ground under me was slowly opening up. Before I knew it I started falling down a large hole like Alice did in when she fell down that rabbit hole, but this whole quickly closed up just after I fell down. I was screaming when I was falling down deeper and deeper it was so dark I couldn’t see another I couldn’t feel any falls either, when I opened my eyes I saw that a faint light down at the bottom and it started glowing every second and it brightness increased even more. It became too bright so I had to cover my eyes to avoid becoming blind when I reached it, just when I thought it was the end I fell on a grassy surface and it was bright and sunny. I fell on my back when I started opening my eyes
“What the hell was that?” was what I said questioning myself when I started to get up I quickly realized that I wasn’t home anyone, but rather in a large field with trees around the area and I questioned myself again
“This place seemed really familiar from somewhere, I can’t put my finger on it though?” Right after I said I got out a phone that was on an iphone 6 with a black butler cover on it and I noticed that there wasn’t any service on it
“Damn it no service at least it works. “The one thing I said right after I put my phone back in my pocket and walked off hoping to find some answers on where I was and hopefully soon I don’t want my parent worrying to much about me. I knew I wasn’t home or in my home town cause we don’t have these kind of forests and I don’t hear any plants or jets in the sky. I tried finding out where I was with the locator app on my find but all it said was
“Unable to locate area?” and I repeated
“Unable to locate area? That’s never happened before on this app and I just updated it too.” I exited out of the app and pressed the recording app on my screen and the camera was looking at me with my appearance on the screen and I started saying my video blog while I was still walking
“Lilah’s star log day one I was walking to my front door when all of a sudden a giant hole quickly appeared under my feet and then I starting falling in, kind of like Alice in wonderland. Except its no fairy tall this is real. I know find myself in an unfamiliar land, but for some reason looks very familiar to me I can’t put my finger on it though. Why this has happened I don’t know? I’m going to get to the bottom of it and I need to make it fast my father is very protective with me who know what he’ll do to find me? Lilah out.” I ended the video right after I said those last words I was looking at my phone when I was talking to myself
“I really hope Father and Mother aren’t too worried about me, the security camera must have seen what happened right? Oh who the hell am I fooling even I don’t believe it? And it happen anyway” I put my phone back in my school bag that was still on my person even after I fell down that hole, while I put my phone up I got out a box pocky the original kind I was getting hungry and there a good snack. Just before I started to take out a piece I heard people’s voices, my earing is really go then most peoples I was happy to have that on me. I started running to where I was hearing the faint voices, I was so relieved that there was people where I was when I finally got to the pathway to my destination I stopped moving and I was very shocked at what I was looking at. What I was seeing is the gate way to the Village Hidden in the Leafs and the gates where wide open
“The leaf Village from Naruto?” was what I said before I started laughing
“No way that’s impossible the Leaf Village isn’t real.” I stopped laughing when I was looking at the gate again while I was getting out my phone again
“On the other hand whoever did this must really be into the series, I’ll give them credit for craftsmanship.” right after I said that I took a picture of it and I started walking to the gate not knowing that there was check point still open before I continued walking I heard a man’s voice say to me
“Excuse me miss just what are you doing?” That voice sounded very familiar I looked to see who it was that was talking to me and I looked more shocked then ever the person that was talking to was Kotetsu Hagane and the person sitting with him was izumo kamizuki. I was so shocked so excited that I passed fell on my back and passed out over the excitement that just happened, the next thing I knew I found myself waking up on a hospital bed with my cloths still on. When I stood up I saw that I was in a hospital room and I was alone, I stood up off the bed and grabbed my bag that was on the dressed next to the bed
“ I couldn’t believe I actually fainted in public?” was what I thought when I opened the window to see where I was and how many stories I was in, I saw that I was two stories high so it was easy for me to jump out. Which I did when that thought came to mind, despite martial arts I’m also the star gymnast at my school so jumping out of a building is easy for me. I reached out for a long tree branch and did a few flips while I was still holding onto the branch and I landed on my two feet on the ground, right after I did I quickly ran off and I was looking around the town or village I was now in. I was taking picture of everything I was seeing with my phone, I mean I couldn’t believe it I was in an anime I grew up with as a kid. Technically I grew up with Pokémon, Naruto was the first action anime I watched. While I was talking picture I bumping into somebody and I fell on the ground with my phone on the ground, when I opened my eyes I was started to blushed and I was more shocked when I was at the gate the person that was on top of me was none other than Naruto himself he was older around seventeen years old. I swear my hearts felt like it was going to burst Naruto quickly looked worried when he got up off me
“Oh man I’ so sorry I didn’t see you there.” He continued speaking to me when he was helping me up
“Here let me help you out there Miss” he smiled very nervous when he questioned me
“By the way what’s your name don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before?” I answered his question to me I didn’t realize that I was blushing
“It’s Lilah. Lilah Rose Fumizuki, and I already know who you are Naruto.”
“Hey how did you know my name?” was what Naruto said to me I barely looked worried when I laid to him
“Oh well you look just how you were described and I know it was you is all.”
“That’s right I haft to watch what I say I can’t let him know I know everything about everyone here in this world.” Was what I thought right after I spoke to Naruto, I still couldn’t believe t I was speaking to the real Naruto it’s like a dream but real. My stomach started growling and I was embarrassed cause how loud it was Naruto had a big grin on his face when he spoke to me
“Don’t worry I know cure for that.” Only one place came to mind when he said that Ramon, before I knew it I was standing in front of Ichiraku Ramon shop the real one I always wondered what the Ramon tasted like and I was about to find out. I walked in with Naruto and I sat next to him Naruto smiled at me again when he spoke
“You’re going to love the Ramon here it’s the best.” I said to him with a smile on my face
“I’ll take your word for it Naruto.” I noticed Naruto was talking to Teuchi
“Hey old man two bowls of Ramon please.” Was what he said when Teuchi look at me
“So you’re getting one for huh Naruto don’t think I’ve seen this lovely face before?” I barely laughed when he said that and I heard Teuchi say
“Two bowls of Ramon coming up. “Naruto asked me
“So Lilah judging from your cloths you’re not from here are you?” I answered his question as calm as I could
“Yeah that’s about right Naruto.” When I said that Teuchi handed me a bowl of Ramon and I was looking at it Naruto said to me again
“Well dig in Lilah.” Was what he right after he started eating his bowl I broke the chop sticks in two for me to use them While Naruto was still eating he was waiting for me to take bit out of the roman he started to look confused when he spoke
“You know now that I get a better look at you Lilah you kind of look familiar?” I was taking a bit of the roman when I answered him
“Really? The good or the bad familiar?” Naruto answered my question
“Not really sure it’s not you it’s your face.” I looked at him when I repeated what I said to him
“My face? That’s what’s familiar? Oh I almost forgot before I came here I passed out near the gate I don’t know if I’m welcomed here or not?”
“Don’t worry I’ll give you a hand with that.” Was what I heard from him and I said to him
“Really you’d do that for me?”  Naruto gave me a thumbs up when he said
“You bet believe it.”
“Naruto kept his word he took me to see Tsunade I wonder what she’ll say to me? One thought kept going in my mind though when Naruto was leading me to Tsunade office, he said that I looked like someone he already knows I’m trying to think what character I look like the most. The one character that comes to mind is orochimaru only because a lot of Naruto fans say that I look a lot like him if he switched genders, it me I don’t really see it. Maybe that’s who Naruto was thinking about? When we got there Naruto told me to wait outside the door I was leaning back on the wall and I was playing fruit ninja on my phone on silent, when I heard the doors open I quickly paused the game and put my phone back in my bag and I heard Naruto’s voice say to me
“You can came in now.” I started walking into the room where Naruto was in and I stopped standing next to him and sitting in front of me in her desk was lady Tsunade herself along with Shizune by her side and she was holding ton ton in her arms. Tsunade started to look surprised when I was looking at her, she almost had the same confused look that Naruto gave me. However she look a little more series than Naruto and she spoke directly to Naruto and Shizune
“Shizune Naruto leave I want to speak to this girl alone.” Naruto quickly said to her
“Hey how come I’m the one that brought her here?” I said to him with a serious tone in my voice
“Naruto it’s alright I can handle this myself.” I saw Naruto sigh when he was walking out the door with Shizune and the door closed behind him
“Your clothing you’re not from here are you?” was the words that I heard from Tsunade when I looked at her again and she asked me
“What’s your name?” I answered her question that she gave me
“You can call me Lilah, and yes I’m not from here. My cloths aren’t the thing that gave it away what did?” Tsunade stood up off her chair when she answered me
“Your face, your eyes very much remind me of Orochimaru. Just what land do you come from?” I took a deep breath before I spoke to her
“Either.”Tsunade repeated the one word that I said
“Either?” I continued speaking to her
“Yes, I come from America which here might be known as the Dark Continent in this time.”Tsunade started to looked series when she continued asking me questions
“Alright how did you get here?”
“I don’t know either? I was walking to my house when the next thing I knew the ground under me started glowing and a giant hole quickly form from under my feet. And well I think you get the rest of it?” I saw that Tsunade wasn’t believing my story so I started reaching in my bag
“If you don’t believe me then I’ll prove it.” Right after I said that I grabbed out my phone and I was showing it to her
“This is my prof.”Tsunade took my phone out of my hand and was looking at it
“What is this?” was the question she gave me and I answered her
“It’s an iphone 6 its touch screen and has voice command on it. It has every information on the planet you name it and it’s knows it.”Tsunade gave me back my phone and I took it from her and the words she said was
“I believe you Lilah, I’m glad Naruto brought you here.”
“I would like to know who brought me here and why?”Tsunade answered my question to her when she sat back down
“That’s a good question, this might be the development of a new jutsu? One that can transport to different worlds. From what I’m looking right now you were brought here by that Jutsu.” I started to look serious when I was talking to her
“I think we both know there’s only one that has that much power to do that.”
“Agreed.” Was what Tsunade said to me


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