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Naruto Fanfiction
“Chapter 6 first and final meeting”
As you opened my eyes the pain intensified due to the bright overhead lights, I found myself lying on a type of hospital bed. I realized that I couldn’t move
“Well I see you’re finally awake?” A low chuckle came from across the room.
“Did you sleep well?” Quiet footsteps made their way towards me until finally Kabuto was standing right beside me. I glared down at my wrist to see a white snake biting down on my vans making me unable to move because of the venom it was injecting in me, Kabuto said to me while looking at the snake that was biting my wrist
“Don’t worry it won’t kill there’s only enough to paralyze you.” I barely looking in pain when the snaked released its bit of me and kabuto continued speaking to me when he started to help me up
“Even without that bit you won’t be able to move for a while, by the way I didn’t get your name care to tell me?”
“It’s Lilah.” Was what I said to him, I didn’t want too but something made me I was surprised I even said anything
“I also put truth serum in that venom wouldn’t want you lying either Lilah.” After he said that we both left the room and he was still supporting me, I knew where he was taking me so I didn’t ask where we were going. I was nervous Orochimaru wasn’t someone to be messed with, however I didn’t care about that. Kabuto was touching me he wasn’t aware that his ability to use jutsu was slowing being erased the longer he had his hands on me, it made me happy.
“What is this my chakura it’s starting to fade?” was the thought that went in kabuto’s head while he was still thinking to myself he barely glared at me and I was looking at the floor
“Is Lilah doing this? Can people from her world do this? Or is it only her?”
“It took us around maybe four minutes to reach the room where Orochimaru was, my heart was pounding it felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. Out of most in the characters in this series Orochimaru is one of the most dangerous, then there’s kabuto that took orochimaru’s blood and infused in him a little after he died. Now that I’m here things might be a little different, I know why Kabuto is so loyal to him I just wish he understood the truth. I couldn’t tell him, not yet at least. He and Orochimaru are the only ones are able to bring me back to my world. I noticed that we stopped moving and we were now standing in front of the door that stands between us and Orochimaru, When Kabuto opened the door he started speaking when he dragged me in with him
“Lord Orochimaru I brought Lilah just like you wanted.” When I looked up I was very surprised I thought I got over it, when I first watched the Naruto series when it first came out when I was a kid I used to say my father looked just like orochimaru I even showed him once to prove I wasn’t lying. Even he was surprised on the resemblance, as I got older I started not seeing the resemblance to him and Orochimaru anymore. Now that I was seeing the real one that feeling came back it was like I was looking at my father again, I saw Orochimaru lying on his bed and he was looking at me when he started speaking and he had his grin on his face
“Well my dear it’s nice to finally meet you.” while he was still speaking kabuto was leading me to him
“I was under the impressing that special jutsu wasn’t successful, it looks like I was wrong.” Kabuto sat me down in a chair side beside Orochimaru for him to have a better look at me, which I knew he wanted. I knew Kabuto said I looked a lot like him, and that’s what sparked his inters even more.
“Those eyes.” Where the thoughts that went in his head when I felt his hand on the side of my face I was barely surprised I still couldn’t have complete control of my body, but the feel of his hand it reminded me so much of my father’s hand. What got me more was when his hand reached up to my forehead and rested on top of my head, the movement was the same I didn’t want to believe it myself. Then I heard him say to me
“Your eyes there just like mine, it would appear that I do have blood in that world of yours?” I was surprised when I heard him say that to me and I questioned him
“I… I want to know why?”
“Why you asked? I might as well tell you.” Was what he said to me then he started explaining
“In discovered in order to keep these bodies I need my original blood.”
“ I know you have no family by blood, of course you knew that which angered you the most am I right?” that’s what I said to him Kabuto barely looked surprised
“She’s smart.” Was the thought that went on his head and Orochimaru spoke out to me again
“Yes you’re quite right. I thought it wouldn’t work on deviling a justu to transport to another world.” Before he continued speak I interrupted him
“Let me guess you took your DNA and used it to locate someone that had the same match didn’t you?”
“Hidan was right I am related to Orochimaru. Talk about amazing I’m related to an anime character.” Was the thought that went in my head I have something to say in my next log, and people I know.
“Tell me Lilah what is your world like?” was the question he asked me I could tell Kabuto wasn’t to know too since he saw me fighting Guran. I was still injected with the truth serum and I answered him
“It’s far advance in technology we’ve been to the moon and other plants and explored the deepest parts of the ocean floors.” When I explained what my world was like leaving out that there all anime characters I saw that they were very interested and surprised on what my world was like, it was so different from there’s.  What impressed them the most was that I was immune to any time of jutsu and chakura and if anyone touched me there use of both those are erased the longer they touch me, it didn’t work for orochimaru because we shared the same blood. While me and Orochimaru where talking Kabuto noticed that I was making a fist with my right hand and it started to get tighter, I didn’t realize that it started to bleed.
“You might want to let go of that grip of your Lilah?” was what Kabuto said to me I looked at my right hand on the palm and saw where my nails dug in it was bleeding, I was trying to gain control over my body again by will power. It was starting to work I slowly started get control of my systems and that grip proved it, before I knew it kabuto was treating my hand and I questioned him while he was stopping the bleeding
“Aren’t you worried of losing your chakura and jutsu?” While Kabuto was wrapping my hand in bandages he said to me
“Yes, however I don’t think it’ll be wise not treated this.” When he finished peaking he finished treated my hand and I was looking at it
“Kabuto would you mind leaving I’d like have a little chat with Lilah.” Was what I heard Orochimaru say to kabuto when Kabuto spoke I looked at him
“Not at all Lord Orochimaru.” Right after he said that he left the door and shut the door behind him, I didn’t get a say I mean I was starting to get scared. You wouldn’t blame me even in Orochimaru’s state he’s still pretty dangerous, why he asked Kabuto to leave I wasn’t so sure? I know a lot about Orochimaru, but I wasn’t a fan of him I used to when I was around eight years old.
“Does he plan to infuse me blood with his or use me for his new body instead of sasuka?” was the thought that went in my head quickly, I heard Orochimaru say to me
“There’s nothing to worry about me dear.” When he said that I looked at him with a slight confused and surprised look on my face, I saw that he was smiling. Not like a mad person, but instead like a normal one I knew that smile. The same smile he used on Kabuto three years ago during the exams when he asked him to abduct Sasuka, it was confusing I didn’t think he would show that smile again?
“You’re smiling? How come?” That’s what I asked him and he didn’t answer me and I spoke to him again
“Are you happy because you now know your jutsu works?”
“Yes however that’s not the reason.” Was the answer I got from him then I said
“What’s the reason then?” The unthinkable happened when I said that I left my left arm being pulled forward as did my body and the chair I was sitting on fell on the ground, I was so shocked at the same time I was barely blushing. One minute I was talking with the guy and the next minute I was being held in his arms with his hands on my shoulders, the feel of it reminded me so much now my father held me whenever I got sad. My eyes started tears over the emotions I was feeling I couldn’t control it, I knew who this way too I just couldn’t stop thinking of my father.
“I thought I was alone when my parent died, now I’m not.” Where the works that I heard him say, I realized
“Once Orochimaru is gone I’ll be the only thing that’s left of him? What would Kabuto do when that happens, will it be different?” Those were the words that I thought in my heard, Orochimaru noticed the light tears from my eyes when he looked at me and gently whipped them off with his finger. Which surprised me very much
“You’re not this nice without a reason?” where the words I said to him and he spoke right back to me
“It appears you do know me well, I’m impressed.” After that little chat Kabuto took me back into the room I woke up in and he left me alone, while I was sitting on the bed I started recording my log
“Lilah’s star log day fifteen, at least I think it is? Anyway I am now at Orochimaru’s hid out and you’re not going to believe it, but it turns out I’m related to the sick freak. By blood I can’t believe it either but that’s how I got here in this world, I mean I’m so board right now there’s nothing to read. If you’re an anime fan like me then you’d know what I’m talking about, However I did discover something when Orochimaru is gone I’ll be the only thing that’s left of him and that won’t be long.  From what I saw back there it’s almost time I just hope Sasuke breaks me out? Lilah sighing off.” I ended the log by turning off my phone and I lied on my back and sighed, when I closed my eyes I heard the door open and I said out loud
“I thought I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed?”
“You said that to Kabuo not me.” Was what the person said I quickly knew who it was, I know that voice anywhere. When I stood up I saw Sasuka at the opening of the door and I thought to myself
“No way Sasuka the real one, he’s even cooler in person than on TV or the manga book.” Then I questioned him
“Sasuka? Why are you here?” Of course he didn’t answer me, he just looked at me with a serious look on his face. I quickly realized what he wanted and I stood up and said to him
“So you’re going to kill him?” I was still talking to him when I got my book bag
“Knew you’d do it soon.” I walked past him and started walking down the hallway and I said two words to him
“Good luck.”  
“It took me thirty minutes or an hour to finally find the exit, it was so dark I was happy to see the sun light. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and pictured Celty’s bike again along with her suit and helmet, when I was picturing it I started running like last time. Black smoke started escaping with every step I took and I noticed my feet where started to hovering over the ground, when the black smoke increased. When I opened my eyes I started to look happy then more when the smoke turned into ooze and wrapped inside around my whole body except my head. The ooze looked familiar and it started forming a black suit a lot the one Celty wears, the smoke that was under me started forming into something. The smoke formed into none other than Celty’s bike shooter, and I was riding on it too.
“Alright I still got it.” Was what I said with joy more of the black ooze formed around my hair it was being held up by it and I was now wearing Celty’s helmet as well. When I went faster instead of a motor sound it made the sound just like it did in durarara the sound of a horse.”
“It only took me around an hour to get back, when I was just five miles from the Leaf Village I stopped the bike in place. When I got off it I took the helmet off and the bike started oozing black and vanished into thin air, as did the suit and helmet I was wearing and I was back to wearing my school uniform. While I was walking I started yelling out
“Hidan? Hidan it’s me Sasuka busted me out just like I told you.” I was surprised when I felt someone wrapped their arms around me from behind and there head leaning on my shoulder I didn’t look surprised when I realized who it was and I said
“You do know your losing your chakura and jutsu right?” The person that was hugging me was none other than Hidan and he said to me
“Yeah I know, I was about to go to the leaf village and tell them that you got abducted.” I barely laughed when he said that then I said to him again
“Hidan there’s something I need you to do for me?”
“What is it?” was the response I got from him and I continued speaking
“When the red sunset appears I need you to spread the word that Sasuka killed Orochimaru. Do that I’ll make you a Belgium chocolate cake.” When he started talking he picked me up and started walking
“I get the chocolate cake part, but what the hell is Belgium?” I sighed when I answered his question
“Belgium is a country in Europe, and none one in this country doesn’t know about the other continents either. No surprise there don’t worry I’ll teach you all the continents and different languages too, it’ll be quite useful.”


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