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Hellboy fanfiction
“Chapter 8.Secret Garden and Escape plan”
“Breaking out of this place won’t be easy, I need to be careful one false move could be the end?” Kroenen didn’t want me in any harm, though it won’t be easy to escape since my arm is still healing. And until my arm heals it looks like I have a while to plan my escape, for now I’ll accept Kroenen’s hospitality to me. He didn’t treat me like a prisoner or hostage in any matter, I was only locked in that room for a few hours. Before he unlocked the door I was still looking around I was happy that I wasn’t in a basement of someplace scary like I see in movies or TV shows, I was surprised that the room had a balcony so yeah I went out to see it. I had to Admit it was actually beautiful it wasn’t the only thing that was beautiful, under the balcony with a perfect large field I was also surprised to see how tall the building was it was twice the size of my house, it was old timey but in the good way it reminded me of a love scene in romance novels or in one of those old timey rick estates back around the early 19th century. I looked around the surrounded and saw that I was in the middle of nowhere, I don’t know if I’m still in the United States or not?
“Danica.” When I heard Kroenen’s voice from behind me it caused me to jolt in shock, I turned around and I was him standing in front of the entrance.
“I’m going to need to get use to Kroenen’s voice?” That’s what I thought to myself, then I saw him reach his hand out to me and he said
“I have something for you to see, I think you’ll love it?”  
“I’ll love it, just what is he up too this time?” I thought that when I saw his hand that was reaching to me and I continued thinking
“And if I don’t accept, I don’t want to imagine it?” I lifted my good arm to his hand, when I barely placed my hand in his I saw him grasping my fingers with his. I noticed that he was walking to me and he barely walked past me he let go of my hand and stood behind me, I was a little worried and confused at the same time then I ask him  
“Um Kroenen what are you doing?” Before I knew it he blind folded me, when he finished tying he placed both of his hands on my shoulders
“I said it was a surprise.”
“A surprise, blind folding is part of the surprise?” That’s what I thought right after he said that to me, I felt him taking my hand and he where started to walk, I heard the door open and he was leading me to what felt like a long hallway.
“Oh god what’s going to happen? What’s he going to do?” I couldn’t even begin what he’s planning, it could be anything? All I could think of what was going to happen, it felt like a while that he was leading me somewhere. When we stopped I heard him open a door that lead to the outside, I could hear the birds and feel the wind. Me and Kroenen walked for a while outside, it felt like we were walking through a labyrinth. When we stopped I asked him
“Kroenen just where are we?”
“Remember when you told me you wanted a garden?” that’s what he asked me and I said to him
“A garden? I think so back in middle school?”    
“I think you’ll be question surprised how much I remember Danica? I sort of made this entire place for you.” I was surprised when he said that to me, when we stopped walked he took off my blind fold. I barely rubbed my eyes with my hand a few times, I stopped rubbing my eyes and opened them. I was so surprised and shocked at what I was looking at, it felt like I was in the Secret Garden this one has more flowers and herbs planets in several different areas. Kroenen got every details right, when I was in middle school I used to garden with my mom on weekends we would plants some flowers and grow herbs in pots. I once told Kroenen I always wanted my own secret garden like the one in the book but with much more plants and some herbs, I didn’t imagine that he would actually pull it off? I walked past Kroenen and I was looking around at the flowers, while I was looking I heard him say to me.
“Danica I believe this was the secret garden you dreamed off?” I was surprised to see a bush of blue roses and I said
“No way blue roses? These can’t be real?” I heard Kroenen answer my question
“They are, I developed them and I developed these as well?” When I turned to look at him I was so surprised, what I saw in Kroenen’s hand was a single stem of a rainbow color rose. Then I saw him crotch down to my level and he held the rose in front of me.
“I think I made it clear that I don’t want you to suffer in anyway my dear, all I want is for you to be happy.” I almost took the rose from him, then his other hand quickly grabbed mine and he continued speaking to me
“Danica I love you so much, I promise I won’t leave your side this time. And even if you try to run away I’ll find you, and lock you up if I haft too. I don’t wat to let you go.” I was a little worried and scared at the same time when he said that to me, if I was going to escape I really had to think of a plain or pray that detective Stewart would find me.
“For now it looks like I’ll haft to play along with this, I can’t make any mistakes and I can’t forget he kidnapped me I haft to be strong.” That’s what I thought to myself when I looked at the rose Kroenen gave me, not long after that Kroenen showed me around the garden. I could tell he was working in it for quite sometime. I was surprised he took a lot of time effort in this garden, just for me it got me wondering if he was planning this for a while? Kroenen showed me that they were even rare flowers in this garden, and when he showed them to me I was almost shocked. Holy basic flowers, botany, Silene tomentosa, even ghost orchids and fuchsias. He even showed me where the herbs where, and they were the types of herbs I liked. Basil, rosemary, mint, thyme, he also told me there where medical herbs as well to help heal my arm and my other injuries. So I saw him pick the herbs, I couldn’t tell what he was picking. After he was done the put the herbs in one of his pockets and he led me back to the building, or house for all I know?”
“I was blind folded when I got outside, now that I wasn’t I got a chance to see some of the inside. Everything was well furnished a little old timey around the 19th century, it felt like I was stepping threw time. Though Kroenen was over hundred years old and a former opera singer, he does have good taste I’ll give him that. I couldn’t help but imagine what his real face looks like I know he won’t show it to me, if he is addicted to surgery I picture most of his body covered in scars including his face. I doubt he had any hair due to his so called perfection, and his FORMER MASTER I imagined him horrible and heartless. Someone that gave up there humanity and freedom, I actually felt sorry for anyone else that followed him in his footsteps. I quickly noticed Kroenen taking my good arm and leading me back to the room where I woke up at, when he opened the door and we both walked in he placed me on the bed and said to me.
“I have a few remedies to heal your arm, I trust you won’t try anything?” to my response I nodded yes two times, when I stopped he gently rubbed the top of my head a few times as soon as his stopped he barely tilted my head forward and I felt my forehead touching the flat part of his gas mask where his mouth was.
“That’s my good girl.”  
“Once that um awkward past, kroenen used the herbs he picked along with several other things to made type of scrub for my arm to heal. I didn’t want to argue so I let him untie my bandages and apply the medicine on my arm, I didn’t want to know what else he put in it felt warm and tingly. It’s crazy but it felt like it was actually working, like I said I’m not going to ask what else he put in it. I can tell he really wants my arm healed as much as I want it, and from what he told me he doesn’t want me badly hurt again. From the looks of it I’ll be trapped her for about a month at least, that should give me enough time for an escape plan. Now that I have more information on him it might help me out, knowing his background might be an advantage? At least that’s what I hope for?”
*season 2 episode 13*a bridge opens up in the Artic and optimus comes out it and it closes up from behind him he quickly turned around and pointed his gun at JJ and she was junketsu with her pendent on her neck still and ryuko’s blade case on her back  optimus
*Jewry?*he de activated his guns
*I thought you were with Arcee and bumblebee*JJ
*there fine without me*
*I kinda prefer being with you Sempi*Optimus barely smiled at her
*very well* they both stared walking JJ
*plus we’ve never really spend that much time together*she smiled
*when was the last time anyway*Optimus she jumps on optimus’s hand and he lifts it up and she sits on his shoulder Optimus
*I believe since you and I fought Silas*JJ
*damn that long we got to make a scheduler*Optimus barely rubbed the top of her head
*I couldn’t agree with you more*JJ leaned her head on him and she was barely blushing and smiled
*optimus sempi you make one hell of an older brother to me*
*meanwhile*dreadwing lifted starscream off the ground by holding onto his neck dreadwing
*do not try me traitor I will leave your lifeless husk in this frozen hast*he hears a noise and turned around to see optimus in his vehicle mood driving to them Dreadwing drops starscream to the ground and started walking forward and walked past two vehicon troopers
*you two guard the prisoner*optimus turned to his robot mood and JJ lands on the ground on her feet Dreadwing
*Optimus prime and the new primus I will only request only once that you surrender the relic*JJ
*funny we were going to say the same for you Dreadwing*Dreadwing
*then we are on equal footing not that there are five of us and two of you*starscream
*Six if you relieve me of these of these ridicules maniacs*JJ
*Bitch shut the hell up*Starscream looked terrified
*yes ma’am*optimus and dreadwing stared down at each other Dreadwing quickly got out his canon and started firing JJ was in front of optimus and a large ice wall quickly appeared in front of them and it shielded the shots the vehicons gun shots Dredwing stopped firing
*what but how?*the ice wall started shattering on the ground JJ
*you noticed the wall was more stronger, well don’t forgot this whole region is in my command* Dreadwing
*then show me, I want to fight you like you mean it*JJ barley grinned
*well alright then*on the upper part of the left sleeve is a blue metal band with three clasps and she closed them A large amount of light quickly surrounded her and the transformation was just like ryuko
*life fiber override Kamui Junketsu* the other vehicons where firing at optimus and he was firing at them while dodging there attacks JJ quickly dodged dreadwing’s sword she did a few flips and lands on the ground on her feet JJ
*getting serious are we*Dreadwing looked pissed off at her JJ
*from your expression on your face I think I know the reason why you want to fight me and not optimus*Dreadwing
*the prime and his scout hardly do anything*JJ quickly swung her blade and a ice dragon appears high up above her Dreadwing was looking up at it
*what is that*JJ
*Like I said before the ice and snow here is at my command, and I can now for it into anything I plus, plus the added bonus of my outfit*she turned her sword to the left and the ice dragon quickly comes at dreadwing and he quickly fires at it JJ a vehicon trooper was behind her and he pointed his gun at her JJ turned her head to him
*don’t damn well bother*she swings her sword again and a dozen ice dragons appear in the sky and two of them quickly came at the trooper and they both froze him JJ quickly blocked dreadwing’s sword with her own JJ smiled
*well aren’t you determined to kill me*she quickly pushed back and barely slid on the ground Dreadwing quickly moved his sword around then he comes at her optimus quickly got in front of JJ and blocked dreadwing sword with his blade JJ
*Sempi*Optimus pushed down dreadwing’s sword to the ground the Dreadwing punched optimus and he took a few steps backwards JJ turned around to see that they were near the end of a cliff Dreadwing quickly puts away his sword and charges at optimus and they both fell down the cliff JJ yelled when she looked down the cliff
*Optimus Sempi*when dreadwing and optimus crashed to the ground they both continued fighting JJ quickly got out her iphone and started recording the fight
*this is getting pretty damn cool*dreadwing punch optimus to the ground and he turned to dreadwing that almost got out his sword optimus quickly activated his gun and fired at the ice wall behind dreadwing JJ
*ah oh*Dreadwing
*you aim is pore*optimus
*this is the matter of perspective*JJ quickly jumped down and optimus caught her JJ
*thanks Big Bro*the ice started collapsing and both optimus and dreadwing started running and the ice barriers dreadwing and optimus shielded JJ when the snow came down at them the two vehicon that where with starscream started walking down and they stopped starscream
*a stale mate would leads up where*one of the troopers
*commander Dreadwing*optimus and JJ appeared in the fog the trooper quickly fired at them optimus got out his guns and started firing JJ quickly started running while holding her sword in her hand and she jumped high up in the air JJ quickly swung her blade again a ice dragon appears high up above her and quickly come at the trooper and he quickly dodged it when the ice dragon shattered at the ground Starscream quickly grabbed the other vehicons arms and tried to stop him the other vehicon turned around and fired at starscream then he used the other vehicon as a shield from the shot JJ quickly sliced the troopers head off and he fell on the ground and he swings her sword removing the energon blood off it and her eyes turned back to their normal color starscream dropped the vehicon was used to the ground and he started walking to JJ
*what a team we make I am so glad you two prevailed that retch deadwing was going to terminate me*
*now if you could just remove bonds I can lead you two straight to the relic*JJ pointed the tip of her blade at his face
*you’ll lead up there regardless*Starscream
*hm your welcome*JJ
*shut the hell up and get your damn ass moving*starscream started walking JJ jumps on optimus hand and he lifts it up and she sits on his shoulder and he started following starscream with his gun pointed at him starscream in his head
*master you know could tone the language down*JJ in her head
*come now starscream you should be used to my language already*
*you two be reasonable this cold with freeze both mine and optimus actuators*Optimus
*a current temperatures are not extreme even enough to affect our biology you’ll be fine*Starscream
*fine but miserable I cannot believe you both would take out alliances for granted after all I have done for the autobots helping to restore your memories saving arcee’s life*JJ
*that’s all in the past and while you’ve proved yourself to the autobots and myself it’s only been to firth your inters*Starscream
*we all cant be as selfless and you and optimus can we*JJ
*Oh no, no I’m not much like my older brother*Starscream
*Brother?*he looked surprised JJ
*optimus is descended from primus, and I am technically him after all*
*later on*they stopped at a ridge starscream
*ah as I suspected humans*the see a facility Starscream
*we will find the relic here*
*so let us reclaim what is rightful ours*JJ’s voice
*hold it*JJ jumps down to the ground
*you and optimus can’t simply enter a facility so search to cybertronian relic*starscream
*not even if they stole it *optimus
*Jewry is right we cant not expose innocent humans to dangerous decepticons*Starscream sighs optimus
*Rapheal has Agent Fowler regained contriteness*JJ
*I’m thinking yes right about now*
*at the autobot base* fowler
*I’m here prime what’s your situation* optimus’s voice
*I require access to a research facility in my current coordinates *Fowler’s voice at optimus’s location
*let me make a call*Starscream looked upset JJ
*you brought this on yourself dude*
*meanwhile*dreadwing blasted his way out under the ice and snow and he climbed out when he started walked he saw his troopers off line on the ground and he puts his canon away then he grabs his sword off the ground and saw a train in the snow he quickly turned to his flight mood and flow off
*meanwhile*starscream was walking a bit
*are we really going to wait out here in the freezing cold completely at the mercy of human broncos *JJ was drinking a cup of hot chocolate while sitting on optimus’s shoulder
*yeah pretty much*starscream
*wait what is that*JJ
*what’s what*Starscream
*that in your hands*JJ
*hot chocolate I need something to warm me out*Starscream
*but how did you get that*JJ
*I packed a few things in optimus just in case I know it doesn’t mind me pulling stuff in his trunk* she drinks her hot chocolate again the all hear choppers starscream turned around and choppers where flying off Fowler’s voice
*base is clear prime try not to wreck the joint*optimus and starscream started walking Optimus
*many thanks agent fowler*when they arrived there optimus opened the garage and JJ lands on the ground and started walking to the ice and both optimus and starscream walk behind and she JJ stopped in front of it optimus
*the relic remains sealed in the ice*Dreadwing’s voice
*I know you were in questionable honor starscream*all three of them turned around to see dreadwing holding his canon Dreadwing
*but aiding the autobots is a capital offence*starscream
*what but I left tracks for you on purpose so you can rescue me from my captors*optimus took a few steps forward
*deadwing I cannot allow you to leave with this relic*JJ got out her blade
*I second that*Dreadwing
*I know that but I do not intend to give you two a choice*he fired at them JJ quickly moved her hand up and a giant ice wall quickly appeared and shielded them  optimus quickly charged at dreadwing and they both fell on the ground JJ to starscream
*just like last time go**Starscream
*master you don’t haft to remind me of your orders*JJ started walking off
*perfect*then she started running Dreadwing was trying to strangle optimus from behind him JJ quickly kicked dreadwing across his face and he fell on the ground dreadwing quickly got up and pressed a button on his remote and a bomb activated on optimus and he quickly threw it off him and ran off with JJ when he did the bomb exploded optimus was on the ground and JJ quickly got up and dreadwing’s sword was in front of her dreadwing and he almost swinged it and a crash came from behind him starscream lands on the ground wearing the ec-pegs armor and he stood up optimus
*the ec-pegs armor*Starscream
*a perfect fit*dreadwing pointed his sword at him
*you dare to claim what rightful belongs to lord Megatron*starscream
*and what do you do to do about it commander*dreadwing quickly come at him and swung his sword at him starscream barely dusted the dirt off him and punch dreadwing to the ground starscream
*not so big and strong now are you*
*I haven't had this much since I punched that hole in cliffjumper*he reaches for a bulldozed
*allow me to reunite you with your beloved twin*optimus comes from behind him and him starscream drops the bulldozed it stands to land to dreadwing and he quickly gets away from it the bulldozed goes into pieces and steps back a few Starscream trying to pin down optimus starcream
*and you optimus prime I will beat the living spark out of you*
*just so that I never again haft to with your participating*he throws him and Prime his the cart containers starscream heard a freezing sound he looked under his feet and saw his lower body started freezing up JJ had one hand on the ground
*I think you need to chill out*his whole body quickly froze and JJ stood up JJ ran to optimus
*Sempi*she got t his level
*optimus are you alright*optimus stood up
*don’t worry I’m alright* they both heard ice shattering JJ turned around starscream threw dreadwing near optimus and JJ and he got up JJ
*I’m surprised that armor is really something*she quickly saw a few dents in the armor and a small crash in the face window shield JJ
*or maybe not*optimus
*dreadwing our battle remains unfinished*
*but if we do not unite agenized our camion fowl*Dreadwing
*Starscream with destroy use both*Dreadwing
*I will draw his attraction*JJ
*and I'll help you out with it*he nods yes then he gives optimus one of his bombs dreadwing transforms he flies in the air he comes back and fires at starscream JJ punches him in the face some more she punches from left to right to right from left she gets out of the way when dreadwing fired again he comes back down in robot mood Starscream
*might beats flight*optimus hits him from behind putting the bomb on his back starscream pushes him off dreadwing grins starscream walks to prime Dreadwings voice
*you shall be the one to join with the allspark*starscream turns to him Dreadwing activates the bomb on his back starscream gasps then
*it’s not over yet boys*the smock clears up starscreams laughs not a scratch on him
*that tike led*then laughs again
*not only I am intelligent*
*I am invincible*JJ
*but yet you cannot fly* starscream turn to her
*nobody's perfect*dreadwing look at his activation bomb devise Starscream in front of her
*now tell me of the other three relics your ladyship*
*are they as powerful as my shinny new armor*JJ steps back
*they were hidden from crazed bastered like you*she dodges his punches Dreadwing
*he is far too powerful fall back*she jumps high in the air and lands next to him optimus along side as well starscream
*you will not escape my might*
*wait you three are up to something*dreadwing presses a button on his remote from the ground where starscream stood bomb activated from beneath him the three of then ran off then the explosion came starscream fell through the deep hole and into the ice sea from below JJ looks down in it
*damn that's one deep hole*she turned around to see dreadwing had his sword in his hand
*now that our alliance has served it's preppies*optimus
*starscream is gone with the ec-pics armor with him*he gets his sword out
*is there a reason to renew battle when the goal has been lost*Dreadwing
*my battle is with the girl not you prime*JJ stood near optimus
*I bore Skyquake no malaise and I somewhat regret played in his demise *optimus put away his sword and deactivate his face plate
*So we appeal to you I once did with your twin*
*turn you back on the decepticon coos*
*and help me end this war*
*for his sake and for those who have fallen*dreadwing puts his sword away
*you both saved my life today*he walked past optimus and JJ
*I will terminate the both of you the next time we meet*he transforms and flies off in the aurora optimus
*so be it dreadwing*JJ’s voice
*don’t worry he’ll change his mind soon*Optimus looked at her and JJ reverted back to junketsu’s old form
*his life span, he doesn’t have much time left*Optimus barely looked surprised JJ looked at him
*I can see why you respect him, can’t say I blame you*
*season 2 episode 14*
*somewhere in a forest*JJ wore a Sweet Chiffon Bow Gothic Striped Mousita Lolita with her pendent on her neck still along with gothic like boots and long socks she was eating a rice cake while sitting on the jack hammer Wheeljack was leaning on his ship while tossing a grenade in his hand Wheeljack
*so when’s the Doc coming*JJ
*any minute hold your damn souse*Wheeljack
*whatever you say sweetheart*JJ sighs a ground bridge opened up and ratchet came out JJ
*told you he come*the ground bridge closed up Ratchet
*Jewry I thought you were with Arcee and bumblebee?*JJ
*I put Arcee encharge*Wheeljack to ratchet
*so the boss thought you needed back up huh*Ratchet
*if you must know optimus feels that you strongly need supervision*he started walked off wheeljack
*I’ll be sure to be on my best behavior Doc*Ratchet stops
*please don’t call me Doc *Wheeljack
*whatever you say sunshine*JJ barely laughed
*Minutes later*the jack hammer flew off in the sky Wheeljack was piloting while ratchet was sitting next to him and JJ sitting next to ratchet Wheeljack
*so all of team prime busy chasing down these four I-acon relic *Ratchet
*the four that are currently in play*wheeljack
*there’s more*JJ
*megatron possesses the entire I-acon data bank we don’t know how many there are*Ratchet
*or decepticon weapons of mass destruction it contains*wheeljack
*no worries Doc I got both your backs*Ratchet
*my name is not Doc and I do not require anyone watching my back I proved my medal during the war of cybertron*JJ
*and proved myself my kicking megatron’s fat ass a couple of times*Wheeljack
*well I’m lucky you two are here for the ride*was looking at his monitor
*cause we got a bogy on our tail*from outside soundwave in his flight mood was right behind them JJ was looking at the monitor
*megatron’s communications chef*JJ
*thought this would happen, looks like soundwave is heading to the same coordinates*
*careful Soundwave is pretty touch*the ship stared rocking back and forward outside soundwave was firing at them Wheeljack
*you two might want to grab onto something*the ship started to go up JJ was holding onto Ratchet while he was holding onto his set Ratchet
*are you trying to send us to the scrap yard*JJ covered her mouth and barely turned green the ship quickly flew behind soundwave JJ gulped and sighs
*that was disgusting*wheeljack started firing at soundwave the jack hammer follows soundwave and he flew to the left and so did the jack hammer soundwave flew high up in the air and so did the jack hammer and it was still firing at him while the jack hammer was still firing soundwave released laserbeak and the jack hammer dodged it Wheeljack
*what’s that*Ratchet
*soundwave’s surveillance drone laserbeak*JJ’s eyes quickly turned glowing light green laser was in front of the jack hammer Wheeljack
*the hunter becomes the hunted*Ratchet
*this is no time to be hot-dogging*JJ
*ha that’s a laugh*her eyes turned back to their normal color when wheeljack was still firing at lasrebeak then laserbeak disappeared off the screen Ratchet
*he’s gone*JJ
*I wouldn’t be so certain about that*laserbeak quickly popped out JJ took over the control and punched wheeljack to the ground
*move it*Wheeljack
*like you know how to work this thing*JJ started firing at laserbeak Wheeljack
*ok maybe you do*JJ smiled
*there no different from simulations at conventions*she turned the control and the jack hammer spanned once around and ratchet barely screamed JJ to wheeljack
*alright you take over Ratchet can’t handle it*Wheeljack took back the control Wheeljack
*you’ve got skills kid*JJ
*years of practice bitch years of practice*the jack hammer dived down when the clouds cleared up they where heading into a mountain ratchet started screaming the jack hammer lifted itself up and flew across the mountain  then it flew back up in the sky and wheeljack started firing at laserbeak again Ratchet
*what are you doing?*JJ
*what do you think he’s doing*laserbeak started charging at them while it was shooting at them Ratchet
*wheeljack*he didn’t listen to him Ratchet
*wheeljack*Laserbeak flew past them the jack hammer turned around and was locked onto laserbeak wheeljack fired at him and the shots hits laserbeak’s wing and it started falling to the ground Wheeljack
*chock on that con*Ratchet
*you did it*JJ
*I wouldn’t be so certain*she crossed her arms
*brass for impacted boys*Laserbeak fired at the ship and it started going down JJ
*told ya*the jack hammer crashed into the ground JJ fell the ground outside ratchet got out of the ship
* Jewry you knew this would happen*JJ
*I did a little digging when I got trapped on the war ship*she was holding a panda flash drive
*and I did my own digging when I went with the kids*she puts the drive back in her pocket
*haven’t looks in it yet but I will*wheeljack was looking at the jack hammer
*ah right thruster is fried*Ratchet
*if you had persuaded soundwave as I instructed*Wheeljack
*his little birdie would still be peaking at our tail piles*JJ
*will you two stop arguing we still need to look for the relic*
*and knowing soundwave he’s heading there right now*Wheeljack walks past her
*the jack hammer isn’t going anywhere if you two want to catch that con we need to roll*he stops then he started walking Ratchet
*make up your mind are we walking or are we driving*JJ walks past him wheeljack got out his twin blades when he walked over to laserbeak JJ
*I would be careful laserbeak is the eyes and ears of soundwave*wheeljack flips laserbeak up with his sword wheeljack
*not anymore it isn’t*JJ was looking at laserbeak and was near it
*Ratchet can you scan laserbeak*Ratchet got out his scanner
*operating system appears functional but off line*JJ
*hm the crash must of damaged it’s optic and radio receptors*she touched laserbeak’s wing wheeljack
*looks like someone is going to need a new snitch*JJ
*only a miner victory*she stood up Ratchet
*and one we are here not to achieve* wheeljack
*hang on there Doc*Ratchet turned around wheeljack was tossing her grenade in his hand
*situations like this call for an old wrecker trick*Ratchet
*I’m not sure I follow*wheeljack
*sooner or later soundwave gonna come looking for his pet we let him reunite return to base*
*pace in a life grenade in it first time wave reaches inside hits the bin and cerboom*JJ grins while looking at laserbeak and spoke like grell
*why plant a mere insentient bomb*she turned to them
*when we could plant a more devastating bomb*
*a viruses*she looked at laserbeak again
*engineered to pass onto laserbeak to soundwave*ratchet looked a little impressed JJ
*this much I know since Orin isn’t part of the decepticons anymore soundwave is the only other decepticon I know that can decode the i-acon data base*Ratchet walked up to laserbeak
*and by planting the virus*his hand turned to a torch and opened the front of laserbeak
*giving us access to the decepticon main frame*he deactivated his torch JJ
*where it will transmit the contents of the entire i-acon data bank to you guys*
*not a bad if I do say so myself Ratchet *wheeljack
*sounds complicated I thought we were in a hurry*Ratchet
*optimus would agree risking the loss of one relic to gain the rest is a worthwhile gamble*Wheeljack
*you really have the chops to pull off the kind of programming*Ratchet turned to JJ
*I didn’t bring my laptop it’s back at the base I can’t do the programming without it*
*at the autobot base*Raph was at his laptop Ratchet on his laptop
*Raphael we have a situation if you could write a sores code a virus my scanner will transmit to cybertronian scrip as it up loads*raph
*I can do it but if we want to keep the virus hidden from the cons we need a decoy you know like a second virus*Ratchet turned to wheeljack
*so something less complicated *Wheeljack
*a decay as in we want them to find it but it doesn’t blow*JJ
*quite right*Wheeljack was holding his grenade
*seems like a waste of a perfectly good grenade*he tossed it to ratchet and he caught it then he opened the capsule and placed it in laserbeak Raph at the base Raph
*wait a minute a grenade inside of laserbeak inside of soundwave like a terducket*Ratchet’s voice
*I’m sorry*JJ still near laserbeak and spoke like grell
*I’ve had it one it’s a turkey stuffed with a duck with…never mind*wheeljack stared walking off ratchet
*and where are you off too*Wheeljack stopped
*by you some time and who knows maybe to pick up a relic*he turned to his vehicle mood and his door opened
*you coming along*JJ walked to him
*sure what the hell this could be fun*she get in
*nice vehicle mood by the way*wheeljack
*thanks*he shuts the door then quickly drove off
*meanwhile*soundwave dug out the relic wheeljack jumped off the cliff and turned to his robot mood and he lands on the ground JJ did a few flips in the air and drew out her black sword she lands on the ground on her feet she pointed her weapon at soundwave
*you drop something hon*soundwave looked down to see the relic on the ground Wheeljack
*this should be fun*JJ
*agreed*her eyes turned blood red
*payback time*wheeljack quickly came at soundwave and he dodged his attacks JJ jumped off wheeljack’s shoulder and she quickly kicked soundwave across his face and he crashed to the ground Wheejack saw that the part of soundwave’s face was kicked turned to stone and it barely cracked JJ lands on the ground wheeljack whistled once wheeljack quickly ran  at soundwave again soundwave pushes wheeljack to the edge soundwave was holding wheeljack’s sword with his cords then JJ kicks him on his face soundwave steps back JJ jumps off him and lands on the ground then stands up JJ
*what is it* JJ pieced her blade on the ground
*you might want to get to a safe distance*JJ took a deep breath when she opened her mouth a very powerful shockwave quickly came wheeljack was covering his ears and barely looked in pain Soundwave fell on his knees and tried to get up JJ stopped and relaxed JJ
*what are you waiting for wheeljack* she gets out of the way when wheeljack head butts him soundwaves face plain cracks Wheeljack
*There I go again shattering expectations*
*Raphael I've jacked into lazerbeak's uplink transmitter when you are ready I will bring its operating back online in order to receive the transfer*
*Meanwhile*  Wheeljack fires at soundwave Soundwave dodges a few of them till wheeljack pushes both him and soundwave off the ledge and they both hit the ground JJ up on the ledge
*Wheeljack*he gets up
*don't worry about me I'm fine* he points his gun at soundwave on the ground
*any last words?* Soundwave didn't answer Wheeljack
*right silent type*JJ yells
*Behind you!*soundwave activates the residents blaster and releases sonic waves Wheeljacks's audio's go haywire  and falls on the ground his face plate comes off
*Ratchet the viruses as been coded commencing upload*the computer starts uploading
*back to Ratchet*
Ratchet checks the reading then lazerbeak starts to come back online Ratchet tries to hold him down
*meanwhile* JJ quickly jumps off the ledge and stands right in front of wheeljack when he fell on the ground he looks up
*Jewry what are you doing*JJ turned her head to wheeljack
*protecting your ass that’s what I’m doing*she looked back at soundwave and was holding her sword with one hand
*well what are you waiting for soundwave use it again*he just stood there JJ
*what's the matter you going to fire that thing or not*Soundwave quickly grabbed JJ in his hand and she dropped her weapon she struggled to get free JJ
*what the hell is your problem let me go*then soundwave's tracking systems come back online and looks at the right from the distance JJ looked surprised and he drops JJ and she fell on the ground
*meanwhile* Ratchet still trying to hold laserbeak down
*Raphael what is our progress*Raph looks at his laptop
*fifty percent*Ratchet pushes down harder Wheeljack comlinks to him
*doc *Ratchet
*Wheeljack I told you not to call me that*Wheeljack
*I'm sorry*Ratchet looks serious
*what's wrong where are you?*Wheeljack
*uh I figure you got ah two minutes*the comlink ends Ratchet looks out in the distance and sees Soundwave heading to his direction Ratchet
*or less*
*Meanwhile* JJ got up and turned around her eyes turned back to their normal color and she turned around
*Ratchet*Ratchet quickly came up to them and turned to his robot mood Ratchet
*what’s his concision* JJ
*soundwave blasted him with some kind of sound blaster and it knocked wheeljack out cold*Ratchet helped wheeljack up and he opened his optics wheeljack
*just resting my optic*he held his head
*and my audio receptors*JJ
*boy am I glad to know that you’re alive*
*listen wheeljack there’s something you should know*Wheeljack
*what’s that*JJ quickly bit into his neck and his cybertronian seal appeared and his optics turned blood red JJ lets go of his neck and she looked at him
*do you remember me now?*Wheeljack
*I do, I remember*his optics turned back to their normal color and the symbol on his neck vanished
*minutes later*Ratchet wheeljack where driving to the jack hammer Ratchet
*Raphael send a ground bridge*both ratchet ad wheeljack turned to their robot mood JJ lands on the ground Ratchet
*I still advise you return to base you require a tremor examination*wheeljack was looking at his ship
*the only thing I require right now is some hole silent*
*trust me the jack hammer here is in more need of repairs than me*Ratchet
*listen wheeljack I want to thank you for your back up*wheeljack started repairing his ship
*yep*a ground bridge opened up JJ spoke like grell
*we should get going*she started walking to the bridge and ratchet followed her Wheeljack
*see ya around Ratchet*JJ and ratchet went through the bridge and it closed up and they both appeared back at the autobot base Raph at the monitor
*Ratchet come here*ratchet looked up at the monitor Ratchet
*the i-acon data base*Raph
*it’s downloading into our main frame*ratchet laughed and stopped
*Raphael you are a genius*JJ looked at iphone and walked out of the room
*I got to take this real quick*
* season 2 episode 15*a bridge opened up at the equator and bulkhead came out it and it closed up from behind him
*whoa smells worse than the deepticon baric*JJ’s voice
*of course you would know that bulkhead*bulkhead turned around JJ smiled at him Bulkhead
*Jewry I don’t understand you where just with bumblebee and Arcee*JJ walked past him
*come on even you need back up and besides the kids will be alright*Bulkhead followed her
*if you say so Jewry*
*so how did you get here before me anyway*JJ smiled Bulhead
*you used that card didn’t you*JJ nods yes once Bulkhead looked around
*fine place to hid a relic*JJ
* yeah no kidding*Bulkhead
*base I can’t find any sign of the relic*
*are you reconfirm coordinates*
*at the autobot base*raph was at his laptop
*triangulating coordinates bulkhead*
*your at the correct location*Fowler walked down the steps past Raph Fowler
*need coffee*Bulkhead climbed up a ridge and stood up Bulkhead
*well the coordinates are wrong cause there’s nothing here*JJ
*I wouldn’t be so certain bulkhead*
*this area is perfect for hiding a relic*Bulkhead
*maybe your right*they both quickly heard something Bulkhead
*something’s going*JJ quickly got out ryuko’s scissor blade
*and it’s coming our way*bulkhead quickly turned around and started firing Hardshell quickly charged at him and he quickly flew off JJ
*bulkhead*Bulkhead was still firing at hardshell he turned to his robot mood and threw bulkhead to the ground Hardshell lands on the ground and charged at bulkhead JJ quickly block Hardshell’s hand with her weapon JJ punched hardshell in his face and he fell on the ground on his back Bulkhead got up and activated is wrecking ball
*leave it to megatron to send a bug to do his dirty work*Hardshell quickly got up
*you know a thing or two about dirty work yourself wrecker*Bulkhead
*do I know you?*Hardshell
*I know your kind as I have crushed a few wreckers in my time*Bulkhead
*funny thing about bugs your size they make a bigger mess when I smash them*he quickly came at Hardshell and started punching him across his face Hardshell grabbed bulkheads wrecking ball and he almost stabbed him through his chest JJ’s weapon blocked him again and she slashed hardshells chest and he crashed into a bolder JJ lands on the ground
*you hurt bulkhead*Bulkhead
*na I’m fine*Hardshell quickly punched bulkhead across his face and he fell on the ground JJ turned around
*Bulkhead*she looked shocked she looked down hardshell’s fingers where pierced threw her back and out her chest and blood came out her mouth hardshell quickly took his hand back JJ fell on her knees and held her chest and started coughing and blood dripped on the ground Hardshell
*hard to believe that Primus chose to be in a human body* JJ quickly dodged Hardshells hand and it chased to the ground JJ was catching her breath holding her chest still with her arm and blood was still falling to the ground Hardshell quickly came at her bulkhead quickly punched hardshell a few times and one of the entwine on his face chipped off and fell on the ground and hardshell fell on the ground Bulkhead whipped off the energon from his mouth and quickly ran up to JJ
*Jewry*JJ looked up
*dont worry it’ll heal*she looked ahead
*I think we should start looking in that direction*Bulkhead turned to his vehicle mood and opened the passenger’s set
*get in it’ll to harder for you if we walked * JJ got in and bulkhead drove off JJ was leaving on the set and she was still holding her wounds Bulkhead
*you sure your alright*JJ
*I’ve been through worse and you know it*Bulkhead
*Raph I have a beat on the relic*Fowler’s voice
*Raph’s busy I’ll take it from here*Bulkhead
*Fowler how was your beauty sleep*Fowler’s voice
*fine I’ve dreamt I finally got a little respect from ya*Bulkhead
*keep dreaming*Fowler’s voice
*what’s your static?*Bulkhead
*come up empty with the coordinates but I figured an old lava flowed the relic downhill*Fowler’s voice
*wouldn’t it just burn it up*Bulkhead
*these things survived interstellar transports I’m sure they can withstand*
*oh scrap*fowler’s voice
*what is it*Bulkhead
*I’m leaving energon that insecticon hit me hard*JJ
*yeah no kidding*Fowler’s voice
*is that Jewry*Bulkhead
*anyway probably knocked the gasket lose it’s nothing trust me he’s in way worse shape than I am*JJ coughed and looked a little pissed off Bulkhead
*oh right then there’s Jewry here*JJ
*thanks*she looked at her wound and it healed up
*see didn’t I tell you that it would deal*Bulkhead drove past the relic then he stopped JJ got out and bulkhead turned to his robot mood JJ
*looks like we found the relic*Bulkhead started walking to it
*looks like we did*bulkhead tried to opened the lid when it popped out bulkhead fell on the ground on his back JJ barely laughed bulkhead stood up
*got the lid off*Bulkhead got up and walked to the container JJ
*that you did*bulkhead looked inside the container
*ah oh*
*base we have problem*Fowler’s voice
*bulkhead what is it*Bulkhead
*we found the relic it’s a cash of energon*he started stepping backwards Fowler’s voice
*that’s good right*Bulkhead was still backing away
*no no no not this kind it’s known as toxen causes nausea and dizziness among contacted for long espouser it weakens us to the point of paralyses and then it snuffs out our sparks*Fowler’s voice
*well what are you doing talking to me for get away from that toxen pronto*
*if it’s as deadly as you say the cons won’t want to either*JJ
*no Megatron will only want it more*
*during the war for cybertron megatron find a way to recon toxen turn it into a weapon of mass destruction*Bulkhead
*and there’s no way I’m letting the decepticons to find and abuse*Fowler at the base Fowler
*bring it back here*
*Raph open a ground bridge*Bulkhead at the sight
*forget it even if we have a safe place to store it this stuff is way too polite exposing to the rest of us*JJ turned around
*I’m going to need to take care of this*he holds a grenade in his hand
*wrecker style* JJ
*Bulkhead there’s something you need to know something series*Bulkhead
*what is it?*JJ barely looked upset
*later*Bulkhead finally reaches the volcano holding the tox-en in his hand the volcano was not active but lava cracks opened
*I'm…almost there*JJ
*just a few more feet*he starts walking Fowler at the base
*that's right solder dump that rock and come on home*his phone rings and he anwers it
*miko what is it? What in the sam hill I'm in the middle of a crisis and you want me too*
*uh hm put him on the line*bulkhead walks through the volcanic rocks Hardshell's voice
*wrecker*then he comes down and changes to his robot mood
*put down the rock and allow us to put you out of your misery*another inseticon comes in then another JJ
*misery huh*
*funny I was going to say the same thing to you*she glared at bulkhead
*Bulkhead are you sure you want to do this I told you what will happen*Bulkhead
*I’ll take my chances it wont be your fault*JJ
*you handle him*the two inseticon come at then JJ
*I'll handle the other two*Bulkhead runs to hardshell
*fair enough*JJ dodges the hits from the cons
*that all you boys got?*she jumps in the air
*I thought this would be a challenge?*then comes down at one of them
*guess I was wrong*JJ quickly puts both of her hands together in front of her multiple amounts of ice shards appeared in front of her
*Weiss Schnabel*the ice shards quickly shot at the insecticon and was hit by the shards and crashed on the ground other inseticon comes at her from behinds in his inset mood and without looking and hits him in the face from behind and he steps back then falls on the ground on his back bulkhead comes up to him and puts the Tox-en on him
*hold this*he walks off Bulkhead to JJ
*you want in*JJ sitting on the dead inseticon body
*it's not my battle between you and him*
*this fight is all yours bulk* Fowler at the base
*Mr. Vulvae this is special agent William Faller from the United States government you here by deputizes as an ornery of then um… interstellar relations*he hangs up then phone and contacts Bulkhead
*Bulkhead you still with me?*
*At the volcano*Bulkhead
*I'm in the scrap and you put me on hold*Fowler’s voice
*I want you to know Miko safe mission accomplished*Bulkhead
*that's my girl*he comes at hardshell and punches him again and again the inseticon that had the Tox-en on him removes it off his body JJ gets up
*oh man*Hardshell
*stay down contact the war ship tell them to set a containment unit*bulkhead almost hits him but Hardshell hits him and he drops on the ground JJ
*bulkhead*she looks mad Bulkhead gets up holding his head everything looked blurry to him hardshell comes up to him JJ sees the Tox-en on the ground Hardshell almost pulverizes him JJ punches him in the jaw and he falls next to the Tox-en JJ holds him down
*you want I taste of this*
*DO YOU*hardshell finally gets up JJ blasts him with her fire shoving him to an open lave pit
*Bulkhead the Tox-en*Bulkhead
*right*Bulkhead picks it up and throws it to him
*catch*it hits hardshell's chest and he falls in the pit JJ stops her fire and looks down at the pit sees that the Tox-en was destroyed and she turns to him
*we need to get going right now*he smiles and turns around
*Fowler mission accomplished…..but you may half to*he shacks his head
*tuck me in*Fowler at the base
*Raph open the bridge now*Raph activates the bridge on his laptop the ground bridge open where he was JJ walks next to him to the bridge she looked worried Hardshell’s hand crawls out of the pit and his whole body as well Bulkhead turns his head to her
*Don't worry Jewry I’ll be*he sees a blaster shot fired to her
*in slow motion*Bulkhead picks up JJ quickly and stakes the shot instead of him*normal motion*they both went through the bridge
*at autobot base* JJ looked at iphone and walked out of the room
*I got to take this*when JJ left the room bulkhead comes through on the ground*Ratchet
*prime universe season 2 episode 10*Bulkhead came too when he stood up he held his head
*oh my head gasket* he quickly realized
*what the* bulkhead jumped to the ground
*the cons war ship*he started to back up then quickly turned around to see a small port hole in the ground that was above the sky bulkhead
*Ratchet don’t ask how I go here long story*
*Ratchet you copy*
*scrap*the door opened to the energon storage unit bulkhead looked around when he walked out
*stealthy stealthy*he hears footsteps come too him when he turned back around to the energon storage room the door shuts itself when the vehicon troops walked by bulkhead was hiding behind a pillared he started walking backwards and bumped into starscream they both quickly turned around and they pointed their weapons at each other Bulkhead
*why is it that every time I return to my old stomping grounds I find an autobot rooming the halls*Bulkhead
*don’t tell me you came crawling back to megatron*starscream
* hardly now out of my way*Bulkhead
*scream you got to show me the way off this boat*starscream
*sorry to busy*Bulkhead
*look when you needed help*starscream
*as I recall we bartered so unless you have anything of value to offer me step aside*Bulkhead looked serious
*the exit now*Starscream
*I may have given Arcee a free pass when she and I last met*he quickly clawed bulkhead’s chest starsceam
*but I won’t hesitate to endure you as I did a certain cliffjumper*
*minutes ago* JJ was wearing the male uniform from ouran high school host club and she still had her pendent on her neck and she was in the deception’s vents and she had her I pad in her hand and saw the starscream clones on the screen one of the clones
* spread out keep to the shadows*
*any one of use is a instant target on this war ship*anther one
*but to be seen together would sacrifice the aliment of surprise*then another one
*whoever manages to find megatron first report your position* they all went in different directions JJ spoke on her iphone
*starscream your clones just separated, oh looks like one of them is about to get his ass kicked my bulkhead*starscream’s voice in the phone
*What’s that autobot doing there*JJ
*oh I rigged his tracking signal to one of megatron’s digging mines*
*got to go talk to you in a little bit got insecticons to murder*she hangs up her phone
*meanwhile* the incesticons fire at the autobots JJ quickly appeared and kicked one of the insecticons across his face and he fell on the ground JJ she quickly pointed her hand in front of her and a large blazered appeared and froze about a dozen insecticons
*Sorry I’m a little late*JJ turned around and quickly quickly puts both of her hands together in front of her multiple amounts of ice shards appeared in front of her
*Weiss Schnabel*the ice shards quickly shot at several insecticons and it pieces threw there armor and they fell on the ground Bee thanks her JJ
*come on you guys I’m always there for ya*she looked around
*where’s arcee*Optimus
*my guess is that she went after for Airachnid*JJ turned to optimus
*Sempi may I*Optimus
*if that is what you want to do*JJ smiled at him
*thank*she quickly ran off
*meanwhile*Arcee was dodging Airachnid’s blasts and Arcee hit behind one of the pods and the firing stopped Arcee’s arms quickly formed a massive amount of smoke and she looked series
*I’ve been waiting to use THIS agenized you*Airachnid
*when did you learn how to do that*she quickly dodged the smoke Arcee
* I signed a contract with Jewry, so now I have some of her powers*Airachnid
*you did what?*Arcee
*you can’t arm what you can’t touch*Airachnid quickly threw a punch at arcee and her hit went through arcee’s face like hitting smoke Airachnid
*what*Arcee quickly kicked her across her face and she crashed to the ground Arcee’s smoke quickly surrounded Airachnid and it quickly threw her to the open stasis pod and the smoke vanishedand the pod activated Airachnid
*no*the pod quickly activated an one of her spider legs fell on the ground and Airachnid went into stasis Arcee
*so what now commander Jewry*JJ
*well you won’t like it*
*at autobot base* Airachnid’s pod was in the main room Arcee to JJ
*do we really haft to bring Airachnid back with us*JJ
*I didn’t want to take any chances*Ratchet
*Stasis she deserves worse*Arcee
*by intended worse more times than you know*Optimus
*you are stronger than the choice you make*Arcee
*it was Jewry’s idea not mine optimus*the all heard honking bulkhead quickly came in the base and turned to his robot mood bulkhead
*you guys you not going to believe the day I had*he saw Airachnid in a pod bulkhead
*you too huh*JJ got out a segregate and light it
*yep pretty much*she blew out smoke in her mouth Ratchet
*I thought we agreed on the smoking in the base*JJ
*I haven’t had a smoke in two weeks cut me some damn slack*
*meanwhile at starscream’s base*starscream’s clone come in the room
*lord starscream your most humble servant has returned but I regret to inform you that our collective mission had failed*starscream didn’t tuned around
*hm yes I got that since something to do with*
*a trotting ace in my side*he quickly fired at him clone and he fell on the ground his clone quickly realized starscream’s optics where glowing light blue his clone
*you knew I was going to terminate you*Starscream
*Actually my master planned the whole thing, I didn’t just happen to find this ship along with protoforms on it* his clone
*your master*he saw that JJ was sitting on the control JJ
*Well I was wondering when you would show up*she jumped down and started walking
*then again I’m not so surprised*starscream
*but how?*JJ
*oh that’s right none of you had no memory of that, I took care of the easy*Starscream
*but of course I would let you all know other side megatron wouldn’t have terminated all of you so easy*his clone tried to back away JJ barely smiled
*oh no your staying*outside of his base his clone screamed
*prime season 2 episode 11*
*at the autobot base*Bulkhead
*and when the insecticon suddenly back off I had inspired by the procsimity power core and did what I do best*he punched his fists together miko
*you trashed megatron’s ride like a rock star in a hotel room*Arcee
*we should hit the cons right now while there vulnerable*Ratchet
*megatron’s war ship maybe grounded but let’s not forget we remain vastly outnumbered* JJ was a chocolate chess Lolita dress with a bonnet on her head and her pendent on her neck still
*not to mention he’s now added his insecticon hive to his ranks*Fowler
*maybe it’s time for me to call in an air strike*optimus
*or for us to extend to extreme measures agent fowler*
*minutes later*a storage unit opened up and the spark extractor was on display Ratchet
*the spark extractor*
*optimus are you certain you want to travel this path*optimus
*while I am reliantly redolent of a weapon of this caliber especially forged by decepticon hands*
*this maybe our only chance to win this war once and for all*
*at the main room*Jack to JJ
*Jewry why are you dressed like that*JJ blew out smoke out her mouth
*what’s your damn problem*
* you never question my cosplayer*she inhaled a cigarette in her mouth and blew out the smoke
*I dress however I damn well please*Raph was coughing
*Jewry can you ease up on the smoking your filling the room again*Fowler took her cigarette JJ
*what the F man*Fowler
*how many of these did you smoke today*JJ
*Five maybe eight*Fowler dropped the cigarette and stepped on it
*you’re going to die young* JJ sighs
*Fine whatever*the monitor started picking up a signal Ratchet at the monitor
*optimus I’m picking up a massive energy spike at the decepticon crash site it appears to be dark energon* Ratchet activated the ground bridge optimus
*autobots transform and roll out*Bumblebee Bulkhead and arcee turned to their vehicle mood and drove into the bridge Fowler
*hold on prime if you are going to deploy some kind of super weapon what a shot out with the cons my job as a respective of planet earth to bear witness*JJ
*and I’m coming along away I have no plans and someone has to protect this guys ass*Fowler
*are you every nice*JJ
*this is how we Otaku speak, get used to it already*
*meanwhile*optimus comes out of the bridge in his vehicle mood and he turned to his robot mood Fowler was looking up
*sweet lady liberty*JJ shrugs and wasn’t that impressed JJ
*my ships are more impressive*she turned to fowler
*you take over oh and I want gloves back when this is over*the war ship started to arm it weapons Optimus
*bumblebee now*Bee drove off towards the ship with the spark extractor on the front set Optimus
*Arcee bulkhead Jewry draw there fired*they all ran off different directions JJ was dodging every shot
*thought you never ask* Bumblebee quickly turned to his robot mood while holding the spark extractor in his hands and he was running to the ship the ship activated a stasis beam and it fired at bumblebee and he fell on the ground Optimus
*Bumblebee*JJ ran to him
*Bumblebee*she got to bumblebee’s level and looked worried
*Stasis lock*Arcee quickly grabbed the spar extractor and ran towards the ship
*mine*JJ quickly turned around
*Arcee wait*the beam fired arcee and she rolls on the ground and dropped the spark extractor  
*on the ship*Knockout
*I wasn’t aware the ship was equipped with a stasis beam*Bulkhead quickly grabbed the spark extractor and the beam quickly fired at him JJ quickly ran to optimus and the beam almost fired at him JJ was in front of optimus and she quickly deflected it with an ice wall
*optimus get the spark extractor *optimus quickly ran past the JJ and grabbed the spark extractor the beam stops optimus jumped high up and the beam shots at him JJ yelled
*optimus*optimus fell on the ground JJ quickly ran to him and got to his level
*optimus Sempi*Fowler was looking up at the ship
*so much for Christmas in Virgie*the ship de activated it’s weapons Fowler
*huh*the monitor on the decepticon ship was locked onto the spark extractor Megatron
* the spark extractor*
*guide us closer so that I may collect what belongs to me*
*and destroy the autobots*the monitor decoded a location and the ship started to turn around JJ barely grinned Fowler
*teams down requesting meda bank*
*at autobot base*the kids looked confused when they where looking at the autobots Ratchet at the monitor
*there alive but I’ve never encountered this form of stasis lock before*Fowler
*the cons are crossing the Atlantic making a B line to North America*Jack
*wait we can track them*Raph
*why aren’t they clocked like usual*Fowler
*none of this makes since they had us in the cross head but the cons just took off*Miko
*they even bailed on that spark extractor thingy*JJ
*if the ship isn’t clocked the communication relay is open*Jack
*you might be right*Ratchet
*Jewry are you suggesting we just call megatron and ask him what’s happening up there*JJ
*yes*the kids shrugged Ratchet looked confused he turned to Fowler and he shrugged too JJ
*I take command next to optimus, I think you should listen to me*Ratchet sighs
*very well*Miko
*way to take charge*
*minutes later*JJ at the monitor
*autobot outpost omega one to decepticon war ship*
*megatron please respond*Jack
*wow that’s the first time I’ve heard you say please Jewry*JJ
*dude shut the F hell up*
*Megatron*JJ turned to Ratchet
*I’m not used to talking nice can I use my normal language*Raph looked worried
*please don’t you scar me when you talk like that*JJ sighs
*you read lip*raph
*good cover your ears*Raph quickly covered his ears JJ
*thank you*she turned to the screen
*Megatron you son of a bitch answer this damn minute right now*Jack looked worried
*knew she would do that*the communication activated JJ smiled
*kick ass it worked*the ship’s voice
*Megatron has been relieved of his command*JJ
*who the hell is this*the ship’s voice
*who is this*JJ
*Jewry Love second in command of the autobots and Primus’s medium since megatron didn’t answer I take you took control of the decepticon vessel*the ship’s voice
*I am the vessel any cybertronian who interferes with my mission shall be neutralized *the screen showed megatron’s crew in stasis lock Ratchet
*what Mission*Ship’s voice
*priority one decrypted I-acon data base and recover decepticon technology*JJ
*for what porpoise?*the transmission ended Miko
*it hung up rude*Fowler
*rude there’s a giant space ship flying around collecting decepticon weapons of mass destruction*Jack
*a giant space ship filled with neutralized decepticons*Fowler
*point*JJ smiled
*not a bad idea Darby this could be our only chance to go on board and take the I-acon data base*Raph
*for optimus to decode it*they turned to ratchet Ratchet
*ingenious I will info trait the decepticon war ship*Jack
*no ingenious you saw what it did to the decepticons*Raph
*probably megatron to*Miko
*and team prime*Fowler
*but that thing let me and Jewry and we’re still breathing*JJ
*I thought so*
*the ship is blinded to alien life no surprise it didn’t attack me though my appearance is human after all and I’m just as cybertronian as you guys*Ratchet
*very well agent Fowler*
*but at the first tight of trouble I am bridging you right back here*
*now in order to download the data base you will need*he get out the drive
*a combatable transfer drive*he gives it to him Fowler
*a what?*Raph
*he'll also need tech support*Miko
*and back up*JJ
*and mussel if trouble comes our way*
*and I also know a thing or too about the ship from top to bottom*
*at the inside of the war ship* the ground bridge opens up inside and they come through it then it closes up Fowler
*Fowler to base we're in*they all started walking Ratchet's voice
*Good*they walk past the some cons that are in stasis
*there data core should be accessible in any consul*JJ
*there’s a computer up ahead we can use that*she walks ahead
*one is somewhere over here*JJ's voice
*I found it*they run to where her voice was and they see knockout there JJ
*it's alright*
*don't believe me see for your selves*miko bangs on him then stops
*the Doc knock is not out*JJ
*take a look the ship as already decrypted two sets of I-acon coordinates*they look at the monitor and sees the it decrypted another one Raph
*Three lets rip and run*Raph and Fowler getting up there JJ jumped up there and floats down Miko
*killer landing Jewry*JJ
*here's the port*Fowler puts in the combatable transfer drive in the port then it starts downloading Jack notices that the ship was heading for new York
*uh why is the war ship heading for Manhattan?*Fowler Raph JJ turn to that monitor JJ spoke like luffy
*because that's where the first set of coordinates are located*Fowler to ratchet on the monitor
*what would a relic from cybertron be doing in the big apple?*Ratchet
*the I-acon relics landed on earth eons ago agent Fowler*JJ looked shocked
*long before the city was ever build* Jack
*which means if the ship wants this one*JJ
*it may half to move some building out of the way*Fowler
*our mission just got complicated*
*how do we turn this ship?*Ratchet's voice
*I would advise moving the main navigation mogul from the main navigation menu*Raph points to it
*step aside son* Fowler goes to it when he gets to it he touched the thing and to shocks him with a lot of eclectic waves JJ quickly crossed her arms and cherry blossom pedals flew past her a dozen arms flowered out of the ground and they caught fowler and the arms vanished Jack
*nice save*JJ checks his pales
*he’s fine just out cold, should wake up in a few hours*Ship's voice
*system accent as been detected interference will not tolerated*Raph points
*oh hell* Ships voice
*reveal yourself*his systems detect on threat Miko
*sweet he doesn't see use*Ratchet's voice
*the ship must not be scanning carbon based life forms*Ratchet back at base
*but once it widens its search parameters*
*back at the war ship*Raph
*we're toast*JJ puts fowler down Ratchet's voice
*I'm bridging you back*Jack
*no there are millions of lives at stack at New York*Jack
*and we four are the only ones who can currently do anything about it*Ratchet back at base
*you three are out of your element you and Jewry are the only ones that can do this*
* These reading the ships raped recovery all point to Megatron putting dark energy onto repair it*back at the ship Jack
*hold on if the ship is fueled with by dark energon we can dump it right* Ratchet
*you'll need to reverse the war ships energon infuser*JJ
*and I know where that is I synced dark energon when I first stepped foot in this hell hole* JJ runs off
*come on this way*they run after her few moments later JJ
*we're almost here*she barely shrugs
*the small sickens me*
*threw here*she goes throw the energon and they flowed her when they went throw they gasped megatron was there frozen JJ spoke like luffy
*looks like megatron had the same idea*Raph
*then we're on the right track*JJ
*quite right Raph* Ratchet's voice
*the energon ejection valve can only work manly*all of them
*I’m not surprised* Jack
*Jewry what are you doing*JJ stopped in front of megatron JJ
*well might as well*JJ started climbing on megatron him JJ jumped off megatron and jumped on the controls megatrons hand but it didn't budge the scanner start searching then it final stops them to the scanners miko Raph and Jack Ship's voice
*I'm infested with alien life forms*they look up miko
*oh no we just got mend*then the claw the holds the energon cubes comes at them and they dodge it Raph
*ah Jewry*JJ was still trying to move megatron’s hand
*kind busy Miko you do it*Miko
*swwwweeeet time too see what I can do*she barely held out her hand
*mini hollow* and dozens or small see through orbs appears hovering her hand and they quickly formed small ghosts raph
*I signed a contract with Jewry just like Jack and Arcee*the ghosts quickly attached themselves to the claw Miko
*ghost wrap*she snapped her fingers and the ghost exploded JJ’s voice
*hey over here* the craw turns and sees JJ Jack
*Jewry what are you doing* the claw goes after her JJ
*saving your asses*in slow motion JJ dodges it and it pushes megatron back pulling the lever in normal motion JJ lands on the ground
*told ya*she took a few steps to the right when Megatron fell on the ground on his back JJ to the kids
*you kids alright*Jack
*yeah thanks*JJ smiled and spoke like luffy
*any times*all the systems start going back to normal and the ship started to lose it will ship voice
*critical power drain*the craw almost reaches both jack and JJ but it stops ship
*in command*the claw back away
*prepare to be… neutralized*it reaches for the lever but it stops and the claw goes back up megatron regains from stasis JJ
*run!*they all start running off Optimus recovers from the stasis and so does everyone else Ratchet
*thank the allspark*Jack com links Base Jack at the war ship
* Ratchet fire up the ground bridge*Megatron gets up and he sees that the lever was pulled down they return for Fowler
*on your feet solder*Fowler
*and beavers and ducks and walnuts and grandma*Fowler fell on the ground JJ barely laughed omputer showed four coordinates points jack
*that's all that's been download?*Raph
* the I-con must be huge*the ground bridge opens up Miko
*Sweet*Miko and raph help Faller in the bridge Raph
*get Fowler out of here*JJ
*jack go on ahead I’ll deal with this* he nods yes and goes through the bridge JJ jumps to the monitor and lands on it
*it's better than nothing*she grabs it
* there's no way I'm not leaving without that drive*she tries to pull it out
*damn it really it’s stuck* Knockout comes back online and JJ turns around and she lands on the keyboard monitor knockout gets out his drill he grins at her
*saw aaaah* JJ grinned and quickly kicked knockout under his jaw and he fell on the ground JJ quickly grabbed the drive and it pulls out and she ran to the bridge
*see you around*she went through the bridge and it closed up knockout gets up megatron walks in Knockout gets get
*lord megatron*he noticed that where JJ kicked him was turned to stone Megatron
*you let them escape*then he sees the monitor
*with five intelligent*
*Autobot base monitor showed the something*Ratchet
*the download of the I-acon data base may have been incomplete*
*but we now passes four sets of coordinate points decoded by the ship*Optimus
*then we must act quickly*
*for megatron possess the same four sets*
*the ship showed Manhattan optimus
* And he will not hesitate to obtain the potential doomsday devises which lie in each*
*prime season 2 episode 12*Optimus
*if we are to have hope of recovering the I-acon relics before the decepticons do*
*we must define our recourses*Ratchet
*but Optimus when it comes to numbers we are already at a great disadvantage*Optimus
*under the circumstances swiftness of action is pair lout*
*this is one race that we absolutely cannot adored to lose*JJ
*he's right on that*
*we need to act quickly on this by any means*Ratchet at the monitor
*and here’s a twist*he turns to everyone
*it would seem that decepticons have retreated from Manhattan*Arcee
*they just left?*Optimus
*it would seem more likely that Megatron has already set course for the second set of coordinates*
*having dispatched a unit to this relics underground location*Arcee
* without busting out a city block it get to it*Jack's voice
*they use subway tunnels*Jack
*new York has a know network of them underneath the city*Optimus
* and it would seem that the human population no longer to be directly threatened*
*main tainting discuses will be necessary*
*Arcee bumblebee you two are the best choices to navigate through such a densely populated area*Jack
*optimus New York has more than eight million people the olds of them being spottedby one of them are petty high even if they are underground*Arcee
*where are you going with this?* Jack
*you're going to need a face man*
*someone that can speak up on their behalf*
*a human that can run interference if there cover gets blown*Miko
*and I've been in subway stations I grew up in a meager metropolises like mister*
*I've never been to Jasper Nevada*Jack
* well I have been to Cybertron*JJ
*you weren’t the only one kid, plus I know my way around that city from several conventions I’ve gone too in the past*optimus
*Agent Fowler field experience make him a valuable can date*Fowler was on the table still
*banana fish* then he passes out Ratchet
*if he weren't still recovering form is encounter with the Decepticon war ship*Miko
*which we survived without incidents*JJ couch's miko
*excepted Jewry did most of the work*JJ smiled Optimus
*very well Jack miko you three will accompany Arcee and bumblebee you’ll aid Jewry in the command of them*JJ
*count on us prime* Optimus
*initiate transport triangulate the coordinates of the other three relics*
*at Manhattan*the ground bridge opens up in a ally Jack with Arcee Miko and JJ with Bee the bridge closes up and the go through then opening and they see all the sights Miko sticks out the window
*of course it's no cybertron*bee drives off JJ takes a deep breath
*ah the smell the big City and meth labs, think I have fans here?* Arcee
*alright face how do we get underground?*Jack
*well we can't just jump the turns styles and hope no one notices* Bee hanks at them and they drive off to where they were JJ
*check it out construction*she leans on the poll
*affective life on the big city *then she jumps off the rail and lands on the ground on her two feet and started walking to the tunnel
*shall we get moving then*
*later* hey walk in the subway tunnels the autobots in there Robot mood Bee almost walks on a rail he stops Jack
*that's not a rail it carries electricity to power the subway train*Miko
*One touch and zap*
*your fried*Bee tried to keep balance and steps off it then they all continued walking miko
* he must have learned off of TV or something*JJ next to Arcee JJ sighs
*meanwhile* the cons drill through the wall Knockout
*could we please pick up the paisa*
*the humidity down here is threading my to crupper under carriage*then he hears growling and turn around to see the inceticon hovering
*must you hover*
*back to the autobots* Arcee looks at the rating on her locator Jack
*we getting any closer?* Arcee
*triangulating the coordinates is one thing*
*but figuring out how to reach them through this maze is another*they hear drilling JJ
*you guys here that?*she walks to an opening and the others behind her
*miko*Miko barely held out her hand
*on it*an orb appeared and dozens of ghost quickly came out and went through the opening Arcee
*you too huh?*Miko
*you think you can Jack are the only one’s who signed a contract with Jewry*miko climbs up and goes to where it was coming from
*it's coming from this way*Jack
*miko*JJ signs
They both go after her they go down the opening and look around Jack
*miko what is your*A light flashes at them Voice
*hold it right there*JJ quickly puts her guns a worker comes up to them all three
*scrap*Worker with a megaphone
*what are you kids doing down here?*Miko
*were a...on a field trip with our school…but we got lost*worker with megaphone
*oh really?*Miko
* I told him that we should stay with our group but Laundered here insisted we search for fusels*Jack
*my bad*Miko
*I want to go home can you help use Mr…?* worker
*Vulvae* the lights dimmed down and he hold the megaphone in his hand Vulvae
*but you can call me Vulvae*the three looked at each other Vulvae
*so ever ride a sweeper train?* then the three walk to it the bots pock their heads out Jack
*Face*the three bots look at each other
*after that*they kids ride in the sweeper train Vulvae
*in this section was added in the thirties as part of the workers project*Miko
*fascinating*then yawns Vulvae noticed JJ
*you look familiar?*JJ
*I have my own internet channel*Vulvae
*no way your Yuko Yuko*JJ smiled
*fan I take it*Vulvae
*love your videos and your new music video, amazing voice*JJ smiled  Vulvae
*but these tunnels have a dark side to*JJ
*dark side?* Vulvae
*strange creators said to lark down here*
*giant snacks, albino alligators, mull men *Jack
*oh but those are just people who live down here because they have nowhere else to go right* Vulvae
*oh but that's what the maenad wants you to believe*
*but I say there from outer space* Jack looked surprised then he turns around and doesn't see JJ or miko he turns to the walk in and sees them JJ at the door and miko waves to him Jack walks off without Vulvae knowing Vulvae
*I'm telling you area 51 got nothing on this place*
*the aliens are down here building up there army* Vulvae voice JJ opens the door and they go out it
*plotting to use us humans for slave labor*the train drives off Miko
*aliens huh*then she laughs JJ
*if only he knew the truth* miko
*true* she barely held out her hand and her ghost came back and they returned to her and she puts her hand down
*the cons are drilling knockout is there as well and he isn’t alone*JJ started walking off
*shall we get going*they both followed her Jack
*ah Jewry*JJ
*you have a question?*Jack
*you said you were going to make it up to miko about not going to cybertron*JJ
*that’s right and I did*Jack
*so you gave her contract?*Miko
*that’s not the only thing she gave me, I can’t wait to use it*JJ
*you’ll known when*she quickly turned her head
*you hear there*miko started running
*it's this way*they both run after her Jack
*how do you know that*jack stops her
*miko sets thinking this through*Miko
*why cause you think you don't know what I'm doing?*
*I'm jack optimus picked me and Jewry to go on cybertron so I must know everything*Jack
*OK miko seriously if that's what's bugging you then why didn't you say something before*JJ
*It's because she's been holding it in for quite some time *miko surprised
*how did you*JJ
*we share nearly the same personality if that happened to me I’d feel the same way*Miko and jack looked surprised Vulvae voice and his flashlight points at them
*lost huh?*
*you three are going to half to explain yourselves to the New York transport authority *miko
*I think we should tell him the truth* Vulvae turns off his flashlight Jack
* Right*
* The truth is.. We lost our dog* Vulvae
*you're wasting your breath*JJ
*I think he wants the real truth*
*we're trying to prevents aliens from digging up a powerful enchant relic so they can't use to destroy your planet* Vulvae
*I swore I heard something weird and high pitched earlier today*he turns
*something that wasn't the cure drilling on track five*miko
*what are we just standing around here for*JJ
*we got to get going*
*and it looks like your helping use out*
*meanwhile* Knockout
*and what better way to lean your power then to conduced a onside experiment*he leans to bumblebee
*the train runs fast* Vulvae sees the cons
*mull men metal one*JJ
*actually decepticons*Jack
*and they have arcee and Bumblebee* Miko
* Vulvae does this thing have enough gear?* Vulvae
*apasa freaken laity*he pulls the lever and the train goes a lot faster than the train hits knockout and it goes right past him then the train goes off knockout
*hey watch the finish*the inseticon fires at then and misses them then Bee arcee fire at then knockout holding the relic
*hate to run but I just missed my train*he transforms and drives off Arcee still firing
*follow the relic I’ll get the kids * bee transforms and drives after the relic Arcee barely dodged the insecticons attacks his hits just went through her like smoke  
*meanwhile* Vulvae tried to stop it but it's not working JJ
*what the hell is going?* Vulvae
* Not good break line must of men torched*Jack
*we can't stop?*Miko
*no big deal these tracks go around for miles right Vulvae?* Vulvae
*not this one*JJ
*Oh boy* the navigation showed the end of the track Jack
*this track dead ends as in trash and burn*JJ
*what do you think it means?*
*yay it does you damn idjet*Jack barely wines Vulvae
*that’s some harsh language*JJ
*like I give a damn* Miko
*I'm really starting to hate trains*JJ
*you're not the only one* Jack
*wait Jewry can't you stop this*JJ
*I don't know I never stopped trains before and my ice won’t stop it at this speed*then they feel a push Vulvae
*what was that?*the kids run to the back of the train they see Arcee in robot mood on it then Vulvae comes in and he get the axes JJ stops him
*No she's one of the good guys*Jack
*arcee the breaks are shot*Arcee
*is there any kind of emergency override?* Vulvae
*no ma'am*
*but there is a switch draft control up ahead*
*if you could just adjust the pole rode *she looks around and doesn't see it Vulvae
*you'll know when you see it*
*it's attached to another line*Arcee nods and changes into her vehicle mood Vulvae
*did she just turn into a motorcycle?*then Arcee drives ahead of them then they head a high pitched noise and they see the inseticon bug mood Vulvae
*and that would be?*JJ cracked her knuckles
*trouble for us*JJ then she opens the door Vulvae
*hey what are you going* JJ turns her head to him
*Don't worry about me*her eyes turn glowing blood red
*I’ve delta with worse* JJ jumps out of the train and lands on top of it Vulvae
*how did she do that*Miko
*cause she's an alien that's why* Vulvae
*she's actually the medium of there creator*JJ walks to the front of it she jumps to the side of the tracks and runs faster then it and goes to where Arcee was JJ
*please don't let me be too late?* Arcee turns the track to the other side and the train went to it without crashing into the wall Vulvae
*Sweet*then arcee heard the high pitched noise and the inseticon comes at her in robot mood JJ
*Arcee!*she quickly fired her sedio gun at the insecticon and it hits the wall JJ runs next to arcee
*you alright*Arcee gets up
*I'm fine*JJ
*try to stop the train by any means*
*I'll deal with him*Arcee nods yes then she drives off after the train JJ cracks her neck then stops the ground under her feet started to give
*alright let’s play my way*
*meanwhile* The train hits knockout focusing the train to stop then it stops miko out the window
*bumblebee?*Bee talks Miko runs up to him
*dude that was awesome*Bee talks arcee turns back into robot mod and stands next to him jack
* How did you not get mashed*Arcee
*Fay shifter*
*handy when you need to pass through soled objects per vess versa* Bee take it off his arm JJ walks in
*hey what did I miss* Vulvae
*is that blood on you?*JJ
*yes it is*
*don't worry about it*she moved she sleeve to show that there was no cut
*see it's all healed up*she moved sleeve back up
*so I'm perfectly fine* Knockout get up and sees his reflection on the windows of the train
*NOOOOOOO*he pushes the train back
*you scratch m face I catch yours*Bumblebee stops the train with his hand then he and arcee point their guns at him Knockout angrily
*ahhhhhh*he transforms and drives off one of his tiers falls off Jack turned to Arcee and bumblebee
*he knows*Arcee didn’t answer him Jack
*do we haft to take him with us*Vulvae
*to the mother ship*Miko got an idea
*I think I have a work around*
*meanwhile at autobot base*Fowler was at the monitor
*that’s right solder dump that rock and come on home*his phone rings and he answers it
*Fowler.. Miko what is it*
*what in the sam hill I’m in the middle of a crisis here and you want me to*
*ah put him on the line*
*back in the tunnels*miko gives Vulvae her phone and he answers it Fowler’s voice
*Mr. Vulvae this is special Agent William Fowler with the united states government you are here by deputized as an honorary agent for the department of ah interstellar relations*Vulvae
*thank you Sir*he gives the phone back to Miko Vulvae
*so you folks will be in touch*JJ
*you bet*Arcee
*until then we need to stay in complete radio silence Vulvae nods yes and saluted
*it’s been an honor*JJ
*I’m sure it has*she walked off and the others followed her Jack to Miko
*good call face*Miko
*I understand big city people who spend way too much time underground*Arcee
*one relic down three to go*JJ
*I just hope the others will have this much luck as we had*Arcee and bumblebee turned to their vehicle mood Jack gets on Arcee and JJ and Miko get into bumblebee and they both drove off Vulvae
*robots that turn into vehicles*he turned to his sweeper train
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help help I need help! My brother is moving out and I get to design his room and I need help with what to do. I wanted to do a lolita theme, or an anime theme guest I need to know what to do. I was thinking of a dark sky blue with an accent wall of dark blue I don't know what else to do for furniture   


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  • Listening to: rock/pop
  • Reading: anime
  • Watching: Transformers
  • Playing: video games
help help I need help! My brother is moving out and I get to design his room and I need help with what to do. I wanted to do a lolita theme, or an anime theme guest I need to know what to do. I was thinking of a dark sky blue with an accent wall of dark blue I don't know what else to do for furniture   

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