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*Transformers age of extinction part 2* Cade was typing on his phone JJ
*Cade I think I have something better than a phone*
*meanwhile in China*Joshua’s phone was ringing and he answered it
*hello*his phone quickly flew out of his hand and it lands on the ground and a glowing blue orb quickly came out of it and it turned to a human female figure the figure stopped glowing JJ was barely floating over his phone
*hello to you as well* Joshua looked surprised
*surprised I take it what you’re seeing is not my real body*the glowing orb appeared in the palm of her hand
*this power of mine is new I’m still learning how to control it*the orb vanished and she looked at him
*anyway there’s something I wanted to speak to you about* Joshua
*is that so*JJ
*yes. Your prototype Galvatron he’s been controlling you to get to the seed and I know you used my blood to make him as well, you only made him stronger* Joshua
*I control Galvatron not the other way around*JJ
*is that so? Really?*
*you heard him speak didn’t you and thanks to the mistake you made when you captured me was the worst you’ve ever made*her body turned back into the orb JJ’s voice
*and one more thing what I said to you KCI I would listen to it*the orb quickly back to the phone on the ground
*meanwhile*Cade was holding his phone
*it should take her this long*the orb quickly came out if his phone quickly Tessa
*I think she heard you dad*JJ’s body was leaning on the space ship the orb absorbed in her body and she opened her eyes Hound
*what did he say*JJ stretched
*the bitch didn’t believe me but now I know where he is*JJ takes her sword case holder from drift JJ
*how fast can that thing take us haft way around the world?*Drift
*it’s a space ship in no time*JJ looked serious
*alright listen I have no doubt lockdown will be in China waiting for us and we’re going to have one hell of a battle*
*so give it everything you got*they heard police sirens Ironhide
*if we’re leaving now is the best time*Ratchet Jazz and ironhide where walking to the ship and so was bumblebee Optimus
*move we’re retrieving the seed then you’re done*Cade
*done what do you mean by done*JJ walked past him
*it’s means the autobots and myself are leaving this planet she stopped and turned around and quickly pointed her hand out the ground of the pavement the  police cars where drive in front of the cars giant ice shards quickly popped out and the cars stopped and the ground under them quickly froze JJ puts her hand down
*that should do it*JJ started walking inside the ship and the door started closed JJ
*start flying we haven’t got much time*
*later on*Cade to JJ and optimus
*you two said you where done fighting for humans you didn’t mean that did you*optimus
*how many more of our kind must be sacrificed to be intoned with your mistakes*Cade
*what do you think it means being human we think we make sometimes out of those mistakes comes amazing things*JJ looked surprised Cade
*Jewry when I helped you fix optimus you didn’t know what you where*JJ didn’t look at him and she barely look upset Cade’s voice
* I think I get it know*JJ looked at him
*what do you mean?* Cade
* I can tell you’re just as human as us, but your more than that you have powers abilities that most can only dream about*he looked at optimus
*and a mix of these guys as well*he looked at JJ again
*if you haven’t showed up like you did that day none of this wouldn’t have happened*
*I’m asking you both to have faith*JJ barely smiled
*over the years I’ve lived no one has ever said that before even after the war of Chicago I knew neither me or Sempi would trust any humans*she looked upset
*I thought I could trust a certain human that me prime trusted, but he didn’t want any part of us anymore*Cade
*that’s why*JJ nods to him once
*that’s right*she turned around and started walking off Cade
*I’m going ahead optimus open the cot pit*optimus
*are you certain*JJ barely turned her head to him
* who do you think you’re talking too*
*meanwhile in the city*Galvatron
*Brothers the autobots are here shoot them down*before he moved he quickly stopped and turned around
*this sensation*JJ was standing on top of a tall building and her eyes where glowing blood red
*he knows I’m here?*she held her staph in her hand and she looks at it she heard explosion and gun shoots her staph quickly turned into her scythe and she got out her black sword and she adds her blood on both blades and they started glowing and a strong surge quickly came and her eyes where different colors one was glowing light blue and the other was blood red
*Now unlock* a burst of powerful energy came and it shot out of the sky then a shockwave was intense powerful filled the entire planet the prototypes stops in their place quickly Hound and bumblebee were barely struggling to stand Hound
*think I got a few idea on where this powers is coming from*JJ’s voice
*and you thought right*Cade and Joshua turned around they both looked very shocked Tessa
*Jewry* JJ was in her in ultimate final form and she looked older like around 23 and her hair went down to her knees JJ Jazz
*Your..different*JJ smiled
*what you are seeing is my most powerful form all the powers are directly from primus’s spark*she puts her hand over her chest
*I’ve been saving it for something like this*gun shots where quickly fired at them JJ barely had a grin on her face the bullets quickly paused before they hit any of them JJ snapped her fingers one and the bullets fell on the ground Hound
*this body of mine can do thing I could previously do*
*minutes later*Cade Joshua Tessa and Shane where running and gun shots where being fired at them Shane quickly pointed his hand out and the shots where quickly frozen Joshua
*you can do something like that?*a few explosions came JJ quickly adds her blood to her glowing blade and she stabbed one of the prototypes in its chest and it started rusting to pieces when it fell on the ground JJ quickly dodges several hits JJ looked serious
*I’ve had enough of this*JJ took a deep breath when she opened her mouth a powerful shockwave quickly came and the glass and mirrors quickly shattered in the whole area around 8 prototypes quickly short secreted and went offline the shockwaves quickly stopped JJ quickly looked surprised she quickly blocked Galvatron hand with her leg Galvatron
*you look different from our last encounter*JJ
*how did you know I was here?*Galvatron
*Your blood that those humans gave this body is how*JJ barely looked surprised Galvatron was putting more force and JJ was barely struggling Galvatron
*I have to say I had no idea how powerful I would be thank to you* her eyes turned glowing two different colors one eye was glowing blood red and the other eye was glowing light blue she quickly came at him and kicked him under his jaw then she kicked him on the top of his head and he was quickly pushed to the ground Galvatron quickly rose up and fired at her JJ did a back flip and quickly hands on the ground on the pavement  with her hand on the ground and she was looking down and she was barely sweating she quickly vanished Galvatron
*what* JJ toughed his shoulder and balanced on it with one hand
* regotacoto* the energy surround he forms and minds into what looked like a flowed on his chest and she jumped off him and lands on her feet Galvatron
* You think this will hold me girl*JJ pointed her hand slid her hand to the right
*bakudo number 63 sogoyamiko*glowing chains quickly wrap around started and he couldn’t move or get his weapons out Galvatron
*what is this* JJ pointed her hand out it him and chanted a spell
*beyond the end of a thousand hands the hand of darkness out of reach, the artier of heaven seen the road that lights the way wind that ad nights the embers converged*
*when I point*red flashing dots started to surround her
*bolides of matte bodies of eight rays nine hands of heaven treasures of speed wheel of eminently and canons of gray the bow is brown in fiats of the light*
*hodo number 91 singokotohiho*the beams quickly shoot out at aimed for him and he looked very shocked
*out from the distance*a giant explosion of power quickly came Galvatron had 20% of damage to him and he was still standing JJ was catching her breath Galvatron’s body quickly regenerated and she looked shocked
*son of a bitch it didn’t work*Galvatron’s hand quickly grabbed her and she was struggling Galvatron
*I’ve waiting a long time for this*he squeezed her tighter and he tried to hold back the pain JJ
*you’re going to haft to do better than that*Galvatron
*as you wish*JJ looked shocked
*what*his grip of her got strong her and she started screaming Galvatron
*you have lovely voice scream louder*he tightened his grip even more on her gun something quickly kick galvatron across his face and he crashed t the ground JJ fell on the ground and she was holding her chest and she was coughing Galvatron stood up and noticed that the part of his face was kick was covered in ice Shane helps JJ up JJ
*Shane how did you*Shane
*Tessa is my girlfriend but I’m still in a contract with you whether I like it or not*JJ barely smile
*your one hell of a human aren’t you*she held out her hand to him
*I want you to have THIS*a light blue glowing orb quickly appeared and it quickly formed a glowing sword Shane
*A sword?*JJ
*once you take it this blade will become part of you and you’ll know how to use it once you touch it*Shane grabbed the sword and it quickly turned into captain Toshiro Hitsugaya zanpakuto JJ smiled
*perfect that blade suits you and your ice powers* the prototypes where firing at them JJ turned to them
*don’t hold back when you swing your blade say rain over the frosted heavens*Shane quickly ran past her and he sword out his sword
*you’re the boss* Shane jumped high up in the air
*rain over the frosted heaven*he quickly swung her blade and six ice dragons quickly came out Shane looked shocked
*whoa sick I didn’t know it can do that*
*Hound you got to get up*Hound was on the ground
*no way bro tanks empty*JJ’s voice
*that doesn’t sound like the hound I know*JJ quickly lands on top of hound and she crossed her arms
*didn’t I saw to give this battle your all*she quickly grabbed his face
*I am not losing this battle*Hound
*wait what are you*JJ quickly press her mouth with his and a giant glowing circle quickly appeared from under them JJ quickly lets go of him and looked serious
*now get up and fight damn it*a cybertrontronian symbol for war appeared on his shoulder and he quickly got up and the giant circle quickly vanished JJ spits on the ground once
*Gross you smoke more than me and you taste like old*JJ quickly pocked Cade’s chest
*speak of this to no one got it of you’ll wave up under water*Cade quickly nods his head yes JJ lets go of him
*good*Hound made a fist and fire quickly appeared and he looked happy
*well I’ll be damned* he pointed his hand to the left and fire quickly came out and blasted at five prototypes Hound
*oh yeah I can get used to this*Ironhide to JJ
*was that really necessary*JJ look at him
*whatever it takes to win Ironhide*she barely glared at him
*you know that better than I do*JJ sighed and she quickly turned back to her normal form with her staph in her left hand and her black sword in her right the staph quickly vanished and JJ puts her blade back in its case she closed her eyes and took a deep breath I quickly opened my eyes and a wave quickly came and it made dozens of people pass out and fell on the ground and the same was with twenty prototypes JJ looked at the humans that where on the ground
*opps didn’t mean for that to happen*Cade was holding up Joshua by his shoulder and he was passed out Cade
*what the hell did you do*JJ looked slightly worried and barely scratches the side of head with her finger
*or that either I thought I had that move down* JJ takes the seed from Shane and she smiled at him she walked over to cade and she handed him sound proof ear phones
*you might want to put these on*Cade takes them and puts them on
*what are THESE for*JJ was holding an air horn in her hand and had it pointing at Joshua JJ was smiling
*oh you’ll see*Hound was laughing and so does jazz JJ quickly press the blow horn at Joshua he quickly wakes up and was covering his ears JJ lets go of the horn and Joshua yelled at her
*what the hell was that for*JJ
*to wake you up smart ass and I thought would be funny*she looked at cade
*you can take them off now*Cade takes off the head phones
*guess that’s one way of waking someone up*
*anyway*he looked around and saw several people and prototypes passed out on the ground
*How did you do this?*JJ smiled
*it’s very powerful I just learned how to use it I still need more practice on it though*she walked past him holding the seed and laid
*I don’t have a name for it yet I’ll come up with something* Joshua
*huh? No wonder she’s worth 800 million*optimus’s voice
*you step forward* Joshua
*me?*he walked ahead and stopped optimus on top of grimlock
*your science will be responsible for humanities extinction* JJ was leaning back on the wall near them her arms where crossed and her eyes where closed
*well said I agree* Joshua to JJ
* Okay I know your still pissed at me but I didn’t mean for all this to happen*JJ barely opened her eyes and they where glowing light blue Grimlock quickly roared at Joshua and he was screaming and he fell on the ground on his back and grimlock stopped and he turned his head to JJ that was petting the side of his face JJ was looking at grimlock
*consider us even for now*her eyes turned back to their normal color and so does grimlock’s as well JJ smiled
*good job Grimlock*optimus
*we’ll lead you out of the city take that seed to the hills*Cade Tessa Shane Joshua and JJ ran off drift
*use this car* Joshua
*he almost ate me*JJ opened the back door
*yeah I told him to do that why do you think I said we’re even*Shane to Cade
*get out of that set your one lucky dad to have me*Cade
*okay lucky charm I’ll take that chance*he quickly moved out of the set Shane got in the driver’s seat and quickly drove off the seed was on Joshua’s lap and it barely popped open with a flashing light in it JJ
*what the hell did you do* Joshua
*I don’t know I don’t know it an issue*Cade
*did you press a button*Darcy
*is it going to blow up?* Joshua
*I don’t know*Cade
*that thing is beeping right now*Darcy
*is it going to blow up* Joshua yelled
*I don’t know*an arm quickly flowered from behind him and slapped him across his head once JJ
*shut up all of you*the arm on the seat quickly vanished JJ
*let me think for a second*JJ leaned up and looked closer at the seed
*from what I’m seeing and hearing it’s a steady beep*she looked surprised
*setting for location*Cade
*to who*JJ
*to the one that gave the seed*she looked serious
*Lockdown is back on earth and he’s pissed*she got an idea
*oh I know*JJ held out her hand and a clear orb quickly appeared as soon as she opened it Darcy
*what is that?*JJ barely smiled
*oh you’ll see*from the city lockdown’s ship was flying above it and it started sucking up all electronics even cars as well JJ
*just to let you all know this is happening right now*Joshua
*damn didn’t know you can do that Jewry*Darcy
*Jewry*she looked at JJ
* I thought you looked familiar don’t you have a hedge bounty on your head*JJ was still looking at the orb
*800 million is the amount*her eyes turned light blue
*lockdown’s mains targets is optimus and myself the ship lifts up medal and brings it to the ship if it’s not cybertronian the medal will just fall back down*
*it’ll be easy for me but I’m not certain about the others, from looked at the ship it has a very powerful magnet meaning it can be dismantled from the inside*the orb quickly busted like a bubble and her eyes turned back to their normal color
* the best way is avoid it at all cost it’ll be tricky but it’s worth a shot at least*
*what lockdown doesn’t know is that we have the element of surprise on our hands*she barely smiled while leaning the side of her face on her hand Tessa
*element of surprise*JJ
*oh you’ll find out soon enough*she jumped out the window and was standing on top of the car
*I’m going ahead I need to find that ship’s weak point*
*meanwhile in the city* people where running and JJ was running past them and she was started to lifted off the ground JJ
*what the hell*she quickly looked at her sword case holder
*my sword*she quickly grabbed it and it quickly vanished and she fell on the ground
*damn it*she stood up and started running again Cade’s voice
*Jewry*JJ ran faster
*Cade*she quickly ran up to him and she was barely catching her breath Shane
*did you find anything*JJ
*I did we need to get to the others*
*take cover*he quickly fired and snarl quickly bit down at the small ship Cade and JJ quickly came up to optimus and he stood up optimus
*Cade Jewry*
*autobots get this bomb over the bridge and out of the city*Tessa turned around
*Dad*they all saw the ship coming to them optimus and snarl were quickly lifted up JJ
*optimus*she quickly crossed her arms in front of her
*mil fleur*thousands of arms quickly form from the ground and they formed several giant arms JJ
*grab*one of the arms quickly grabbed optimus the same was with grimlock, scorn, slug, and strafe and the hands held onto to them good JJ looked serious
*just one more thing* JJ closed her eyes and took a deep breath she quickly opened her eyes when she opened her mouth a powerful shockwave along with a very high pitch quickly came and the glass and mirrors quickly shattered in the whole area Shane Tessa Cade and Joshua where covering their eyes the ships magnet quickly short secreted an blew up JJ barely sighed the arms on the autobots quickly vanished and they fell on the ground JJ’s voice
*my bad sempi sorry* JJ was drinking a beer can Ratchet
*that high pitch from before was you*JJ sighed when she lets go of the can
*you bet *she crushed the can in her hand and dropped it on the ground and she walked past Cade
*I’m ending this Cade you coming or not*Cade looked slightly surprised JJ quickly stopped walking Jazz
*Jewry*JJ’s eyes where glowing blood red and she looked confused
*this is odd never synced anything like THIS before*in her head
*and I’m not kidding I’m in control of these universes it feels like my presents but different from mine*
*just what is it?*
*meanwhile*Harold Attinger was standing where he was the city and his eyes turned blood red and he looked at his hand
*time to see what this girls blood can really do*his whole hand quickly turned into a demon like hand with sharp long claws and he smiled with delight
*meanwhile again*JJ was trying to catch up with optimus
*Sempi wait hold up*she quickly looked surprised and turned around
*CADE!*she quickly pushed him out of the way and something quickly crashed where Cade was standing both Cade and JJ fell on the ground Cade looked shocked when he stood up
*what the*JJ turned around and looked very shock the smoke quickly cleared and stood before them was type of demon or James’s chiropteran form from blood + and it was Harold Attinger JJ quickly stood up and looked serious
*what the hell is that?* Harold Attinger
*well you don’t remember me the way you bit off my face*JJ looked very shocked
* Harold Attinger*Cade quickly got you and he pointed his alien gun at him
*no way that’s not him*JJ’s eyes where glowing silver blue and looked surprised
*it is him*she quickly drew out her black sword from the palm of her hand and she looked serious
*I want to know how* Harold Attinger pointed at her
*it’s all thanks to you*JJ didn’t look surprised
*don’t play games with me damn it* Harold Attinger
*I’m not right after you barely tore my face off I noticed how fast you heal*he puts his arm down
*so I tested out from blood on myself*JJ looked very shock Cade to JJ
*you got to be kidding that’s what your blood does to us humans*JJ looked serious
*looks like it*Cad quickly fired at him and the shot when through his head and he was still standing Cade looked very shocked
*what the hell*the gun shot quickly healed on Harold Attinger head and he quickly charged at him JJ quickly blocked his arm with her sword JJ
*Cade get out of here I don’t want you getting killed cause of me*Cade quickly ran past her Harold Attinger almost turned around JJ quickly threw a kick at him
*don’t let your guard down*she quickly kick him across his face and he crashed to the ground JJ looked serious
*he’s tough looks like I’ll haft to put all my effort in this* Harold Attinger quickly came at her and she dodged his claws JJ was still dodging
*I was wonder what would happen if a human took my blood*she quickly jumped high up in the air
*and now I know*she lands on a small building and started running Harold Attinger
*you’re not getting away*he jumps on the building and started running after her while on the ground Cade was trying to catch up to them
*damn those two can run*Cade started firing at Harold Attinger and was barely hitting him JJ quickly looked worried and she yelled out
*Cade*she quickly ripped off her autobot pendent off her neck and she stopped and she threw it at Cade and he caught it Cade looked at it
*your pendent*JJ was holding her chest and dark purple energy slowly started forming under her
*right after I kill him*her eyes slowly started turning purple
* put it back on me* Harold Attinger quickly came at her and his hand quickly reach out to her
*now you die*JJ’s arm quickly blocked his hand that was grabbing onto her arm and blood was dripping down and her hand grabbed his hand and he was barely struggling to move
*I can’t move*JJ dropped her sword on the ground and it shattered to pieces and vanished and the energy around her vanished and she was looking down not showing her eyes she smiled like ichigo’s hollow self and her eyes where dark purple Harold Attinger
*what* he quickly looked shock JJ’s arm was in his shoulder and she quickly pulled it out and blood splattered on her and she was still smiling Harold Attinger was holding his shoulder and he took a few step back JJ licked the blood that was on her hand once she opened out her hand and a dark glowing speck quickly appeared and it formed a pure dark energon sword with the cybertronian symbols for unicron and kayos and she quickly adds her blood to it Cade looked slightly worried and he looked at the pendent that was in his hand
*that’s the reason why she wears this all the time*he looked back up
*this pendent is what keep her saying*JJ quickly sliced off Harold Attinger arm and it started crystallizing JJ quickly come at him from the air he fell when she landed on him and she pieces her blade in his head and lots of blood quickly came out and she was still smiling and  Harold Attinger’s body quickly crystallized and turned to stone JJ quickly turned to Cade and she quickly came at him he fell on the ground on his back and JJ was standing on top of him Cade looked very worried and saw the blood dripping from her blade
*Jewry please this isn’t you I want to help you*JJ quickly pointed her blade right in front of him and he noticed that the blade was barely shacking he looked up at him and saw that she looked like she was struggling Cade quickly stood up
*I know you’re in there I know you don’t want to hurt*JJ barely spoke
*hurry…….put it back on* she quickly swung her blade at him and he quickly blocked it with his gun Cade quickly kicked her in the center of her chest and she fell on the ground Cade quickly puts her pendent back on her neck before her blade sliced his neck and the blade quickly stopped the blade quickly busted into purple flames and vanished and her eyes turned back to their normal color and she fell on the ground passed out Cade quickly moved her shoulders
*Jewry…Jewry wake up Jewry*JJ slowly opened her eyes and they where back to their normal color and she looked at Cade and she smiled at him
*thank you*he helped her up
*later on*the sun was going down Tessa
*we don’t have a home dad it blew up*Joshua
*I might be able to help you with that*him and Cade hugged the dinobots in there robot moods optimus
*worriers you are free*all the other autobots quickly came Crosshairs
*I’ll ride with you anyway spikes*the dinobots turned to their beast mood and left JJ was holding the seed
*this seed belongs to their creators besides myself whoever they are there lays a price on my head along with optimus*optimus
*and I endanger you all if I stay*JJ quickly turned to him
*optimus is anyone should leave this planet it’s me*optimus
*I know the risks, but your place is on this planet*he takes the seed from her
*I shall take it where it will never be found*Cade
*will we ever see you again?*optimus
*Cade Yeager I do not know*
*but whenever you look to the stars think of one of them as my soul*
*defend this family autobots as they defend you all they came be*he turned to JJ and she smiled at him
*I’ll look forward to your return as I always do*he nods yes to her once he activated his face place and quickly flew high up into the sky
*Animated universe*JJ was sleeping under her anime sheets and the lights quickly came on Mai was walking to her bed
*Jewry get up*JJ turned to her right and pulled the sheets above her
*early*Mai was holding a school uniform
*remember that little favor you asked the agency to do*JJ quickly stood up and the sheets where off her and she looked happy
*are you serious*Mai smiled
*you bet it’s all been done plus you said you haven’t been at school for hundreds of years*JJ
*you didn’t say that I’m an alien right*Mai
*I’m the only one that know’s Jewry*JJ stood up off her bed and she was wearing yuki’s night gown from vampire knight with her pendent on her neck and she takes the uniform and she sighs with relief
*that’s good to know*she walked pest her and went into her closet and shut the door Mai
*Will it be alright with your creations to go to a provide high school*JJ’s voice in the closet
*it’s a high school for celebrates and the super rich, plus I need time away from them if I spend to much time with them I’ll start getting board*JJ came out wearing the uniform with her pendent on her neck
*and I’m millions of years old and this should amuse me for the time being*
*later at an academy*a black limo stopped at the front gate and students wearing JJ’s uniform where walking to the school  JJ was in the car and she was holding the center of her chest Mai
*only a little you know it’s been awhile*Mai
*and from the fact that your world famous you’re going to get a lot of attention*JJ sighed
*I know*the door opened on her side Mai got out of her side
*you ready?*JJ took a deep breath and let it out and she opened her eyes and she nods yes once
*in one of the classrooms*all the students were talking to each other the teacher came in along with Mai one student to another
* is she a new teacher?*the teacher stopped in front of the board
*class I’m happy to say that we have a brand new student starting this year in Class A*another class student
*a new student THIS late?*the teacher turned to the door
*Miss you can come in now*the door opened the students quickly stopped walking when they saw someone walking into the classroom one of the female students looked very happy JJ was standing in-between the teacher and Mai the teacher
*Class I’m proud to introduce Miss Jewry Love Lewis to our school*JJ barely smiled and she placed her hand over the center of her chest
*hello it’s nice to meet all of you, I know this quit a surprise to you all but I hope I can get along with each and every one of you here*the class looked speechless JJ looked worried
*did I say something*one of the male students gulped he quickly stood up and blushed
*wow you great*everyone started talking to each other the teacher
*alright please calm down everyone*Mai whispered to JJ
*looks like you’re going to be quite popular in this academy*JJ
*I think so as well*
*later on*JJ was sitting in one of the desks and several people where talking to her one of the girls was holding a new issue of one of her magazines
*Jewry I fell in love with your new issues*she handed it to you
*would you please sign this*JJ takes it
*of course*JJ takes out a pen and signs the cover and she gives it back to the girl
*here you go*the girl takes it and she looked happy more students quickly gather more and some of them weren’t even in the same class and students where outside the doors trying to get in
*lunch time*JJ was sitting in a center of a secret rose garden eating her lunch and her phone rights and she answers it
*hello Jewry speaking?*optmus’s voice
*your Eminency where are you?*JJ
*oh that’s right I didn’t tell you all did I*JJ smiled
* I’m in school*bumblebee’s voice
*you’re at school thought…*JJ
*look I love you all but I can’t spend all my damn time with you all I need some time away*Animated Ratchet’s voice
*so you just left without saying anything*JJ
*pretty much you guys know me you should have seen this coming, look I’ll be back in like three hours can you guys wait till them*optimus’s voice
*we’ll be waiting*JJ smiled
*good see you all later*optimus’s voice
*Jewry wait you understand….* She hangs up her phone
*they really are over protective with me*she pulls put her hair and puts it up in a clip when she stood up
*three hours later*the school bell ran everyone was walking out of the academy JJ was waving to several people that where taking pictures of her and she was smiling she stopped and whistled with her fingers to make a loud pitch the wind quickly picked up one the student quickly pointed up
*what is that thing*a giant bird quickly lands on the ground on its feet and JJ was petting its beak
*oh you came just in time Boris*
*in Detroit*optimus looked slightly worried Bumblebee
*chill out boss bot she said she would be here Jewry’s probably going to make a BIG entrance*JJ’s voice
*your right on that one*the wind quickly picked up Animated Ratchet
*what the slag is that THING?*the giant bird was flying to the ground JJ was sitting in it and she was smiling and waving
*Hey everyone*Bumblebee
*whoa that’s some entrance*the bird lands on the ground JJ cross her legs
*hope I’m not late?*Optimus
*your Eminency what in the name of cybertron is that*JJ
*what the hell do you think it is it’s a bird*she pets her bird on the back of its head
*My bird got him from a planet where the life there are like giants I named his Boris*she jumps off her bird and lands on the ground and the bird quickly flew off JJ to optimus
*so what was it you wanted to talk about Sempi*Optimus
*someone arrived on earth he wanted to see you*JJ looked a little confused optimus barely smiled JJ’s eyes quickly widened
*at the autobot base*the entrance quickly busted open JJ was standing on the door that was on the ground
*Ultra Magnus*Animated Ultra Magnus
*was busting the door really necessary*JJ smiled and she ran up and hugging his leg
*oh Ultra I’m so happy your alright*Ultra Magnus barely smiled at her
*I would thank your medical team they’re the ones that help the most*JJ looked up at him
*well of course I told them to repair you they said it would take some time* she smiled at him again
*I guess that time was worth it them huh?*
*how did you get here*Ultra Magus
*your shockwave provided cybertron with a more powerful space bridge*JJ
*I see, I hope you don’t mind him Ultra after what happened and all*Ultra Magnus
*it did surprise me yes but your version of ME explained everything*JJ looked worried and took a few steps back
*you met my second version of you*
*you’re not pissed are you*Ultra Magnus looked confused JJ
*pissed means mad don’t ever use that word in your vocabulary*Ultra Magnus
*I see yes I was but you did make several copies of optimus’s team after all including Arcee*JJ barely laughed while she was rubbing the back of her head
the last year part 10
part 9
the last year part 9
transformers age of extinction
sorry for the wait people


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I'm a fangirl for transformers
love deviantart
I love reading anime books
Favourite genre of music: rock or pop
Favourite style of art: taking pics
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: transformers hot shot
  • Listening to: rock/pop
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I doing I new fan fiction so far I got up to 11 chapter my total for it is twenty

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