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*G1 universe episode 94* Ultra Magus was glowing red and he was crashed to the wall
*there you are you puny wimp*JJ’s voice
*I see you’ve been infected*JJ was in front of rodimus she was wearing yoko’s cloths with her hair up her cherry blossom chip in her hair holding back some of her hair and with her pendent on her neck she had rukia’s sword in her hand
* tsugi no mai*her blade turns into a beautiful white sword she stabs the ground four times where she was standing and snow appeared she blade starts to glows the snow surrounded her JJ
*hakuren!*a giant and powerful snow avalanche appears and freezes Ultra Magnus JJ to Rodimus
*I’m buying you some time Rodimus *she barely turned her head to him
*you get going we’ll do our best to hold these guys off*Rodimus
*you think I came along my teammates are helping out the virus wont effect them*Rodimus
*alright* he drive off with Jessica on his hood Ultra Magnus breaks free
*you think you can stop me by trapping my in a thin layer of ice*he transformed and points his gun at her
*your wrong*he fires at her she swings her sword and the blade hits the sealing JJ
*it takes more than that to surprise me*
*Arcee now*Ultra Magnus
*Arcee?*Prime Arcee quickly kicked him across his face and he crashed to the ground arcee lands on the ground on her feet
* So can I use it?*Arcee held out her hand in front of Ultra Magnus
*just what I wanted to hear*Smoke quickly shot out and wrapped itself around Ultra Magnus and he was struggling
*what is this*Arcee
*I ate the smoke smoke fruit so my body becomes smoke whenever I want*JJ
*I had a lot of choices to chose from but I think this devil fruit powers works out for her*Ultra Magnus
*Devil fruit* Ultra Magnus
*release me with now*JJ
*not yet when this is all over*
*in the city*superion infected Bee blurr and kup transform Kup
*remember don’t let him touch you you’ll be infected*gun shots where quickly fired Blurr
*whatwasthat*Kup turned around
*there’s your answer right there*Bee turned around and looked shocked
*what the*he saw Prime Bumblebee along with prime Bulkhead Prime Bumblebee was in front of G1 bumblebee
*so your me I’m a lot shorter than I thought*G1 bumblebee
*your Jewry’s version of me*Prime bumblebee
*you bet we’re here to help out as much as we can*Bulkhead
*and quickly too this Virus is spreading like crazy*Bumblebee quickly ran to Supericon in the face and he falls on the ground Prime bumblebee
*these guys really aren’t much of a challenge* Kup
*look out*Superion reaches for him a missile fires at him Blurr
*wheredidthatcomefrom* prime starscream ‘s arm returned to its normal form prime bumblebee
*you guys came just in time* Ratchet comes from above superion and he was forced on the ground prime ratchet
*Sorry bumblebee we took longer than we thought* Bee
*no way it can’t be*Ratchet turned to them Kup
*Ratchet is that you*Ratchet
*yes and no*Bee
*wait you touched him and you weren’t infected *Ratchet
*we’re quite different from you in many ways* superion quickly gets up and fires at ratchet
*slashing sounds* prime Wheekjack with his face plate on while holding his twin blades in his hands stands in front of Ratchet
*need a hand Doc*Prime Ratchet
*I told you before I name is not Doc*G1 bumblebee
*Wheeljack what’s going on here*Superion runs off Prime Smokescreen
*hey he’s getting away*
*at autobot base*JJ’s voice
*rodimus*he turned around JJ wasn’t infected Rodimus hugs JJ
*you all aren’t infected*JJ breaks free
*we’re immune to the virus*
*did skylink find a anything yet*Rodimus
*he hasn’t reported yet*JJ
*you need to shut down metro plex it’s the only way to save him*Rodimus
*your right*he runs off JJ to her friends
*you all know what to do* JJ to optimus
*Sempi I’m happy to see you again*she smiles
*really I am*
*but sadly I won’t be here long I’ll be returning home*she hears a crashing sound JJ
*please stay strong*she runs off quickly
*outside* Rodimus infected JJ gets in his way JJ
*that’s far enough* she blasts him with her sedio he quickly moves Rodimus
*bring it I’ll take you on*JJ standing in the air
*fine have it your way* she gets out Tai Halibel’s sword
*it won’t end well*
*now hunt Tibaron*a giant amount of water formed round her some of the decepticons quickly turned around a big white blade cuts throw that water it comes down quickly JJ’s form the form of Tai Halibel’s hollow form JJ
*do you still want this battle*Rodimus
*yes I do my blood is boiling for this*he fires at her she appears in front of him and kicks him in the face making him hit the wall and she did it with little effort JJ
*you are out matched *G1 Ultra Magnus comes at her from behind two blades hover over his neck and prime wheeljack
*I wouldn’t go any farther if I where you* Ultra Magnus
*it can’t be…Wheeljack*Wheeljack’s face plate vanishes
*not the wheeljack you know*he throws him to the wall JJ
*you all are last*Wheeljack
*sorry my lady turns out it took us longer than we thought*Rodimus almost comes at them Wheeljack grinned and a barrier quickly appeared and Rodimus was crashed to the ground
*what the*Wheeljack has his figures crossed on his right hand
*Sorry not letting you harm the lady*JJ smiled Rodimus
*a barrier*Wheeljack
*that’s right Jewry let me eat something called the barrier barrier fruit, nothing can break these* JJ to wheeljack
*Wheeljack he’s been restored assist with the other autobots there going to need all the help they can get and Cliffjumper is going with you*Wheeljack
*sounds good to me*he runs off JJ turned around
*Ratchet your with me again*
*G1 season 4 episode 95*
*inside the lab* optimus
*have any of the other autobots avoided contamination*JJ still in her Hollow stands next to skylinks
* Well not many on your part those who weren’t where injured madly from superion they may be damaged beyond repair*optimus
*I see you haven’t aged after all these years*JJ smiles
*it’s great to see you again too Sempi* optimus to the Quintesson
*let’s find them and get them to the repair bay they’ll need your help*JJ
*already too take of that they should be here moment tautly*
*I have my own force and I brought them here to help out without dilemma*
*later* JJ sitting on Breakdown’s shoulder
*alright now you all know the truth happy know* Quintesson
*so those transformers aren’t from this universe*JJ
*yep so there not effected*Skylink
*how did you bring them here*JJ
*you see I’m able to travel to different universe doesn’t matter which ones I go it* Ratchet
*in our universe things are way different we’re more advance and stronger*Wheeljack swinging his swords
*and have more weapons*JJ
*put them away* Wheeljack
*sorry*he puts them back JJ
*its fine wheeljack*
*meanwhile* Galvatron fighting off his own men a ice dragon appears out of nowhere and fights off the cons Galvatron
*what the* JJ jumped off the ice dragon and was wearing rangiku’s soul reapers uniform with her pendent on her neck alright with a captains cloak on her and she lands on the ground Galvatron
*Jewry*JJ pointed her sword at the cons
*this damn well ends*she held up her sword
*now Bankai*she quickly started glowing she took the bankai form of Toshiro Hitsugaya
*Daiguren Hyourinmaru*she quickly flew up in the sky
*this should be interesting* she swings her blade and twenty ice appear and attack them JJ
*just a little bit longer*she quickly dodge the gun shots in the air Cyclones
*stand still you witch*JJ
*fine*she stopped moving hand held her arms out
*go on then I dare you*Cyclones pointed his gun at her
*I’m going to enjoy this*JJ barely grinned he almost blasted her a human arm flowered out of his arm and smacked it out of his hand the autobots firing at the cons Optimus
*Galvatron it’s me optimus prime can you hear me*Galvatron fires
*optimus how is it possible that you live*JJ was dodged the gun shots
*is that really important right now*she kicks scredge in the face
*the only way to save ourselves is to work together*Galvatron
* me agenized those lunatics*
*looks like I have no choice*
*very well optimus we will combine forces*to himself
*for now*JJ’s voice
*that’s the spirit* she crossed her arms in front of her
*and now mil fleur* thousands of arms quickly flowered behind her and they started forming up
* gigantesco mano* everybody was started to look up two giant legs formed from behind JJ Cyclones
*what legs*JJ barely looked serious
*stomp*the legs started coming down the infected decepticons where screaming then the legs started stomping on the JJ smiled with her arms still crossed in front of her she smiled and the legs vanished Cyclones got up
* decepticons retreat quickly*they all flow Galvatron
*they’ll be back as soon as they recharge*
*follow me*they all followed him into a cave Galvatron shoots at the wall and the entrance caves in Galvatron’s voice
*we’ll be safe here for a while*he turned back into robot mood
*why are you on char* JJ
*you’re in position of a precise medal *optimus
*watch holds the key to the cure of this horribly pleg*JJ
*and without it well all be destroyed* Galvatron
*so you need the medal*
*very well I’ll take you to it*Jessica to kup
*can he be trusted*Kup
*not for an instant*Jessica whispers to JJ
*what about you*JJ
*I do whatever the F I please* Galvatron
*be warned now this is not a easy trick*they all walked forward Breakdown’s optics turned light blue he nods yes and his optics turned back to their normal color JJ barely smiled they all started climbing up Galvatron still leading the way  they all stop at a giant spider web Gold bug
*the cost is clear let’s hurry*Gold bug
*I don’t like this*JJ
*me neither*she walks forward everything starts to move Jessica
*what is that* *Galvatron
*looks like autobots can’t fly*he laughs JJ crossed her arms in front of her
*cien fleur*thousands of arms quickly flowered out of her shoulders and they formed giant wings
*forgot she can do that* the giant spider grabs Gold Bug and he screams for help JJ jumps off of Gold bug’s shoulder and slices throw the spiders body to the head and throw the back when she came out she was covered in the spiders blood and insides Gold Bug
*Gross*JJ flicks on its organs off her shoulder
*oh shut up*she walks past him
*I’ve been throw worse*Galvatron was thrown to the ground Galvatron
*what was that for*JJ
*not helping you F-ing bitch*
*later on*all of them still walking JJ still covered in the spiders blood some of the autobot didn’t looks happy about it JJ
* grow up you damn babies it’s just spider blood I’ll waste it off later it’s no big deal*optimus
*maybe not to you*JJ made a pouty face
*boy Sempi your sure a big help*
 *later*everyone walks in a cave and leaches start falling on the ground Breakdown shield JJ when the leaches touches him the where electrocuted and fall on the ground dead JJ
*looks like your too much for them*he laughs
*guess so master*Galvatron blasts them to get the leaches off of everyone Breakdown gets up JJ flips her hair
*that went well* gun shots where being fired at them from behind JJ
*well saw this coming* Gold bug and several others were infected optimus
*we got to get out of here watch way*Gavatron
*this way but first*he transforms and blasts the sealing at made it cave it Galvatron
*we do not need those fools following us*JJ
*no argument there*Galvatron
*now lets go*they all walked off JJ to breakdown
*you remember what to do*breakdown
*good it’ll be a little different from last time though*Galvatron
*where almost there*he stops at a hedge door
*this is it*he opens the door and they all go inside Jessica walks off JJ to breakdown
*Go for it when he aims for him*Breakdown
*alright* Galvatron pointing his cannon at optimus
*who’s the fool now optimus*Jessica
*oh no*Galvatron
*now I don’t need you optimus so much for your resurrection*he laughs Jessica gets in front of prime
*you jerk he trying to save us all*Cherry blossom peddles quickly flew past his face and several human arms flowered  out of his arm and threw him canon away from him Breakdown quickly grabbed his neck and it slowly started rusting Galvatron
*what the what is this*Breakdown
*I ate the rust rust fruit and I think you know what it does* Galvatron
*the rust rust fruit?*JJ
*my teammates have what you call devil fruit powers by my standers*
*afterwards*Cyclones sneaks in Galvatron caring the medal JJ sitting on top of optimus’s trailer
*that should be enough*Cyclones grabs Jessica and infects her Galvatron
*now*he kicks breakdown’s arm and grabs his cannon Breakdown
*what are you*Galvatron points his weapon at him cyclones
*join us galvatron join us now*Galvatron
*die you worthless piece of slag*JJ
*that’s sounds like something I would say to you*Galvatron fires at him Jessica touches him and becomes infected Cyclones
*it’s to late now*JJ
*let’s get the hell out of here quick* Optimus
*we need to work on you vocabulary*JJ wines they all quickly leave
* on earth*JJ eye’s where glowing golden yellow
*how are things going along for you guys*Dreadwing’s voice
*not to bad and not to good on mine and wheeljack’s part*Cliffjumper’s voice
*me and Arcee just knocked out a few we didn’t harm them*Starscream’s voice
*the same goes for me and the others we’ll keep them occupied while the optimus here takes care of things*
*is that right*JJ
*right the ones that are infected keep them occupied for as long as you can*
*let me know when one of you spots Rodimus we need him and I’m still looking*she looks down
*wait I find him he just went past me and was being chased*she jumps from building to building
*remember keep them busy till I say so*her eyes turned back to their normal color and continued to chase rodimus she gets out her iphone
*prime it’s me I just spotted Rodimus he’s heading to the junk yard I’m heading over there*
*get there as quick as you can*she puts her phone back in her chest and catches up with him she talks to her watch
*active ground bridge*she quickly goes throw it and it vanishes
*at the junk yard*Rodimus
*ha ha nobody messes with me*JJ’s voice
*Rodimus*he quickly turned forward JJ catching her breath
*please you need to stop this*Rodimus
*I don’t take order from YOU anymore*JJ
*if you won’t listen to me then listen it him* optimus covered in the medal he quickly ran and stopped behind her
*she’s right Rodimus*Rodimus
*optimus ..I thought you were dead*Optimus
* the preservation of our race is at stack*he walks forward
*madness had infected the entire galaxy *he stops
*the autobots the decepticons the humans they threaten to whip each other out of existence*
*we got to fight the madness*
*you got to help us Rodimus*Rodimus walks forwards and stops in front of him
*help the universe*Optimus
*listen to what I’m saying*Rodimus
*oh alright*JJ
*Sempi look out he’s crazed* JJ quickly pushes optimus out of the way when Rodimus fired at him her and optimus where hiding behind a few things JJ holds her side and prime saw her blood dripping where her hand was optimus Rodimus started firing optimus
*Rodimus we don’t want to hurt you* Rodimus still firing
*I know you won’t*he transformed and drove off JJ to prime
*sempi you need to do this on your own*
*I can’t interfere with this*Optimus
*right then*
*in the factory*Rodimus
*come out come out where ever you are* he fires
*I know you’re in here*he looks around
*can optimus come out and play?*JJ appears and throws him on the converter belt JJ holding his arm while her foot was on his chest
*this goes agenized all that I stand for*          
*and I won’t let this continue the only way to save you*
*I need the Matrix* Rodimus gets out a torch he quickly grabs her
*you would like that wouldn’t you*he grins JJ looked surprised Rodimus
*I wonder*he held the torch in front of her
*how you would look covered in burns I would love to that*she looked almost scared a drip of sweat falls on the side of her face optimus grabs his hand
*I don’t think so*JJ
*Sempi*Rodimus’s hand drops her and she lands on the ground Optimus trying to hold back rodimus
*are you aright*JJ
*I am thanks to you*Rodimus tried to burn him optimus
*it’s no us I’m protected from heat*she starts running
*I got this one* JJ stopped and crossed her arms in front of her
*dous fleur* hundreds of arms quickly flowered out of rodimus and they were holding onto him Optimus
*good thinking*JJ
*you would of thought the same*
 *later*Optimus holding the matrix
*if any cure to this pleg exists*
*only the enchants leaders within the Matrix could possibly know it*JJ holding her arm
*good luck*he puts the matrix in his chamber and goes offline JJ to the Quintesson
*I’m watching you I won’t let you lay a hand on him you hear me* Quintesson
*of course*
*wait a minute*he gets closer to her and relisted
*you know the cure don’t you*JJ
*well well someone catches on fast* Quintesson
*tell me the cure*JJ
*it’s the Matrix or myself*
*but I would prefer the Matrix*Quintesson
*you that’s impossible*JJ
*is it*she held out her hand a light appeared hovering above her hand
*what I hold in my hand is the fabric of time and space to your universe I have total control of everything here*
*don’t believe me*she held the light in front of him
*take a look*he looks closer
*it is*he almost grabbed it and it vanishes JJ
*sorry you can only look at it*
*and don’t tell him when he comes too or I’ll erase your existence*Quintesson
*yes ma’ma*JJ
*good*the alarm goes off the Quintesson
*oh no infected transformers*JJ smacks him in his face
*calm down I knew this would happen so I brought my forces here to hold them off*Quintesson
*smart*JJ crosses her arms
*shut up I know it*the Quintesson’s voice
*there dead*JJ
*we’re toast*they start backing up Quintesson
*no stay back*JJ holding back Galvatron with her sword Galvatron
*give up this world is ours and optimus prime will die again*JJ
*no…he…won’t I’m not allowing it again * she kicks him back to the wall prime chamber opens with the matrix and it started glowing JJ
*about time*optimus stood with holding the matrix
*now light our darkest hour*JJ takes a picture of him on her iphone
*so cool*she puts it away the matrixes power spreads all over the universe JJ’s voice
*tell me I’m not the only one hearing that*optimus’s voice
*hearing what*JJ’s voice
*oh come on really!*Galvatron and the others where cured*
Jessica’s father
*I can’t say what I’m feeling but I’m so terribly sorry* Jessica’s brother
*we had no right what we did with the spores and what we believed in you*
*we deeply apologize* Galvatron walks forward Rodimus to Kup
*does this mean the fighting will continue*Kup
*hard to say*Galvatron to optimus
*there will be no war today optimus prime you have earned my respect*Optimus giving a matrix to rodimus
*the wisdom of the enchants it’s lost*JJ
*no not really we’re all a little wiser now*
*but seriously no one else head that music*Rodimus
*no not really*JJ
*aw man*to herself
*guess only the audience can hear it*Kup
*oh nothing*
*anyway if you wouldn’t mind optimus can I see that*Optimus
*what for*JJ
*you’ll see*he gives it to her JJ
*I have one request no questions how I did it*she held in her hand a bright glowing light that resembled the glow from the matrix and puts it in the center of it and it had it power back
*here you go*she gives it to Rodimus
*how did you*Optimus
*she said no question*
*autobot transform and roll out*hey all drive into the sunset JJ in a chibi bubble
*come on I can’t be the only one who hears the background music*
*it’s kinda creeping me out right now*
*G1 universe episode 96 and 98*JJ cosplaying ranmoa with her pendent on her neck and her sword case holder on her back while talking with optimus
*Sempi I’m really happy that your back*she looked down
*I want to apologize*optimus
*what do you have to apologize for*JJ
*about not saving the other on that day*she nods no
*I really wanted to save them but I couldn’t*she looked almost sad
*I couldn’t save them and I could of prevented megatron from his changed *
*I’m really sorry Sempi*Optimus
*you shouldn’t blame yourself I know why you didn’t came*
*and I would like to thank you*JJ looked at him
*huh thank me?*Optimus
*true that most of the autobots are no longer here if you where to change things none of this wouldn’t of happened *JJ
*I guess your right on that Sempi* Optimus
*if I may ask why do you call me that?*JJ
*don’t you remember you asked me that question before*Optimus
*I did? That’s right I did*JJ smiled at him
*later*Blurr racing rodimus and he lost control something quickly stops him and lifts him like he was nothing
*hey blurr saved you from crashing again*Blurr
*ohnopleaseputmedownplease!*JJ still smiling
*to late*she starts spinning him while laughing
*where the others where*Daniel
*how did I do dad*Spike
*just fine Daniel*Arcee
*fine you did great*Rodimus
*hey where’s Blurr he was right behind us*Blurr quickly hid behind Rodimus
*smacking sound*Blurr on the ground on his face JJ
*I didn’t spin you that fast*Spike
*Jewry hey nice to see ya again*JJ
*I’m actually here to get my black butler DVD’s I forget them*brainstorm holding the DVD cases
*you mean theses I watch them and it’s was pretty good*
*smacking sound*Brainstorm rolling on the ground covering his eyes
*my eyes I can’t see*JJ hugging her DVD’s and looked angry
*how the F did you find these they were hidden you damn idiot*Spike to brainstorm
*now you guys know why we don’t touch her stuff and we did warned you about her temper*JJ opens one of them and looks at the back
*you better not have scratched it*Brainstorm gets up and rubs his eyes
*for an organic your pretty powerful and what was the other thing*JJ puts the disk back in the case
*oh that kup get your communicator out you have an important transmission*she walks off looking at the other DVD’s she quickly hides behind a building in the shadows
*I better get to the decepticons destination*
*at the battle field*sixshot in flight mood firing at one of the aerialbots then something shoots at him hitting his wing causing him to crash he turns back into robot mood holding his shoulder silverbolt
*what was that*JJ’s voice
*well look at what we got here*JJ was wearing Hannah’s maids uniform from back butler with her pendent on her neck
*still using the same tricks how pathetic*her eyes turned blood red when she smiled
*I might as well have a little fun*
*slashing*sixshot’s head rolls on the ground JJ picks it up and catches it up and down
*that was a boar that’s what I expected*she tosses the head in the air and kicks it to a building brainstorm
*what just happened*Spike
*that’s the side of her I haven’t seen in years*sweat comes down one side of his face
*and I never wanted to see it again*Galvatron was thrown to the ground dozens of human arms popped out of the ground from under him and they quickly held onto him JJ was in front of him and he grinned  Galvatron
*after twenty years of fight us you decide now to kill what is your reason*JJ
*the answer is easy when I first fought you I could of easily killed you with one swing*
*but I didn’t I needed the right moment at the right time*
*and what a better time than THIS*the arms started squeezing him harder JJ
*do you want to know why I didn’t kill you on that day*Galvatron
*enlighten me girl*JJ
*it went agenized my orders from my superior*
*but didn’t say anything about killing Galvatron*he almost looked terrified JJ
*meaning I can do whatever the hell I want*bolt holes where being shot in her back and they stopped JJ turned her head
*that kinda hurt*the gun shot holes quickly healed cyclonus starts stepping backwards JJ walking
*I’m going to enjoy killing you*she stops she closes her eyes
*yes I see understood I’ll deal with it right now sir*her eyes opened and they where there normal color
*change in plains looks like I’ll kill all of you later*she vanishes in thin air
*the location to the plasma energy chamber*scerdge puts the key on and they machine starts to malfunction JJ standing next to him
*opps did I do that*she slightly laughs she stabs his shoulder before he went offline Spikes voice
*JJ*she turned around
*I just got here so don’t blame me for this*she kicks the controls and holds the key
*we got to get out of here*she puts her hand in front of her the two of the guys where forced back to the ship and hits the wall JJ appeared in front of the door without her arm blade
*quick get this ship moving*the ship quickly shot up she went throw the sealing and went into space JJ still holding the key
*sorry I had to do that to you two it was the only fast way*Spike gets up
*its fine*
*you’re not going to go crazy on us will you*JJ smiling
*no only in battle *she starts laughing
*here you go Rodimus*she tosses the key to him Rodimus holding it
*ah thanks*JJ crosses her arms her arm
*don’t tell me you afraid of me*Rodimus in a chibi bubble outside of the ship
*well for starts you chopped of a decepticon’s head*JJ in a chibi bubble too
*so what is I did*her bubble showed her holding sixshots head
*how I got a new trophy*Blurr in a chibi bubble
*whataminutewhendidyoubringthatinhereandhowdiditgetinhereinthefirstplace*JJ still in a chibi bubble while rubbing the top of sixshot’s head
*I snuck it in while none of you where looking*Arcee in a chibi bubble
*I hate to break up the conversation but we got a problem right now*JJ not in a chibi bubble
*oh right we’re moving away from cybertron*the head burst into blue flames and vanishes without leaving any ashes
*I’ll see what I can do*she walks off
*later on*the ship starts landing on a planet JJ looks in a little black book
*let’s see*
*oh that place been a while thought*she puts the book back in her chest
*per air for crack landing everyone*the ship lands in a ocean when on shore everyone quickly runs out of there before it explodes after that they walked around JJ flying with her jet shoes Rodimus yelling to her
*see anything?*JJ’s voice
*no not yet I’ll go on ahead and tell you guys what I find*she flies off quickly leaving a train of smoke in the sky she looks at her black book
*alright from what this book says the universal kingdom owns this planet*
*lucky me and not for the bots though*she puts her book away a shot was fired at her
*oh great*she flies down the natives pointed their weapons at her JJ
* It would not be wise to shot at me*she gets out her black book
*and I own this planet by decry and this is my proof*they all got on their knees JJ
*please there is no need of that*
*me and my friends where crashes here my accident and we need assistance will you please help us out*
*my friends are machines and two organics with them and it shouldn’t be hard to miss them*
*later on cybertron*
*howling noise*Swindle
*what was that*brawl
*that kinda sounded like a wolf to me*Swindle
*oh please there are no wolfs on cybertron*a giant figure stood behind him
*don’t be an idiot*something breaths down his neck and he heard growling Swindle
*Brawl what’s behind me*Brawl on the ground scared Swindle slowly turned around swindle screamed and so did Brawl JJ hid in the shadows with her wolf eras and tail
*damn where could they be they should be around here?*she finds the rocket
*there they are* Ultra Magnus on the ground JJ’s voice
*Ultra*he looked up JJ in front of him and noticed her dog ears JJ
*looks at what you got yourself into*Ultra Magnus
*your Excellency what happened to you*JJ
*not important right know*she grabs his face
*what’s important is saving everyone*he starts glowing and was refilled with energon she lets go of him
*better*Ultra Magnus
*how did you know*she puts her finger on his forehead and her finger glows Ultra Magnus
*impossible there’s just no way*JJ puts her hand down
*believe it I’m living proof* she runs off  
*at the plasma energy chamber*JJ in her full wolf form rips open the control panel and held the key in her mouth
*I can’t wait to see the look on Galvatron’s face*she runs off quickly
*outside*decepticons fighting back Galvatron
*we must exit here in five minutes*
*scorpinox transform*he heard growling from behind him
*what was that*he turned around A giant wolf looks at him while growling Galvatron points his cannon at him
*where did that come from….*the wolf turns to one side of its mouth and had the key in its mouth Galvatron
*you wouldn’t dare*the wolf crushes the key with its teeth Galvatron
*you mutt*he fires at it the wolf opens its mouth and fired a sedio at him and was hit n his shoulder the wolf foot stomps on his chest Cyclonus
*Galvatron*a very powerful sedio fires at him and turned him into ashes Galvatron
*what are you*JJ spoke without moving her mouth
*you know that answer*Galvatron
*wait I know that voice*JJ
*so your able to shape shift*JJ
*this form is temporary and has its limits along with some side effects*her paw turns into a human foot JJ wearing Nel’s clothes when she returned to her adult form she had her wolf ears and tail
*but there worth it*Scorpinox and for trice maxims fought each other JJ
*now that battle looks more fun*she quickly vanishes
*inside scorpinox*the guys controlling him paying attention to the battle a sword hovers his neck JJ behind him
* I’ll see you in hell*his blood splattered on the walls his blood was on her face


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JJ or Jewry
United States
I'm a fangirl for transformers
love deviantart
I love reading anime books
Favourite genre of music: rock or pop
Favourite style of art: taking pics
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: transformers hot shot
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hey people started creepy pasta fanfiction of any creepy pasta character I want and thi character for this one is laughing jack
here's the opening of it tell me what you think

Creepy pasta (Laughing jack series)

“For a whole you feel like you’re alone invisible to most people, but some know your presents and those people are your friends. Loneliness is something everyone fears in this world then there are some who don’t mind being alone, and there are some that can’t make up their minds on what they want most in the world that you live in, the reality that you see with your eyes , the truth is there is no answer. Worlds and realities are two different things that no one can control it control’s itself, however in rare carrions there are those that are created to alter worlds or certain realities that you believe are real. These creators some where once human themselves and there are some that where created with kindness but turned into the darkness and those creators, well for now you call them Creepy Pastas that is what they are call in ledges as these beings have one thing common and that is the lust for human blood and torment.”

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