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*Monday JJ’s universe during lunch*JJ was wearing a red brown shirt with a raven on it dark blue jeans black shoes her pendent on her neck and her hair up and was texting morgan on her iphone JJ looked upset
*I miss Momo*Channing
*we all miss momo, try asking her to prom*human cliffjumper
*is that even allowed*JJ
*I’m bringing you guys aren’t I? And several of you got asked out right*Cliffjumper looked upset
*oh yeah that’s right*JJ
*does Keke have momo’s number*Shelby
*I don’t know?*JJ
*I’ll ask her when I see her*
*Naruto shippuden episode 265* Zabuza and haku where giving off their energy chakura Zabuza
*kakashi don’t hesitate or hold back use whatever necessary to stop me, remember I already died once and I died human* his image was on an orb and it was hovering over JJ’s hand she was wearing saya’s cloths from blood the last dark with her pendent on her neck and one dark blue flower holding back some of her bangs
*well things look heated up would you say kisame*Kisame was still wearing the Akatsuki
*indeed can’t wait to fight Zabuza after so long*the orb vanished and JJ handed him there hat
*don’t forget what I said Kisame, don’t reveal yourself until after the other master’s swordmen appear*kisame took the hat
*don’t worry I won’t forget*
*back to the battle*Zabuza barely held his hand out in the air
*ninja art hidden mist justu*he noticed that nothing happened kakashi
*nothing happened what’s going on*JJ’s voice
*I think I can answer that question*Kakashi looked surprised
*Lady Jewry*JJ stood not the far away from zabuza and the others with kisame wearing the  Akatsuki hat covering his face and was standing next to her JJ smiled
*nice to see you too kakshi*Guy
*So you helping out and I see you have an Akatsuki member with you*JJ
*he insisted on wearing the robe for battle I just gave him a weapon the replace the one he lost*she turned around
*and anyway he’ll be the one fight along with you guys not me*she started walking off and she held up her hand
*I might as well set the battle field while I’m here*she snapped her fingers once and the entire area was covered in mist
*enjoy ya’lls fight the mist will clean when the battle is over*
*much later on in the battle*kisame didn’t have his hat on him and he barely pointed his hand in front of him and it started to charge up with yellow energy
*Bakudo number 61 Rikujokoro*Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into zabuza’s body midsection, holding him in place and the lights resembled a flower shape Kisame puts his hand down
*well I’ll be it actually worked, I trust you can handle the rest correct my lady*JJ was barely holding haku up when he was lying on the ground and she was sitting on the ground and she smiled at him
*yes your right*JJ kissed haku’s forehead his body started glowing and it slowly started disappearing in her arms
*you can finally rest in peace now*she saw tears coming down haku’s eyes before he vanished completely kakashi
*you mean you were watching? All this time?*JJ nods no when she stood up and she stopped
*I just got here *she started walking to zabuza she touched the side of his face and he came too and he looked surprised
*wait I know you*JJ smiled at him beautifully
*it’s nice to see you again too*she got on her tip toes and she kissed his forehead the rikujokoro broke free from zabuza and his body started glowing and slowly disappearing like haku’s JJ stepped back from him
*you two will be reunited I made sure of that*Zabuza
*thank you*he quickly disappeared and his sword dropped on the ground the mist started disappearing and clearing up JJ picked up zabuza’s blade and looked at him
*I accept your condensation Zabuza*
*Kisame you wish to stay or not*Kisame
*I’ll stay here if you don’t mind*JJ started walking off
*very well just don’t overdo it K*
*Naruto shippuden episode 270* Kinkaku was in the nine tails chakura cloak Darui was about to use a hand sign he felt someone touching his should JJ was right behind him
* You better let me my subordinates handle this one kid*Darui quickly looked at her
*wait aren’t you*JJ walked past him
*that’s right and you and quod better get to save distance*she stopped and looked up at the sky and yelled
*ready Jiraiya*Jiraiya’s voice
*you know it*everyone started to look up at the sky Darui
*no way it can’t be*one of Jiraiya’s large toads was falling from the sky and Jiraiya was standing on him and he quickly jumps off his toad and made a fist in his hand
*bakudo him 62 Hyapporankan*a rod appeared in his fist when he quickly threw it down it multiplied into thousands of rods and the rods quickly pinned down kinkaku and he was struggling Jiraiya quickly puts both his hands together
*I’m done yet*
*Walls of iron sand, a priestly pagoda, and glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end*every started to escape from his hands
*bakudo number 75 Gochūtekkan* he  Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars which are connected to each other by chains to pin kinkaku even more Jiraiya lands on the ground on his feet and his toad vanished
*well looks like worked out just fine*JJ was next to him
*see told ya kido works perfectly didn’t I?*she looked disappointed
*and I can’t believe I had to drunk you to get you out of Sweden*she sighed
*but I’m not surprised*Jiraiya was looking at the battle
*so you do have kakuzu in your ranks now*JJ
*yeah* she started walking to kinkaku and she touched his forehead the nine tails coat started to absorb into her hand
*as for you I’m taking back my nine tail’s chakura kinkaku’s body started disappearing as did the kido that was on him when his body completely vanished JJ stood up
*jiraiya we’re leaving kakuzu is staying in battle area and besides Choji is the one that’ll really heat things up here*
*kakuzu*kakuzu’s voice
*you called*JJ
*you know what to do correct*kakuzu was standing behind her
*that’s right*when JJ looked at him her eyes where blood red
*well get to it*kakuzu quickly vanished JJ smiled while she started walking
*the real fight will start at sunset*she got out her iphone
*I might as well call for a little back up*
*Naruto shippuden episode 274* the Gedo Statue almost attack Shikamaru then an powerful shot quickly fired at it a Shikamaru looked surprised
*what the hell was that?*he looked ahead and looked even more shocked
*what*everyone looked shocked kakuzu
*what a surprise this battle just got interesting*the nirvash neo was miles from them and it puts away its gun Morgan was piloting the nirvash neo from inside her hair went to her shoulders and she was wearing a uniform from kill la kill
*alright let’s see what this baby can do*the nirvash neo quickly got out its blade and got into a fighting position while touching the middle of its blade the gedo statue quickly started charging at the nirvash neo Morgan smiled
*not so smart are ya*nirvash neo quickly swung it’s blade when the Gedo statue went past it and it stopped moving Morgan’s voice in the nirvash neo
*to bad I can’t end ya so I’ll leave you with that wound*the gedo statue’s shoulder quickly gushed out chakura and it started to fall in the ocean
*later on at the alliance main camp*everyone was looking at the nirvash neo choji
*whoa that thing is so cool looking*JJ’s voice
*why thank you*Choji quickly freaked out and turned around JJ was smiled Ino
*Lady Jewry what are you doing here*JJ
*here to see one of my besties after so long*she looked at the nirvash neo
*isn’t that right Momo* the nirvash neo chamber started to opened and Morgan quickly jumped out
*you bet*JJ quickly coughing her and held her princess style and Morgan had her arms wrapped around her shoulders
*JJ you have no idea how happy I am to see you again*JJ smiled
*same here*Morgan looked at everyone
*pleasure to meet all of you I’m Morgan Orihara I’m one of JJ’s friends from the Dark Continent*Neji
*the Dark Continent?*he looked at the nirvash neo
*I had no idea that place was so advanced*JJ to Morgan
*so you want to look around this place*Morgan
*will you continue to carry me like a princess if I say yes*JJ
*well what do you think*Morgan
*no*JJ puts her down Morgan
*no fun*JJ barely laughed she started to look surprised when her vision started to go daisy Morgan
*JJ sweetheart are you alright*JJ’s face barely started flushing and she passed out on the ground Morgan quickly helped her up
*get her to Chisuna’s quadrant stat *
*Naruto Shippuden episode 278* JJ was sleeping on itachi’s lap while she looked like was having a high fever and was under a Japanese style blanket haft her bangs was branded while held up in a bobby pin  and sakura was examining her Konan looked worried
*Sakura how is our mistress holding up *Sakura stood up
*not so good this didn’t happen overnight, Lady Jewry used a lot of will power to overcome her illness I’m surprised she still had all that energy*Sakura stood up and looked serious
*this is a serious matter you understand this right*Itachi looked down at JJ and had his hand on top of her head
*She’s completely venerable and a very easy target now*he looked up at Sakura
*you tell the others the rest of us will protect her until she’s well*Sakura
*right*she quickly ran out the tent
*I should probably tell her friend the news as well?*
*later on*JJ was still lying on itachi’s lap and her face was flushed
*I’m so board right now*itachi
*try not to talk save your strength*JJ
*don’t you worry about my strength I have plenty, it’s just sealed up at the moment*
*I want to go out, I want to look at the moon tonight*she looked up at itachi
*itachi please*itachi didn’t answer her Konan
*you know we can’t display orders itachi even in her condition she’s still our lady and mistress*Itachi
*I’m aware of that*he stood up and was caring JJ in his arms and she was wearing a playing white kimono robe with her pendent on her neck Itachi
*and if that is what you wish, then so be it*JJ started blushing and barely looked surprised
*minutes later outside*JJ signed with joy when she was in a natural hot spring and her hair was up and still had her pendent on her neck
*this is just what I needed I’m starting to feel much better now*Morgan was sitting on the ledge with her feet in the water
*yeah no kidding the temperature is great, you sure we should be out here*JJ
*well itachi is here, he’s the only one I can trust that won’t try to sneak a peek and I also have Konan here as well*she smiled and looked to her left
* I hope you don’t mind*Konan was sitting on the edge as well and smiled
*no not at all mistress, although I do agree with Lady Morgan*
*you’re in a very weak state and can easily be captured by madara*JJ
*his real name obito Uchiha, he may have given up on that name but I knew the real madara I was the one that showed him how to control the nine tails*Morgan
*no way that was you that showed him now*JJ looked at Morgan
*that’s right for the payment well let’s just say it was equal to the nine tails*Konan
*Mistress is it true did you really bring jirayia sensai back*JJ
*oh he was never dead*Konan
*I told jirayia his fate I wanted things to be different before he died I came to save him, treated him spread the rumor that he was dead*
*in reality I took him to Sweden to do research*Morgan
*you took that perv to Sweden how did you get him out of there?*JJ
*I drugged him when he was flirting with a bikini model* Morgan
*no surprise there, why didn’t you take him to Germany or Canada?*JJ
*I have family in Sweden remember*Morgan
*oh yeah I forgot about that*Konan
*it’s a country in the areas of the Dark Continent, it’s a perfect place for summer*Morgan
*it’s also known as the sexist country of the whole damn planet from both genders, there’s a reason why Jewry looks the way she does and have that hot body of hers*JJ pouted
*shut up*she signed and didn’t look surprised
*oh for the love of.. if your going to peek you need better practice especially with me then again jirayia tried and failed, White Zetsu get your ass out of hiding, I’m surprised you got passed itachi*Morgan looked surprised
*what White Zetsu no way* White Zetsu started coming out of the ground
*your able to detect me, I’m so honored*Konan quickly got in front of JJ and she quickly drew out rangiku’s blade and she looked serious White Zetsu
*Konan your alive this is even more of a surprise*Konan got into a fighting pose
*I’m not letting you near my mistress Zetsu*JJ’s voice
*Konan that’s enough*Konan turned around
*but Mistress*JJ was standing up and she wrapped herself in a towel and turned to her
*if he wanted to kidnap me he would have already done it and with black zetsu no doubt*she walked out of the water and stood next to konan and crossed her arms
*instead he just waited* White Zetsu barely started blushing
*amazing I’ve never seen such beauty before so this is what you look like up close in person*Morgan
*I’m surprised to see the real white Zetsu here instead of the clone*Konan
*you can tell*JJ
*you can’t I’m surprised you did work under the same organization with him after all* she looked at white zetsu
*I know you didn’t come here to flirt*a blade quickly hovered over his neck itachi was behind him and he was using captain byakuya blade JJ
*so why are you here*Morgan
*and you better start talking*white Zetsu
*right, well you see the rumor of what happened you spread and when kabuto heard*itachi
*it was a barging chip for the tailed beasts, however that wasn’t the case*Konan
*Itachi is right Mistress Jewry was the one that created the tailed beasts, but collecting them isn’t enough you need something far more powerful*JJ
*itachi*Itachi puts his blade down and appeared near JJ
*I maybe ill but I still have enough strength to kick your ass*Morgan got in front of JJ
*hold it JJ I think I you better let me handle this loser instead*White zetsu barely took a step back JJ
*you want to deal with me you’re going to haft to deal with them first*white zetsu quickly retreated Morgan
*thought as much, something tells me he’ll be back and not alone*JJ barely smiled
*Naruto Shippuden episode 3*JJ was in ikaros form from sora no otoshimono wearing her cloth and her pendent still on her neck and was sitting on yuuko’s couch and smoke her pipe
*so Naruto’s finally returned* isaribi
*He has Mistress*JJ
*yes I wouldn’t disturb him right he in the middle of a reunion right now*isaribi
*a reunion Mistress* JJ
*well it looks like we have a customer isaribi go greet our guest will you*
*outside of the shop*Gaara was in front of the entrance and he was looking up at the shop
*what is this place, how did I end up here*the door opened on its own and isaribi barely bowed to him
*Welcome my Mistress has been excepting you*Gaara
*Your Mistress*he started walking in and isaribi was leading him
*this way please*she stopped in front of a screen door with butterflies on it JJ’s voice
*I’ve been expecting you Gaara it’s been a long time* Gaara looked surprised and slightly happy isaribi opened the screen doors JJ was lying on yuko’s chair and blew out smoke she looked at Gaara and smoked
*or should I say Kazekage?*Gaara walking up to her
*lady Jewry is that you*JJ looked at him
*that’s right I’m into cosplaying and I was in the mood for it* he stopped in front of her JJ
*you are in my shop we specialize in the granting of wishes here*Gaara
*yes you wouldn’t be here right now if you didn’t have a wish*JJ stood up Gaara didn’t answer her JJ
*yes Mistress right away*she walked up to Gaara and handed him a blank card Gaara
*what is this*JJ
*this will help you you’re going to need it*Gaara
*what’s the price*JJ
*well discuss price later listen carefully you will be taken when you are you must drop this card in your tracks it’ll help those that will search for you*Gaara took the card JJ
*return to your village they need you right now*isaribi opened a portal door JJ
*this door way will get you there quicker*Gaara smiled
*thank you Jewry* JJ
*and don’t worry you’ll be alright I give you my word for it*Gaara quickly ran through the door and isaribi closed it JJ was holding the door opening isaribi
*Mistress are you going out*JJ opened the portal door
*I won’t be long isaribi take care of the shop for me till I came back*isaribi handed halibel’s sword along with its sheath on it JJ took it and she started walking in the door Isaribi bowed to her
*I wish you a safe return back*
*Naruto Shippuden episode 14*Kisame
*at any rate now we can fight without any interference*JJ’s voice
*I wouldn’t be so sure about that*Gui turned around
*what*JJ was standing on a bolder rearing Tai halibel’s cloths with her sword on her back Kisame
*Well this is a surprised I didn’t think I see you here Jewry, what brings you by*JJ jumped off the bolder and lands next to Gui
*Gui I want you and your team to stay out of this fight*Gui
*you can’t be serious you expect to fight him on your own*JJ
*yes and we never got to finish our last battle*she started to draw out halibel’s sword and she pointed it at Kisame
*and I want to see if he’s improved or not*Kisame blade started to come to him and he grabbed it
*well this should be interesting this won’t be like last time*he quickly dodged JJ’s sword when she swigged it she jumped high up in the air turned and she sword started to charge up
*Ola Azu*energy comes out of her blade and fires it at kisame and he quickly got out of the way
*the surprised never end do they*JJ’s blade started charging up again
*Ola Azu*energy comes out of her blade and fires it at him again and he reflexed the blast with his blade JJ
*didn’t think you use your blade to dodge that attack*Kisame
*come on I know your holding back on me use all your strength*JJ started giving off intense power along with a thick serge that filled the area around them Guy was struggling to stand
*what kind of power is this*JJ pointed her sword high up in the air
*now hunt Tibaron*a giant amount of water formed round her a big white blade cuts throw the water and it very large amount of water quickly came down Kisame looked impressed
*incredible*others were shocked as well JJ took the form of Tai Halibel’s hollow form and she still wore her pendent JJ’s eyes turned blood red and she pointed her blade at him
*alright let’s see who’s blade stronger mine or yours*Kisame
*well go one make a move*JJ
*as you wish*she swings her weapon and a raped burst of water comes at him he quickly fires at the water JJ quickly come towards him he looked almost scared she pushes him down more JJ’s weapon started to glow JJ
*Cascada*a tremendous burst of water came down at him the force of the pressure caused him to hit the solid ground hard enough the blood barely came out of his mouth JJ lands on a bolder on her two feet JJ
*it appeared that I am stronger*Kisame quickly appeared from behind her
*I would let your guard down just yet girl*JJ pointed her blade at him without looked at him
*sedio*a VERY powerful blue beam fires at him
*out from a distance a giant explosion came and it was combined with water*Team guy was release from there prison and the kisame clones where gone as was the water the surrounded the area JJ quickly turned back to her normal form and was back to wearing saya’s cloths she didn’t looked surprised
*I thought something was off*Guy looked at the body that has kisame cloth
*h-his face*JJ was looked at the body
* the way he was fighting was different the last time I met him either way it makes no difference to those people* Guy
*wait I know you you’re the girl that saved lee’s life*JJ looked at him
*you have good memory*Lee
*so you girl that healed my injuries*JJ
*that’s right*she started walking off
*the real ones are far away from this area I’m not sure where though*
*too bad he wasn’t the real one*
*Naruto Shippuden episode 19*Sasori
*the way I heard it you retired a long time ago*Chiyo
*I longed to see my grandson’s face again*JJ’s voice
*what better time than now*Sakura looked up
*wait isn’t that* Chiyo looked surprised
*it’s you*JJ was sitting on one of the statues wearing the uniform from blood c with her pendent out and a few button un buttoned on the top and her bangs where in a brad being held up in a clip
*it’s been a long time chiyo looks like the years haven’t been too kind to you* Sasori was looking at her
*so we finally met face to face, and I take it that’s your real for isn’t it*JJ
*your correct* she jumped off the statue and landing in front of Sakura and Chiyo Sasori
*Itachi and kisame told us about you and your abilities, but I wouldn’t have imagined you being so beautiful*
*if Deidara was here he think the same thing*JJ
*from what I know you two have a lust for art but at different perspectives correct*she barely looked serious
*however I don’t anything to do with you guys I’m only here to end this madness*sasori’s tail started moving
*oh we’ll see about that won’t we, I’m dying to see you covered in your own blood*JJ barely took a step backwards
*Naruto Shippuden episode 20*Sakura
*w-what is that thing*Chiyo
*what you two are seeing is not sasori’s real body*Sakura
*I kinda guess it wasn’t his real body what is it then*JJ didn’t looked surprised
*that body is a puppet*Sakura
*but then where is his real body*JJ
*My guess is inside the puppet correct chiyo*Chiyo
*clever as ever Jewry you haven’t changed a bit, yes you are correct*Sakura
*puppet master’s aren’t so good at close combat manipulating there puppets during battle leaves them wide open to attack*JJ
*however to all the combat sasori created this puppet it’s both his armor and his weapon*Chiyo
*it’s sasori’s specialty Hiruko*Sakura
*you seem to know a lot about it lady chiyo*JJ
*she knows everything about that puppet*Sasori
*but do you know how I prepare a new specimen for me collection?*
*first I drain it’s blood then I remove the orangs and wash it out make it nice and clean* Sakura looked serious so did JJ sasori
*and then after I preserve the body decay the final step is it fill it with hidden weapons, as the hug said this one is called hiruko it’s only one of the specimens I have in my collection once I’ve added you and the girl, I’ll have collecting exactly 300*
*But Jewry*he looked at her and she looked serious Sasori
*Jewry is the real prize I’ve often thought of finding you and see for myself what you really are, I couldn’t let that fool Deidara get in my way. The thought still lingered in my mind*
*And here you are standing before me a truly beautiful and rare specimen and from the Dark Continent a very worthy to becoming the finest piece of art in the world*Sakura
*wait the a Dark Continent it’s actually habited?* Chiyo stood in front of JJ
*you call it art do you?*Sakura
*what do you mean*Chiyo
*long long ago when he lived in the hidden sand he was a steamed as a master craftsmen admired by his exteriority puppets*JJ
*but it’s true passion was making puppets out of the living and adding them as specimen’s to his collection* Chiyo
*he calls this monasteries conflict art*she looked at JJ
*and he see you as the very pride of his collection*JJ looked barely surprised Chiyo looked ahead
*the puppet hiruko he was shinobo in a nearby village Sasori turned him into what you two see now*JJ
*so a puppet that retains the shell of its pervious physical form, called a human puppet*
*I’ve heard someone making human puppets around twenty years ago, I never thought of seeing the person involved in it*Sasori
*and the same fate awaits you. You will soon become another of my works of art, and the hag is right Jewry you’ll become the new grand pride of my art*JJ in her head
*time to speed things up here*
*everything fast forwards to the part where sakura breaks sasori’s armor and parts of JJ’s clothing was torn and everything reverted to motion chiyo
*so you finally come out ai* Sasori was holding in a cloak and stood up Sakura
*is that his real body*JJ
*it is and we’re about to see it*Chiyo
*come on let me get a good look at you, I’ve come all this way to see you*
*I’ve waited twenty years I want to see my grandson’s face*
*Naruto Shippuden episode 21*Chiyo looked very shocked Sasori
*what’s wrong Granny Chiyo filled with so must emotion you can’t speak*Chiyo didn’t say a word Sasori
*I’m not surprised it’s our first reunion in twenty years*Chiyo
*sasori you*sasori
*While I have you let me show you something special* he held out a scroll in his hand
*I garnet it will move you*he opened it to the bottom
*this piece was difficult to enquire*Sakura
*ree what*Sasori
*but on the other hand what’s what makes me so fond of him*the scroll barely glowed and a boom of smoke quickly appeared Chiyo
*no it can’t be impossible*JJ
*I know that face*she looked serious
*I wondered what happened to him*Sakura
*what is what’s impossible*Chiyo
*it’s him it’s the third Kazekage*Sakura
*the third Kazekage?*Sasori
*well what do you think doesn’t it take you back Granny chiyo*JJ
*so this is what happened to him*Sakura
*Jewry you know who he is*JJ
*over ten years since the third Kazekage went mission, an old client of mine before he became Kazekage even I looked for him and couldn’t find him*
*how I know what really happened*Sasori
*so you know him, and from the looks of it my grandmother knows you as well she used to tell me stories about a mysterious shop that grant wishes and the owner of the shop for hundreds of years, a beautiful figure that can’t be real*
*And that person is you isn’t it*JJ
*you’re correct unlike you been living for almost a thousand years, you can forget about me becoming another of your art pieces sasori*Sasori
*I would love to stay and chat but I must ultimate the two of you and take Jewry with me*
*I do hate to keep people waiting*
*well then shall we begin*the puppet started moving Sakura
*here we go*the puppet quickly came at him sasori
*now die*JJ quickly get in front of Sakura JJ
* bakudo number 39 ekonsen*a  clear shield quickly appeared in front of the blocking the blades from the puppet sasori
*a shield*Sakura in her head
*what kind of justu is this*Sasori
*well not bad see of you can dodged this*cherry blossom pedals flew past him dozens of human arms quickly flowered out of his body and they were holding onto him tight JJ had her arms crossed in front of her
*can’t control the puppet of you can’t move your own arms can’t you*
*I have nothing to fear of you I’m the only one that can defeat you*
*and what your seeing is my own work of art one that’s never been created until now*
*I had to wait for you to come out of the puppet of yours for this to really work*she smiled
*and it looks like it did*Sasori
*she have expected no less from you, but itachi and kisame told us about these arms of yours and how to avoid them*JJ took shocked sasori’s puppet quickly grabbed her from behind and she was struggling to get free
*damn it you had it planned out*the arms on sasori vanished the puppet quickly went to sasori Sakura
*Jewry NO!*JJ was still struggling to get free Sasori grabbed her chin to make her look at him Sasori
*well now who’s got who captured?*
*but I got to ambit your good, but you can’t do anything if you can’t move your arms* JJ almost bit him and he quickly lets go of her
*watch those teeth there*JJ looked serious
*you bastered let me go*Sasori
*go on struggle all you want you can’t break free*JJ’s eyes turned glowing blood red
*I can try*a very strong surge quickly surrounded the whole cave and the ground under the puppet started to give and it started cracking JJ took a deep breath she quickly opened her mouth and a large amount of shockwaves quickly came the puppet quickly shattered to pieces and JJ was catching her breath
*Naruto shippuden episode 26*both Chiyo and Sakura looked shocked JJ was in front of Chiyo and a sword was pieced through her heart and blood came down her mouth and more bits of her clothing was torn off Sakura looked shocked
*Jewry but how*Sasori
*I pieced through your heart how are you still alive*JJ was holding the blade that was in her chest and barely grinned and she eyes where blood red Chiyo looked shocked
*immortality and enteral youth it makes since now*JJ
*like I said before I came here to put an end to this madness, and your poison won’t have any effect of me*she quickly took the blade out and threw it to the ground sasori quickly jumped back a few passes and JJ was holding the center of her chest
*and no matter how many times you slash at me*she puts her hand down and the large wound on her was quickly healed me
*my body will heal*
*you however are a different story*Sasori quickly charged at her
*now you die*JJ quickly puts her hands together with two fingers crossed together while sticking up
*bakudo number 99 kin*Sasori’s arms where ties in the backin addition to wrapping the spiritual fabric around the entire body, and continues to pin sasori with spiritual fabric stacked to the ground around him with several iron shafts in an "X" shape sasori was pinned on the ground and struggling JJ started walking to him
*don’t bother not even you can break it*Sasori looked very shocked JJ’s black cybertronian sword was pierced in the center of his chest and she was close to his face
*you stabbed me in my heart consider us even Sasori*her eyes turned back to their normal color the binned on him disappeared as did her sword JJ
*nothing else to sa-*she looked very shock so did Sakura and Chiyo
*Sasori*Sasori’s hand was holding the back of JJ’s head and his mouth was pressed on hers and JJJ looked very shocked and sasori let go of her and his own blood started to fall down his mouth Sasori
*if I’m going to die, I might as well die in the hands of someone as beautiful as you are*JJ barely looked surprised
*you just gave me information didn’t you*Sasori
*think of it as a reward for defeating me in battle*
*and as my conversation as well you said it would cost a life wouldn’t it *he fell on the ground and died JJ stood up Sakura
*Jewry what did he tell you*JJ turned to her
*you wanted information about orochimaru? He just gave it to me*
*ten days from now at noon in the land hidden in the grass in the tetchy bridge, one of orochimaru’s henchmen is a spy for sasori and that is where he is to rondure with him*Sakura
*what less did he said*JJ
*that’s it* an arm flowered out of the wall where sasori’s original body was and it took the ring that was on him the arm tossed it to JJ and she caught it and she looked at him
*I’ll take your soul as there payment to me*Sakura
*wait payment you’re leaving*JJ started walking off
*like I said before I’m only here to stop the madness the rest you all can handle on your own*
*nothing more nothing less I can’t change what fate has in store*she stopped and turned around
*I will tell you this Chiyo a great sacrifice will be made to save a life* Chiyo
*and the payment you mentioned?*JJ was looked at sasori’s ring
*a very high payment for a single wish*
*outside of yuko’s shop*Isaribi
*Mistress Jewry what happened*JJ was pulling off her tai
*Isaribi it’s alright I’m perfectly alright*she tossed sasori’s ring to her and she was in front of a screen door
*place this for the recreation spell she started to take off her shirt
*has anyone come to the shop today*Isaribi had her back to the screen
*yes orochimaru I could tell he was disappointed you not being here*JJ was soaking in a large tub and her hair was up in a towel JJ
*despite all that’s happened he still comes by and visits me, was there anyone else with him isaribi?*Isaribi’s voice
*yes from the way he look I believe he was sasuka*JJ was drinking a can of beer
*well maybe it was a good thing I was gone?*
*Naruto Shippuden episode 39*Yamato was disguised as sasori in Hiruko body and he barely looked around and spoke in his own voice
*okay this is it*before he started walking something someone quickly covered his mouth and pulled him backwards
*seconds later*Yamato was in his normal form and he was passed out on the ground JJ was still wearing yuuko’s Victorian dress with her pendent on her neck and one blue flower holding back some of her bangs and she was holding her umbrella using it as shade from the sun
*Sorry about that Yamato no hard feelings*she turned around
*so you ready for this?*sasori was in hiruko body and was standing near her
* I was the one that gave you the information about this meeting, but something tells me you already knew that*JJ
*I’m still a little pissed of that little kiss you gave me*Sasori
*I cant be the only one that’s wanted to do this*JJ
*just get your ass moving Naruto and the others are getting close to there lookout point*sasori turned around and started walking off
*I heard ya the first time, you don’t need to repeat it to me twice and thanks again for repairing hiruko for me*JJ barely smiled in her head
*he almost reminds me of either starscream or megatron when he’s like that*she touched her pendent
*meanwhile at the bridge*Kabuto to sasori
*it’s been a long time lord sasori about five years was it*Sasori
*were you followed?*kabuto turned around then he looked back at sasori
* it’s just you and me*Sasori
*how do you feel*Kabuto
*well I still haven’t shacked that strange sensation, from when your jutsu broke and I remembered who I was again my head still feels clouded and heavy*sasori
*I have answer a few questions for you*kabuto
*I don’t have much time so keep it breath I risked my life sneeking out without orochimaru finding out*Sasori
*I want information about sasuke as well as the location of orochimaru’s hide out*kabuto
*orochimaru has several hide outs we keep moving every week to not get discovered by the enemy, of course many are in the hidden sound village*
*but some hid outs are in other lands too he has skies everywhere acting as his eyes and ears there are so many ways a person can get around it’s not easy to track them*Sasori
*the currant hideout*kabuto
*right now orochimaru is hold up on an small island on a lake just of the north of here, we’ll be moving again in three days sasuka Uchiha is there as well*
*out from a distance*Naruto
*the wind is so loud I can’t hear a word there saying*sakura
*you idiot that’s why we were able to sneak up this close the wind blows away our sent and hides out sound why do you think he want noticed us*Sai barely looked surprised and he turned around sakura
*What is it*Yamato was at their level and he looked serious Naruto
*captain yamato?*Sakura
*wait if you’re here then who’s that at the bridge*
*at the bridge*kabuto
*as I was saying we should disguise the orders you gave me lord sasori*Sasori
* What did you find out*kabuto
* Even after reanimation orochimaru uses a protection jutsu on his discarded vessel so I was unable to analyses there cellular stricter as you commanded me*sasori
*I see*Kabuto
*now I trust you have the idem you promised me let’s do the handoff I spend too much time here as it is*kabuto barely reached out his hand
*if I were to be discovered speaking to you like this orochimaru would certainly kill me*sasori
*I’m aware*orochimaru’s voice
*your conversation sounds interesting*orochimaru appeared behind kabuto
*I hope neither of you mind if I joined in on the fun*
*out from a distance*JJ was sitting on a tree branch
* Well this should me very interesting*she smiled and looked to her right
*wouldn’t you say isaribi*isaribi was sitting next to JJ and she was pouring JJ another cup of sake and she stopped
*it’ll be interesting when they find out sasori is still alive*JJ looked ahead
*your right on this one*  
*back at the bridge*sasori was in his real form
*well isn’t this a surprise when did you break free of that jutsu*kabuto
*lord orochumaru broke that jutsu long ago*Sasori
*so you pretended to turn traitor or did orochimaru use his powers to control you*Kabuto
*oh no you get it wrong the fact of the matter that is I empathize with lord orochimaru’s ideals*Sasori
*so you plan was to kill me all along, ashamed that I was already aware of it before I came here*Kabuto
*what made you find our sasori*JJ’s voice
*who do you think told him*kabuto quickly turned around JJ was standing on the other side of the bridge and her umbrella was hiding the top of her face and she was smiling
*so nice to see you again orochimaru*orochimaru turned to her
*the same for you*JJ showed her face orochimaru
*so sasori is under your command now is he?*JJ
*I received Sasori was condensation for the one tailed beats just before he died under my feet*she closed her umbrella
*he’s been quite useful too me*yamato, sakura Naruto and sai quickly appeared JJ
*well I was wondering when you four would show up*Yamato
*so you’re the one that knocked me out*JJ
*I guess you can say that*JJ barely turned her head back
*you told them*isaribi was kneeling to her from behind her
*yes I did*Naruto
*isaribi*Isaribi looked up
*Naruto* JJ opens her umbrella again
*then there’s no point of being here anymore*she used the umbrella above her
*sasori we’re leave you can deal with orochimaru later* sakura looked very shocked
*wait that’s the real sasori* JJ walked past isaribi she stood up and started following her sasori
*oh well orders are orders*his disappeared and reappeared walking next to JJ and she barely turned her head back
*I’ll see you all later then*sasori to JJ
*we’re sitting back and watching right*JJ
*that’s right, and I know how much you hate orochimaru so you should enjoy his battle with Naruto*Sasori
*and the results*JJ
*Very entertaining* *Naruto Shippuden episode 43*Naruto was in his beast form Sakura as running to him
*Naruto*she fell on the ground she looked at her legs and saw two human arms holding her ankles on the ground Sakura
*don’t tell me*JJ’s voice
*you should really listen to your commander*JJ was standing behind Sakura and she quickly turned around
* Jewry when did you get here*JJ
*just now don’t act so surprised, I’m only here to help Naruto*she looked at him
*it’s my fault he’s like this*Sakura
*your fault*JJ didn’t look at her
*that’s right I erased your memory of THAT event didn’t I?*JJ reached out her hand to Naruto
*I almost forgot about that*Naruto jumped down and stood in front of her Kabuto
*he’s not attacking her*Naruto kneeled to the ground in front of JJ Yamato
* is naruto kneeling to her*JJ barely reached out her hand to Naruto and he gently grabbed it with his hand JJ smiled beautifully at him Naruto kissed her hand and his body slowly started reverting back to its normal self JJ
*I’m happy you still loyal to me nine tail’s*
*I look forward to seeing you again in your real form*Naruto quickly returned to his normal form and he passed out on the ground Sakura quickly ran up to him
*Naruto are you alright*JJ
*He’ll be fine you just need to heal is all*Kabuto
*how did you turn him back you didn’t use any type of justu*JJ turned to him
*even the nine tails wouldn’t go agenized his own mother*Sakura looked very shocked as did Yamato
*are you saying that you*JJ smiled
*created the tailed beasts all nine of them*Sakura looked very shocked
*no way you created the tailed beasts*Kabuto
*and you knew Naruto would lose control*JJ
*you could say that*she started walking
*now if you all don’t mind I have somewhere to be*
*at Yuuko’s shop*JJ was holding the string string fruit Sasori came in the door
*you wanted to see me*JJ turned around
*that’s right I wanted to give you this*Sasori
*a fruit?*JJ
*a devil fruit this one is called the string string fruit you’re a Muppet master however eating this you’ll be even more powerful without the use of any form of chakura and it’s unique no one will be able to copy it’s power*Sasori took the fruit
*that’ the price*JJ
*you’ll lose your ability to swim that is the price*Sasori
*that’s the price*JJ
*once you become a devil fruit user water weakens them*
*Naruto Shippuden episode 73*Hidan to kakuzu
* will you tell me where we’re going already we’ve been walking for hours*Kakuzu
*we’re almost there*Hidan
*to where a Jinchūriki is*Kakuzu
*you’re almost right*he stopped walking Hidan stopped and looked up and they were both looking at yuuko’s shop Kakuzu
* We’re here*Hidan
*never seen a man chin like this before*Kakuzu
*so you can see it, I’m surprised*Hidan
*am I not supposed it*Kakuzu started walking to the entrance of the shop
*it’s not a man chin it’s a shop*Hidan started following him
*a shop?*
*from inside the shop*Kakuzu and hidan entered it hidan
*tell me again what we’re doing here we cant waste anytime kakuzu*isaribi came in the room and barely bowed to them
*this way please*Hidan looked board out of his mind when he was following kakuzu and isaribi
*Kakuzu just tell me already*they stopped at a screen with butterflies on it JJ’s voice
*it’s been a long time kakuzu*isaribi opened the screen door hidan looked surprised and barely blushed JJ was lying on yuuko’s chair and blew out smoke she was wearing yuuko’s red kimono with her pendent on her neck and one white flower holding back some of her bangs she looked up and smiled kakuzu
*indeed it has and you know the reason why I’m here*JJ stood up
*yes I had a feeling you would stop by today*she smoked yuuko’s pipe and blew out the smoke
*and I see you have a partner with you, and he’s still alive*she looked at hidan
*and your name*Hidan started blushing and he looked happy
*Hidan my name is hidan*kakuzu
*and he’s just the others what see your beautiful*JJ barely giggled Hidan
*wait Jewry the one that created the tailed beasts*JJ
*the very same Kakuzu is one of the oldest customers I have that are still alive*
*and you are in my shop we specialize in the granting of wishes here*Hidan
*this isn’t the first time kakuzu wanted a wish granted* she smoked her pipe again
*so tell me what brings you by this time*Kakuzu didn’t answer her JJ stood up
*I see you want THAT ability, very well come forward kakuzu*kakuzu started walking to her when she reached out her hand to him
*the ability you want should be quite useful to you in battle, but don’t overdo it*she took kakuzu’s hand and it started glowing kakuzu
*is that my payment?*JJ lets go of him
*close, however your payment will come later*
*you know I like you better without that mask right*
*Naruto Shippuden 89*Kakuzu was defeated like in the episode and he was lying on the ground
*defeated by a pack of brats incredible*JJ’s voice
*you did fight the first hokoga it’s no wonder you see them as brat*Kakuzu started to look up JJ was wearing yuko’s red kimono with her pendent on her neck and one white flower holding some of her bangs
*it cuts both ways to their eyes they see you as an old geezer whose time is up*she sat at his level
*and here you are dying in front of me hugging the earth like a worm*Kakuzu
*Jewry why are you here*JJ
*why do you think I’m here to collect my payment and you people know the price*
*I couldn’t take Hidan’s life over the vent that had happened and his belief*she took his hand that had his ring on it
*so the only left is you*Kakuzu
*the conversation was me and you knew it the minute I came to your shop*JJ looked at his ring still on his hand
*I didn’t your life span showed me*she slowly pulled off his ring
*I’ve enjoyed our chat kakuzu*Kakuzu
*I have as well*JJ pulls the ring off him and he died JJ stood up and looked at the ring
*First sasori and now kakuzu*she turned around and started walking
*the things people will do to get what they wish for*
*late at night*JJ was sitting on the porch of yuko’s shop and was looking up at the moon
*almost time*Isaribi
*moon viewing party my mistress*JJ smiled
*that’s correct it’ll be tomorrow*someone poured her a cup of sake JJ barely pouted
*Kakuzu I know your pissed about the leaf ninja but suck it up*Kakuzu was sitting from behind her formally and he handed her the cup
*forgive me it’s just hard to believe*JJ takes the cup
*for an old man you sure grip a lot*Kakuzu
*your older than me and you know it*JJ was drinking the cup
*you don’t haft to be a tight ass about it*Isaribi
*master kakuzu please the Mistress was grateful enough to release your soul from that ring, show more respect for her*JJ
*isaribi it’s alright I don’t mind, besides he can’t leave this shop without my presents*Sasori walking I the room
*so that’s the real reason you took our souls*JJ didn’t look at him
*you used my tail beats for your porpoises*she looked at him
*what’s wrong with this it shouldn’t be that different is it*Sasori
*no I suppose not*he quickly looked surprised as did Kakuzu JJ took another drink out of her cup
*Welcome back orochimaru*orochimaru was sitting next to her
*welcome back indeed*he looked at sasori and kakuzu
*so you took their souls as there payment how interesting*Kakuzu stood up
*orochimaru it’s been a while*Sasori
*why are you here* JJ puts her cup down
*fighting is not allowed in this shop, and orochimaru here is a regular client of mine*Isaribi looked very pissed orochimaru
*I’m not surprised you cured her either*JJ
*you know my reason orochimaru*orochimaru
*ah yes I do*JJ
*you know I require payment for the use of my tailed bests correct*she looked at him
*is that why you’re here*Orochimaru
*so you already know, yes that is the reason why I’m here*JJ looked up at the moon
*we can discuss price later, do what you wish with the three tails*orochimaru stood up he took her hand kissed it
*I appreciate your kindness*JJ
*you have what you wished for you best be off*orochimaru quickly vanished JJ looked at the hand that orochimaru kissed
*hm gross*she walked past isaribi and she turned around
*Mistress where are you-*JJ was still walking
*taking a bath*she looked at her hand again
*I feel violated*
*later in an inside hot spring*JJ was soaking in the water with a small towel covering her body and her hair up along with her pendent on her neck and she was drinking a beer and finished it she turned her head around
*isaribi another beer if you don’t mind*someone handed her another canned beer JJ
*thanks*JJ started drinking it kakuzu’s voice
*your welcome*JJ stopped drinking the can and sighed
*what the hell are you doing here?*she turned to him and was leaning on the edge showing only down to her shoulders Kakuzu sat at her level
*you don’t look surprised*JJ
*please you think you’re the only one that wanted to see me naked, your damn wrong*
*I got used to it finally at the point I don’t really care*
*so what’s your real reason for being in here what happened to isaribi?* Kakuzu
*apparently I frighten the girl*JJ
*you’re a walking mummy what did you expect?*
*and you take people’s hearts too* kakuzu sighed
*I suppose you do have a point there my lady*JJ turned her back to him kakuzu
*the reason I’m here is that I want to know something*JJ
*and what would that be?*Kakuzu
*orochimaru*JJ drank her beer
*you want to know that?*
*he’s been coming here ever since he was a child, he hasn’t stopped since then*
*now as I recall you came to my shop before you got all those stitches didn’t you*Kakuzu
*you still remember that*JJ
*don’t forget who gave you that power to take other’s heart*Kakuzu
*and the payment was when I died, so you killed two birds with one stone*JJ barely looked at him
*you can say that kakuzu, I knew you were shocked to see that I haven’t aged in those years*she didn’t look at him
*if you also wandering orochimaru dedicated all his entire research and experiments to me. All for the sack of immortality and youth so he can be more like me*Kakuzu
*and you could have given him that*JJ
*yes, but it required a price*she looked at him
*the ability to use justu is the cost*kakuzu barely looked surprised JJ barely smiled
*you weren’t aware I can take any type of justu I please, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you kakuzu?*she stood up and kakuzu helped her out she walked passed him and she puts her hair down
*don’t forget who got you the way you are today*
*transformers robots in disguise 2015 universe episode 6*at night bumblebee and sideswipe where hiding from a far distance from the humans making a space bridge bumblebee to sideswipe
* Space bridge think you can play it straight for me to keep them from using it sideswipe*sideswipe groaned
*out farther from a distance*JJ was in ikaros form from sora no otoshimono wearing her cloth and her pendent still on her neck and blew out smoke
*got to hand it to this con he’s good*she dropped her cigarette and stepped on it
*but I’m better*
*to where the humans where building the space bridge*the humans where continuing to build the space bridge an invisible wave quickly came they made everyone of them pass out on the ground sideswipe
*what the what was that*Bumblebee looked happy
*I only know one that’s able to do that*JJ quickly appeared in the area and lands on the ground on her two feet
*I thought as much bumblebee sideswipe I know you’re here*she started picking up the humans one by one and balancing the on her shoulder bumblebee and sideswipe quickly came sideswipe
*your ladyship how did you know we would be here*JJ was continuing picking up the people
*oh I had Soundwave track your energy signatures*Bumblebee
*Soundwave I thought Jack miko and Raph trapped them in the shadow zone*JJ
*yeah it seemed like a waste I brought him back he had a few demands though if he wanted to work under me*she turned around
*that sound righto you Soundwave*Soundwave came walking in and he stopped near JJ Sideswipe
*whoa Megatron’s communications chef*JJ to soundwave
*Soundwave ground bridge please, I’ll erase all their memories when I get them to a safe area*soundwave nods yes to her one and a ground bridge quickly appeared from behind him JJ barely grinned  Sideswipes optics quickly flashed light green and turned back to his normal color and he looked surprised JJ started walking to the bridge
*let’s go they can handle the rest here*bumblebee
*you’re not going to help out*JJ
*bitch you have ice powers remember you can handle it without me or soundwave*bumblebee
*oh right my bad*JJ sighed


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