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Naruto Fanfiction
“Chapter 21 Snow fall”
 “All I needed left was a child’s tears, I felt bad taking Itama’s blood. However I needed it to go further in time. I guess turning into a lamia was a good idea? After I got the blood, all the excitement really got to me. So I needed to find a place to sleep, I had no choice but to sleep outside it’s not like I can ask anybody? It was hard trying to find a comfortable place to sleep, large broken tree branches didn’t work neither did boulders. I don’t know how manga characters find some of those comfortable? Instead of either of those I chose to sleep in a large field, it was comfy enough.
When the sun started to come up I tried to shield my eyes with the end of the tail, it work I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.
“Damn its morning.” I said that after I yawned, when I stood up I put my tail down and rubbed my eyes
“I hate waking up in the mornings.” When I stopped rubbing up eyes I saw that I was circled from members of the Senju clan and I looked a little worried when I spoked out loud
“Ah oh should have seen this coming.”
“A little after that I was captured and brought to the senju clan territory, my hands where tired and I was in a building. I knew which one I was in Hashirama’s old house, when he was a kid I actually feel honored.
“I wonder what they’re going to do with me, hope they don’t do nothing weird?” That’s what I thought to myself, just before I heard the door open. When I looked up I saw Butsuma Senju standing in front of the open door looked at him and I thought to myself
“Butsuma Senju Hashirama’s and tobirama’ father.” I saw him shut the door from behind him and he sat in his set on the ground and spoke to me
“Tell me what are you, are you with the uchiha clan?” I answered his question
“Neither and to answer that first question I’m human.”
“Human?” was what he repeated, he barely looked shocked and surprised at the same time I was holding my breath and I started to return to my normal form again, the lower part of my body turned back into normal human legs, the same thing with the rest of me . When opened my eyes I said to him  
“However, I can’t say about my eyes I was born with them.” Butsuma looked curious when I questioned me
“Can your people do this snake girl?” I stood up when he said that to me
“I have a name it’s Lilah. And I’m a sorceress, that’s temerity staying in this country of ours. To your terms I’m the first foreigner that’s ever stepped foot here.” I could tell that Butsuma wanted to hear more so I continued speaking
“To you people the land I come from is the Dark Continent. However we call it North America.”
“North America?” Was what he repeated to me and I showed him my tied hands
“Now could you please un tie me and give me back my stuff.” After that little chat he finally released me and offered me to stay here as long as I wanted, and he introduced me his sons both Hashirama and tobirama the first and second hokage’s of the leaf village. Of course I showed them a few magic tricks so I did a few drawings of some kodama’s on the dirt with the end of my staff, at first it did nothing. Then it moved its head to the right making a knocking noise like a woodpecker peeking on wood, the picture started moving like it was alive. Then it stood off the ground and became real and it moved its head again making the noise it did before, then the other few did the same thing as well Hashirama was the one that looked the most impressed by it. Tobirama wasn’t, I wasn’t going to give up though. So I held my staff up in the air and the orb of it started glowing, and just like that it started snowing like it did on one piece when the going Merry was burning in flames
“Snow in summer?” was what tobirama said looking at the snow coming down
“Is this real?”  I answered his quickly watching the snow fall down my hand
“It is, this type of snow is special.” I saw hashirama looking at the snow while it was still falling out of the sky
“Wow, Lilah this is impressive I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do something like this?”
“ Hashirama?” That’s what he heard me say to him when he turned around I was standing in front of him and he asked me
“Yes?” then I said to me
“Would you mind doing something very important for me?” And he said to me
“Important sure.” Right after he said that I quickly stepped on his foot and he screamed in pain
“What did you do that for?” I saw a tear falling down his eye just before it fell to the ground I caught it with the same type of tube I used for the blood and I said to hashirama while I was looking at it
“Thanks I appreciate it.” Hashirama was holding his foot and he yelled at me
“Hey what gives that really hurt?” I answered his question while I was pulling the tube in my bag
“I needed a child’s tear for a spell, yours should be powerful enough.” Hashirama looked surprised when the snow touched his body where it was hurt it quickly healed Tobirama looked surprised when he spoke out
“It healed?” I looked up at the sky and said
“Like I said before this snow is special it heals the body and purifies the land. This land suffered bloodshed, if it isn’t purified the spirits that inhabit this land will go corrupted. And you don’t want to know what will happen to you people.” When Tobirama spoke it was looking at the snow that fell on his hand
“Miss Lilah how long is this going to last?” I answered his question when I looked at him
“Oh about a few hours three at the most. It’s going to take a while for this land to be purified.”
“You never said now long you were staying here?” As soon as I heard that from hashirama I looked at him
“I’m leaving tonight, thanks to you I can.” Hashirama quickly spoke after I said that
“But you just got here, I was hoping you’d stay a little longer.” I reached out to him and rubbed the top of his head and smiled
“Oh don’t you worry, I’ll be back in a few years when you a little older.” Hashirama looked surprised
“What is this my chakura it’s fading. Is it because Lilah is touching me.” I whispered in his ear and said
“And don’t worry you’ll find the love of your life in the future, and I would try not to get a gambling habit you’ll regret it when you have a granddaughter.” After I said that I stood up and took my hand off hashirama’s head and I looked at tobirama
“Tobirama tell your father I’ll be leaving tonight I’ve appreciate this hospitality he gave me.” I turned around and started to walk off the kadama I summoned followed me from behind and Hashirama questioned me
“Where are you going?” While I was still walking I answered his question
“Taking a bath, I need it after what happened this morning.”
“A bath.” That’s what both hashirama and tobirama though when I said that
“I had to ask them where I could find a hot spring in the area, they were kind enough to show me where one was since I wasn’t familiar with the area. Of course after they showed me I kicked them out with a barrier that prevented them from getting any closer, I used summed about a dozen more kadama’s and also a few fairies that I used to help find my subordinates in the time era I was previously in. before I even got in reverted the cloths I was wearing to my school uniform again, I un tied the string to my tie first. While I was unbuttoning my shirt the fairies that I summed helped tie up my hair, I couldn’t do it myself since it was so long. Before they finished one of them took out my flower chip and handed it to me in my hand, I was surprised how well they put it up in a bun it actually looked really good. I little after that I was in the water relaxing while leaning back on a large rock that was in the water
“This is actually really nice, the air is clear and not pouted.” After I said that I was holding a few crystals in my hand and dropped them in the water one of the fairies I summed looked confused when it spoke to me
“What was that you just dropped?” I answered the question when I say it sit on my shoulder
“There crystals, I added them here to purify the water don’t know what’s been in here before me?”
“Well you do make a good point little robin.” Was what it said to me when it kissed my cheek and I smiled when I spoke
“You can never be to certain here?” I saw the fairy fly up
“Well I guess I should scout around for you, be back in a bit.” And just like that I saw it flew off, then I heard someone broke a stick I looked surprised and turned around and I was shocked to see who it was. I saw that it was Madara looked at him I started to turn red from the embracement I scream Madara quickly fell on the ground and he was covering his nose while some blood dripped out of his hand I quickly hid behind the large rock and I yelled out to him
“What the hell are you doing here?!” Madara yelled back at me
“I was going to ask you that?! This area is the uchiha’s?!” I looked surprised when I heard him say that and I thought to myself
“No wonder those two were worried coming here, I didn’t realize it?” then I said to Madara
“I put a barrier around here, how did you get through?” Madara answered my quickly when he was whipping the blood off with his sleeve
“So you’re the one that put up the barrier, I was trying to find my way out if it. I’m impressed you can made such a powerful barrier Lilah?” I looked embraced when I questioned him
“You didn’t see anything did you?” Madara started blushing when it spoke it me
“No not really.”
“Madara you better not be lying?” That’s what I said to him while I had my back to the rock with the rest of my body in the water leaving nothing but my head showing and I heard him say to me
“So that snow, was it you that made it as well?” I answered his question
“Yes that was me, a fare well present.” Madara barely looked surprised when I said that and he answered back
“You’re leaving?”
“Tonight, I finally have what I need for a time traveling spell. Though it won’t get me far.” Was what I said to him and he said to me well more like questioned
“How are is it?” I answered his question
“About fifteen years in the future at the most, anyway you might want hid I summed fairies and there not kind they can smell human pretty quick.” Right after I said that I heard water splash and I looked more embraced
“Oh boy this is not my day?”
“Are you alright little robin?” was what I familiar voice said to me, I quickly turned around and saw the fairy that was with me earlier. I tried to act normal when I answered its question
“Ah yeah I am? So anything to report?” The fairy answered my question with a smile
“We saw a few ninja’s in the area and scared them off, they act like they never seen fairies before?” I sighed when I heard that and I continued speaking
“No one in this country is familiar with fairies and magic remember?” I saw it looked disappointed when it spoke to me with its back turned to me
“Then can we go back we’re board of guard duty?”
“Alright fine.” That’s was my answer when I was feeling around in the water for my spell casting staff, I also had to hurry I don’t know how long Madara can hold his breath? When I found it I quickly held it up the orb on it started glowing and the fairy vanished instantly, I sighed with relief when I sat back down hiding behind the large bolder and I yelled out
“Madara you can come out now they’re gone.” When I said that I heard him emerging from the water catching his breath and I heard him say to me
“Thank god.” When I spoke to him I poked my head out to see him
“Madara you alright?”
“Yeah I am thanks for the warning.” Was what he said to me when he turned to me
“By the way, that snow that fell out of the sky a few hours ago was that you’re doing?” I answered his question trying to act calm
“Yeah that was me, I wanted to purify the land. It’ll make it easier for me and my spells.”
“I can’t believe it I’m having a conversation with Madara Uchiha? I wonder if it’s going to change anything?” That’s what I thought to myself then Madara said to me and what looked like he was blushing
“Listen Lilah, fifteen years from now when you come back?” While he was still speaking he barely looked at me
“Do you think we could spend some time together?” I was shocked when he said that to me, I quickly turned back around and I covered my mouth with both of my hands
“Oh great maybe I shouldn’t have said that?” That’s what he thought to himself when he stepped out of the water drying his clothes off
“We’ll see what happen?” That’s what he heard me say to him and he almost looked happy too.
*cybertron episode 22* override
*did you guys just hear that*
*transform*she turned to her vehicle mood and quickly drove out of there hotshot
*hey wait up*he turned to his vehicle mood as well and followed her overrides voice
*we got company*the others quickly ran out the door knockout and JJ stayed behind JJ
*is he here yet*Knockout
*soundwave just informed he’s almost here*JJ
*minutes later*scourge undermine and brimstone where just sitting there Lori
*what’s wrong with you I thought you knew how important this was aren’t you going to get off your lazy butts and help us*Scourge
*I never said I would help you besides we don’t want to apart of your war give you the cyber planet key so why don’t you leave me in peace*brimstone
*yeah go on*Lori turned around
*and why aren’t you two helping*JJ was leaning her back on the wall smoking a cigarette and blew out smoke
*I’m waiting*Lori
*waiting*JJ inhaled her cigarette and blew out smoke
*Lori aren’t you going to fight you signed a contract with me*scourge
*contract*?*Lori was holding her arm
*yeah but I don’t think I can*JJ
*I gave you a contract because I trust that you can, I don’t give contracts to humans though it’s are for me*Lori
*you really think so*JJ
*I also didn’t make you a devil fruit user for nothing either*JJ puts her hand down
*I know so you’ll know when you’re ready*Lori nods her head
*alright*smoke started to come in both JJ and Lori where coughing Scourge
*human are you alright now you see why I wanted you to leave* JJ quickly realized and she stopped coughing the symbol on Loris arm start to glow Lori
*what the*she turned around
*does this mean*JJ
*it looks it kid*Vector prime
*you’re not thinking of sending Lori out there are you*Lori’s voice
*Vector prime it’s alright**he looked surprised Lori was pulling on a thick black string and she was wearing  Cirucci Thunderwitchs clothes and she was holding her weapon in her hand and her symbol was glowing
*I think I can handle this*JJ
*not yet wait for the right moment*Lori’s weapon turned back to a handle
*you’re the boss*
*meanwhile outside*Hotshot was firing at the decepticons
*just how many of you guys are there*Prime breakdown was firing as well
*enough to fight back*Breakdown didn’t dodge a shot and it went throw his spark and he was still standing Breakdown
* This is starting to get old*the wound quickly healed and he kept firing Thundercrackers voice
*hey how did you get up here*JJ was hanging onto his wing and he tries to shack her off him
*get off me you she demon*JJ lets go and started falling to the ground
*as you wish* she pointed her hand at him
*sedio*a extremely powerful beam came out of her hand at it fired at him and he started to fall to the ground
*may Day may day I’m going down*he crash lands on the ground and JJ was standing in the air JJ
*dumb ass*she crossed her arms in front of her
*cien fleur*hundreds of arms started to form on her back and bake giant wings
*wing*and she started to fly down when she landed on the ground the wings vanished Override
*whoa how did you do that*JJ stood up
*there are many things I do that you haven’t seen yet*
*you’ve already met breakdown, he’s knockout’s partner my other two there were assigned here are doing something else at the moment* Vector prime to optimus
*this cyber planet key is in one of these boxes*Hotshot was holding on of them
*the rest are decoys cool well deceive the decepticons *Vector prime
*its a shell game not even the team caring it will know if they have the cyber planet key*JJ
*so where splitting up*optimus
*into teams of two*a thick smoke came Override was in her vehicle mood and she drove off and hotshot follows her override
*racing with hotshot seems like old times*Hotshot
*better with me than agenized me*Breakdown and knockout quickly drove off  Lori
*there leaving without you*JJ
*I told them too*
*they can handle themselves*JJ turned around
*alright where next*optimus
* I’ll accept this*
*backstop you must take care of Lori and Jewry*Backstop
*yes I will protect them with my life*optimus gives him a box
*before I go I must give a blaze hold on to this*Backstop
*it would be in good hands*optimus
*time to rain on the decepticons parade*he turned into his super mood and he started putting out the fire
*if I’m going to look like a fire engine I might as well act like one*JJ
*you said it Sempi*she barely laughed Optimus finally finished
*finally done*Thundercrack quickly comes in
*special delivery*he fires at the ground and quickly flies off JJ turned around and saw vector prime fighting sideways
*looks like he needs help*Lori
*you’re going to fight now*JJ caught it with her hand and her eyes turned blood red
*you bet your ass I am*
*meanwhile*Sideways quickly comes at vector prime Vector prime looked surprised Sideways
*what?*JJ was holding back sideways weapon with her arm and she was in senketsu’s battle form
*that’s far enough sideways*he quickly jumped back and stopped JJ swigged the arm
*if you want to destroy him you’re going to haft to deal with me*Vector prime realized that sideways was a little nervous JJ
*something the matter I thought you wanted a battle*Sideways
*well not with someone like you*he quickly black her blade with his right arm and he was struggling JJ
*aw what’s that matter too tough for you*he didn’t answer her JJ
*answer me damn it* he quickly vanished JJ
*huh? Where did he*she quickly looked shocked and she headed a punched sound and her eyes turned back to their normal color Vector prime
*what do you plan on doing*Sideways caught JJ with his hand before she passed out and fell Sideways
*hand over the box and Ill hand over the girl*Vector prime
*fine you win*he tossed sideways the box and he caught it and he opened it and say a rock
*a rock*Vector prime
*now hand over the girl*Sideways
*na I think I’ll keep her*Vector prime
*what?!*Sideways quickly fired at him
*see ya around old man*he transformed and quickly flew off Vector
*minutes late*JJ was lying on the ground and she came too and opened her eyes and she was holding her stomach
*damn it not again, looks like he still has feeling for me*she heard ramsack scream JJ
*oh I’m not far from the others*she quickly ran off
*meanwhile crumplezone was still driving JJ appeared in front of him and she puts her hand out and grabbed the front of his hood and lifted him up off the ground JJ
*going somewhere?*Crumplezone
*who are you*JJ
*its me you dumb ass*Crumplezone
*oh no*Hotshot turned to his robot mood
*nice work Jewry*JJ
*thanks hotshot this is pretty easy actually*she throw crumplezone far away from them and he was screaming override
*how did you get here*JJ
*you know what I’m don’t one minute I was fighting sideways and the next thing I know I was here*
*weird huh?*hotshot
*did he get the cyber planet key*JJ
*I don’t think so no and I’m glad he didn’t*she snapped her fingers the area changed to the outside of the temple and Lori was next to her and Coby and bud showed up Lori
*great show up when all the work is done*Coby
*sorry we had a family party*JJ
*well while you two where parting we where saving the universe*coby was holding his nose JJ
*you guys aren’t going to get used to me are ya?* scourges voice
*more humans*they turned around scourge was in his beast mood Bud
*cool a dragon*scourge
*a dragon*JJ
*relax its a compliment*Lori
*yeah dragons are fares mythical creators back home*Coby
*hey where you ever on earth fight mid evil knights?*scourge
*mid evil knights? No I’ve never been to earth you should leave*JJ
*what I had to ask*JJ
* Scourge you should visit earth you have friends there now*
*and our planet has fighting moves you’ve never seen before*scourge
*really*JJ smiled and nodded yes Scourge was barely blushed and he quickly came to his senses
*by the spark of the ages don’t you ever give up *he turned to JJ
*I’ve given you the cyber planet because you’ve bitten me in battle and you wouldn’t stop pestering me about it and how I think it’s time for you to go*from a far distance fire was bursting coby’s voice
*I think he’s mad he’s breathing fire*JJs voice
*he’s a F-ing dragon what the hell did you think*
*before we leave I have a little request*
*later*the autobots where in the space bridge JJ was looking at a picture of her with scourge backstop undermine brimstone and snarl and the picture was in a book and under the picture said jungle planet and she closed the book
*that was great we should do this more often*vector prime to jolt
*by the way how’s the secret mission going along*jolt
*good we find an adviser*JJ in breakdown
*oh hell*vector prime
*an adviser?*Jolt
*her name is Suzu*JJ screamed Vector prime
*Jewry what’s wrong*JJ
*ah practiced my vocals*she pointed out
*hey look there’s the earth lets enjoy the view*
*jolt how about you shut up for a while*Jolt
*ah alright*
*November 14 birthday cybertron episode 23*
*at the Antarctic*JJ was wearing junketsu with her pendent on her neck and she was looking around
*well this is an interesting way to spend a birthday* she saw jetfire guarding something from behind him JJ ran to him
*jetfire*he turned around
*Jewry*JJ got to him and stopped jetfire
*how did you find us here*JJ
*I synced the omega lock when it activated and told me where to go*
*so where optimus and the other*Jetfire
*they went down that hole they’ve been gone for a while*JJ walked passed him
*I’m going after them*Jetfire turned around
*you don’t know what’s down there*JJ started glowing like primus and she turned her head to him
*do you know who you’re talking to I think I can damn well handle it*Jetfire didn’t say a word JJ jumped down into the giant while Jetfire
*that glow*he quickly remembered and he quickly stopped he took a few steps backwards and fall in the snow
*that’s right I remember and I signed a contract with her*he remembered something else this time the memory was in the energon universe JJ was wearing her royal dress from the animated universe with her pendent on her neck she turned around optimus’s voice
*you said you’ll see us in a different universe how will we remember you*JJ
*easy I’ll put clues in that universe each one is different depending of the transformer once you salved it you’ll intently remember and for those that are my partners the symbol on your body will appear again and you’ll have the powers you have right now*he stopped remembering and his symbol appeared on his body again and his hands were on fire
*meanwhile*JJ lands on the ground and heads to the light up ahead
*looks like jetfire remembered* she heard an explosion and starscream laughing
*what are those things*starscream was in front of dark figures let me introduced you to my new friends or your new enemies there the sparks of ancient decepticons that once lived on earth*
*you’ve heard the ledges well now the ledges have come to life*
*there’ve been sealed here for thousands of years all because they scared a few humans its so unfair*he turned around
*wouldn’t you agree*a powerful beam blasted him in the back and he slides on the ground Starscream
*I know that blast*he turned around
*how did you find this place*JJ puts her hand down had the side of her hand on her chest and she reached for her black sword that was inside her hand
*you’ll always find me when the universe needs me*she pointed her sword at him
*and that’s a known fact*she was on the autobots monitor Coby
*I’ve been waiting for something like this for quite awhile and I get to see what this blade can do* she swings her sword
*and you dont want to stand in my way right now*
*so go*Optimus
*but Jewry*JJ
*don’t make me repeat myself to you prime*optimus
*fall back*Landmind
*optimus you can’t be serious*optimus
*just do it*landmind
*fine*prime and landmind turned to their vehicle mood and they drove out of the room leobreaker turned to his beast mood
*you sure you can handle this*JJ licked the top of her lip one and smiled
*do I really haft to say it twice and plus this will be a remember able birthday for me*Leobreaker
*what birthday* he quickly ran out of the room starscream
* Now’s your chance to take back the world attack*they all charged at her JJ drops her sword on the upper part of the left sleeve is a blue metal band with three clasps and she closed them A large amount of light quickly surrounded her and the transformation was just like Satsuki and was in her normal appearance
*life fiber override Kamui Junketsu*Starscream
*not again*JJ’s eyes turned blood red
*now you stand in your own grave*one of the decepticons came at her she stabbed him in his spark with her glowing blade that was in her knuckle she made a fist and her blood was added to the blade and she quickly takes to out of him and his energon splattered on her face Starscream looked shocked
*what?*the decepticon that JJ stabbed started to rust where she stabbed he fell on the ground and his body fell completely apart Stascream
*what are you girl*JJ started walking forward
*someone that’s enjoyed their 19th birthday for a slater fest*
*meanwhile from the surface*optimus landmind and leobreaker make it to the surface Red alerts voice
*optimus*Red alert hotshot and override showed up red alert turned to his robot mood
*what happened*Landmind
*Jewry is taking care of it*Hotshot was in his robot mood and he looked down in the hole
*will she be alright*Optimus
*she’ll be fine*the all heard screaming down in the hole Optimus
*see* override turned to her robot mood
*she we do something*Hotshot
*hope you guys told her happy birthday*Optimus
*that was today*
*back underground*JJ sliced ten decepticons at once and they fell on the ground and began to rust and she was covered in energon blood and there was over a hundred decepticons dead and JJs blood dripped on the icy ground starscream made a fist
*there’s just no way*JJ slashed a head off and she lands on the ground and she turned to him
*no way*Starscream
*you can’t be human*JJ smiled
*I think I’m finally understanding who I am someone told me that*he looked shocked JJ
*allow me to finally introduce myself and give you a reminder*she puts her hand on the center of her chest and she made a beautiful expression
*I am Jewry Love Lewis vessel of primus an concur of multiverses* starscream was shocked
*wait it’s starting to come back to me*JJ barely tilted her head and barely smiled
*your finally getting it*starscream’s decepticons started to look love struck JJ
*why do you think I’m so powerful*Starscream lands on the ground on his feet
*if you’re his vessel that must mean.*JJ grinned at him starscream
*this day just keeps getting better*JJ
*and knowing you your going to kept this to yourself*starscream
*no your right*JJ cracked her neck from left to right then stopped
* there playing our song starscream shall we dance*Starscream activated his cyber key upgrade and his twin blades activated
*the honor is all mine* JJ
*well then let the dance begin*
*later on*JJ was buried in snow  and she shouldn’t see and she could head the autobots and the snow started to feel lighter like it was being pushed off her landmind was digging in the snow and he stopped
*hey I found her*he turned to his robot mood he looked down and say the snow red on the ground from under him and looked terrified
*no* he go on his knees JJ was lying on her side on the snow her eyes were closed and blood was escaping from her body landmind looked shocked JJs eyes barely moved and she moaned Landmind picked her up and he looked up
* she’s still alive but she’s badly injured*Ratchet’s voice
*I wouldn’t touch her if I were you*Landmind quickly turned around
*who are you*JJ opened her eyes and saw Ratchet
*Ratchet you’re here*he walked past Landmind landmind
*wait he’s with you*Ratchet carefully picked up JJ in his hands
*I’m her commanding Medic Ratchet*Landmind
*episode 24*
*at the autobot base* JJ was out junketsu’s battle form her chest was wrapped up in bandages with her pendent still on her she also had a bandage on her cheek and she opened her eyes Lori
*Jewry thank god your alright*JJ
*I’m sorry I let starscream get away from me he got me my surprise*scattershot
*hey come on don’t say that you did your best to keep him off*JJ turned her head to him
*but still*she stood up and held her chest Coby was holding her up
*hey easy you took a lot of damage we’re surprised your still even alive*JJ
*who brought me here*Scattershot
*an autobot medic*JJ
*Ratchet I didn’t imagine it*Ratchet can in the room
*that you did you should be thankful for the autobot that found you*JJ
*I know I know*Ratchet puts a small clear tub in her wrist and a dose of energon blood was coming out of the tub and in her vans scattershot looking at the dosage
*what is that stuff*Ratchet
*this will help her regain the blood she lost*JJ
*wish he would tell me what is this stuff*Ratchet
*what do you plan to do with the decepticons all over the planet*JJ
*you saw how many there are didn’t you*Ratchet
*indeed I never would have imagined it*Scattershot
*you know how many there are*Ratchet tuned to him
*Jewry let me eat the op op fruit it’s very helpful when it comes to medical needs*JJ
*besides my team and easily handle them* Ratchet
*she’s quite right most of them are devil fruit users*he barely glared at Lori
*what devil fruit did you eat girl*Lori looked shocked
*you can tell*Bub yelled at JJ
*you gave Lori powers but not us*JJ was holding a devil fruit in her hand
*knew you would saw that, this one is for you*Scattershot
*so that’s what it looks like*JJ
*each one looked different even the color, this one is called the barrier barrier fruit  this one is perfect for bud here*Bud takes it
*why what’s it do*JJ whispered something in her ear and he looked very happy and JJ backs off Bud
*are you serious I can do that if I eat it*JJ
*remember this once you eat it you will lose your ability to win for the rest of your life*Ratchet walked out of the room and sighed Vector prime
*Jewry you’re not serious are you*JJ
*my team can handle it easy small in numbers but there quit powerful*
*for example dreadwing is a bomb specialist*Bud
*no way a bomb specialist*JJ
*yep that’s right and user of the cage cage fruit*Lori
*what about Arcee*JJ
*Second class scout and user of the flum flum fruit, in English it’s the smoke smoke fruit*Lori
*oh I almost forgot*she was looking in her pocked and got out a small present
*happy birthday Jewry*JJ smiled and took it
*thanks Lori*Bud
*wait it’s your birthday today?!*JJ
*yeah that’s right I’m 19*coby
*you said you were 20*JJ
*I lied alright get off my damn back*JJ stood up and puts both her feet on the ground Scattershot
*take it easy you still need to*he looked surprised and so did the others the bandage on her face fell on the ground and the cut completely healed JJ
*like I said before you don’t need to worry about me*
*an in about twenty minutes I’ll be back fighting in no time*JJ winked
*you’ll see*
*RID episode 9*
*night come at the museum *slapper dark scream and gas skunk comes crashing out the window and gas skunk was holding ruby
*hi that was too easy*JJ’s voice
*hold it*they stopped JJ’s voice
*you think we’re going to let you get away so easy*Gas skunk
*I hear her I don’t see her*Darksteam
*that voice cant it be?* JJ quickly appeared in front of them wearing maximum rides cols cloths with her pendent on her neck still
*remember me*JJ swigged her arm
*alright boys time for some action*Hotshot appeared
*hotshot transform*he turned to his robot mood the other spy chargers come out and they circled the three of them JJ
*since you remember me and not them I’ll tell you*
*hand over that ruby* gas skunk
*these guys just appeared out of nowhere and there’s twice as many as them*slapper
*I think we should split now*Dark scream turned to his beast mood and flew off
*I’m already gone*gas skunk throw the ruby to him
*take this*dark scream caught it with his mouth Hotshot
*there getting away with the ruby*they went after him up on a building JJ kicked dark scream in his gut and he fell to the ground and dropped the ruby JJ
*the ruby*Hotshot
*wait your not thinking*JJ jumped off the ledge she kicked dark scream in his face and he was slammed to the ground so hard he made a crater JJ caught the ruby in her hand
*Got it*Crosswise
*tracker beam*he fired at JJ and she stopped falling JJ
*wasn’t called for but alright*slapper’s voice
*I’ll take that*slappers tongue quickly wrapped around the ruby the tongue quickly retraced JJ was still hanging onto it Slapper’s tongue let’s go and he had it in his hand
*hey let go of it*JJ
*like hell I will* Slapper
*fine*he quickly grabbed her with his others
*guess we’re taking you with us* he quickly ran off
*just our luck*JJ yelled
*smokescreen now*slapper looked like he was punch across his face he let’s go of JJ and prime smokescreen quickly appeared and he caught her Mirage
*where did he come from*Hotshot
*is he with us?*Wars
*I think so don’t think he came alone either* Gas skunk
*who’s that guy where did he come from*Dark scream
*he looks strong* Smokescreen puts JJ down Smokescreen
*I am*he looked at JJ
*granted*Smokescreen quickly turned invisible Mirage
*did he just turn invisible?* Gas skunk was floating in the air and was quickly spinning around and he was thrown to the ground
*seconds later*the predacons where on the spy chargers where all on standing on the ground Wars to Mirage
*you had a clear shot up there and you let them get away*ironhide
*yeah what happened we were all counting on you mirage*Mirage
*would you guys get off my back I did the best I could so back off*JJ in her head
*that’s right just like we rehearsed*
*hours ago inside the museum*JJ was talking to mirage in his robot mood
*alright once I push dark scream and he starts falling he’ll put a transmitter on you it’ll record what you’re saying and track your movements*Mirage
*how do you know that*JJ
*let’s just say I have someone that’s very talented at information*
*and in order from megatron not to find the autobot base you’re going to need to do a little acting*she was holding a disc
*your script is on this disc download it in your systems and you’ll know what to do*mirage takes the disc
*and your sure this is going to work*JJ
*only and me and MY team know this plan it’s going to work on the script*
*present time at night*Ironhide
*but your one of your best marks men if anyone could of stopped them you should*mirage
*yeah I would of blasted them to bits up there*Hotshot
*look Mirage*ironhide
*if where going to work together we need to cover for each other don’t we*Mirage
*if your idea of team work is second guessing everything I do then I guess I can’t work with you guys anymore*JJ looked confused
*Mirage what are you saying*Mirage started walking off
*so long*Rev
*you can’t just walk out what’s wrong with you*mirage transformed and drove off JJ
*is Mirage always like that*Hotshot
*not usually no*JJ
*I guess I should have seen this coming then?*
*later on where Mirage was*Mirage head JJ’s voice
*are you certain this is the location*Mirage ran off he saw JJ wearing senketsu with her pendent on her neck and ryuko’s scissor blade in her hand and was walking with prime soundwave and he nods his head yes to her Mirage
*it’s you again*JJ turned around
*Mirage there you are*the predicons where hiding and watching Skybit
*who is that*Slapper
*that human was the one we were talking about*Gas skunk
*and it looks like she brought a new face and a creepy one at that*slapper
*I don’t think he has a face?* Mirage to JJ
*how did you find me*JJ
*I had soundwave here track your energy signature*Mirage
*Soundwave*he looked at soundwave that was staring back at him Mirage
*creepy guy aren’t you* JJ
*he gets that a lot, Anyway how did you find the laser in the first place?*Mirage
*I followed skybit here and he didn’t know I was on his tail*JJ looked confused
*but from what Koji told me you where thinking of joining the predacons is that true Mirage?*Mirage
*ah well…*his face started turned red JJ tilted her head a little bit
*I…wouldn’t taxingly say that*Hotshot’s voice
*Mirage*Mirage‘s face turned back to normal and he turned around
*well about time you all showed up I was starting to get tired of waiting*she turned to mirage
*Mirage where are the predacons?* Mirage gave the hand motion for cosine enemy near by
*I don’t know they took off*Mirage gave another hand signal
*yeah they must of split of something*Hotshot
*there hiding behind the laser canon and there are is four of them*Mirage gave another hand signal
*let’s get the ruby now that no one is here its right over this way*Hotshot in his head
*he’s giving us a countdown*
*3*Ironhide in his head
*two*both Mirage and JJ turned around
*one*they both fired with their weapons and they both destroyed the detonator Skybit
*double crosser*the spy changers started fired and the rocks were destroyed and the gun shots stopped Slapper
*why did he do that*skybit
*because he was only pretending to betray the spy changers you fool*Gas skunk
*I don’t understand how did he get away with it*JJ turned around
*with team work*
*and I told him about the bug that dark scream throw at him when he wasn’t looking so I kinda STAGED the whole betrayal thing*Ironhide
*you what*Mirage removed the bug off him
*haft to admit that girl is a genius*he crushed the transmitter
*sorry we didn’t say anything didn’t want you guys figuring it out just yet*JJ was on megatron’s monitor
*I didn’t want it to be MORE staged some of you aren’t really good acters*Megatron
*not bad, but here’s something you didn’t count on a second detonator*he activated it
*adios*the laser activated Mirage
*look out*the laser fired and they all dodged it Mirage
*careful megatron has the other detonator*JJ got up
*you don’t think I knew that*Mirage
*you knew*Ironhide to crosswise
*Crosswise do you have any idea how to stop that laser?*Crosswise looked shocked
*no but SHE does*JJ was quickly running at the laser Mirage
*what is she doing*the laser fired again and it aimed right at her and she stopped Mirage
*quickly get out of the way* JJ quickly swung the scissor blade at the laser beam and it quickly defected it and it cause the beam to shot at the laser and destroying it Ironhide
*no way with one swing*Mirage
*that blade of hers is powerful* Hotshot
*it’s not just the blade*
*cybertron episode 25*Wheeljack
*again really* his energon dripped on the ground JJ was biting into his neck and her eyes where blood red and lets go of him and energon was on her lips
*I wanted to get the taste of energon from this universe out of my mouth*Wheeljack
*again, I though you learned that last time*JJ
*I thought it would be different*she jumps down to the ground Wheeljack
*different huh?* JJ had her back to him and from the front she was barely red
*yes that’s right*she started walking forward
*heat seeker has been captured and so have the kids I need to save them*
*you and the other take of things*
*I’ll save the children*
*meanwhile at the military base*Suzuki yelled
*did you haft to do that*a guy fell on the ground Suzuki turned around
*what happened*someone tapped her shoulder she was that a arm was flowed out of her back and barely waved at her she almost screamed when the hand covered her mouth quickly and she quickly realized the hand moved away from her mouth
*Jewry?*the arm vanished on her JJ
*good guess*Suzuki quickly turned around JJ was wearing rangiku’s soul reapers uniform with her pendent on her neck and ryuko’s red glove on her hand
*and anyway I came here for heat seeker*heat seeker come up to her and he kneeled to her on one knee JJ
*and the children are north east from here*she started walking off and heat seeker followed her from behind
* I better hurry if I were you* she stopped
*I think you know what I’m going to do next right*Heat seeker nods yes JJ smiles
*time to move forward*she snaps her fingers the scenery changed into a forest and bits of her clothing where torn and she had her black sword in her hand Lori come up to her
*Jewry are you alright*JJ was looking
*no*she dropped her sword it turned into blue flames before it hits the ground and it vanished JJ
*damn it I let the bastered get away*optimus
*you did your best to hold him back*JJ turned to him
*but still I…*she stopped speaking
* heatseeker bring him forward after all he saw everything*Heatseeker came from the bushed and he was dragging carnal Franklin by the back of his coaler shirt Coby
*Carnal Franklin*JJ to heatseeker
*let him go he can’t do anything to harm us*Heatseeker let’s go of him and he stood beside JJ and he just stood there
*episode 26*Bud to Carnal Franklin
*you leave our friends alone*Lori
*what do you want with them*Bud
*the same think like these freaky shadowy government types want*JJ smacked bud in the back of his head with a manga magazine
*that’s not why he’s here*Bud was holding his head
*dang girl you hit hard*Carnal Franklin
*you know why I’m here*JJ
*you want to tell your side of the story or do you want me to tell them why*Coby
* You know why he’s here*JJ
*yes I do you didn’t think I knew he was in the area and from the fact that he followed you kids here to begin with*Carnal Franklin
*impressive that you knew, alright you can tell them*JJ
*with pleasure*
*now let’s see how did it begin*she opened her hand
*on right*a small ball of energon come out from her opened hand and it went high up in the air the energy started pulsing and a bright light quickly surrounded the area and it blinded everyone the light stopped the kids opened there eyes Coby
*what was that for*Bud looked down
*whoa cool*the others looked down and they were hovering above a river bank Vector prime
*wait this is*JJ turned her head to him
*where in the past showing the memory of our government friend here*she turned her head forward
*I’ve master time and space control a lot better than you vector prime*she looked forward
*the greed rapids is where it all started his father took him fishing there and he didn’t know how fast the water was until it was too late*the heard someone crying out to someone they looked down and saw a kid in the water and it and his father was running after him shouting out his name*Carnal Franklin
*imposible how could you have..* JJ
*then he saw someone a shadow really it was all he could do to keep his head above the water*
*then he saw the guy jump off the cliff and turned into a helicopter*a bright light quickly came and they were back in the woods the glowing orb was still in the air it flew down and hands on JJ’s hand and it vanished JJ
*however everything thought he was just seeing things, but deep down he knew what he say he was real*
*so he started researching he red all he could get with his hands on*
*but he wanted was top secret*Bud
*top secret that’s why you joined the government it was the only thing you can do to get the information you needed*Franklin
*in the end all the UFO sighting where related to my quest*Crosswise
*yes and you were right it was those blasted monsters causing all that trouble*Lori
*but those monster decepticons back there wouldn’t rescue a human would they*Evac
*oh yeah*
*sure I remember now you grew up*Franklin takes off his sun glasses
*your right I guess I did it sure has been a long time, but I guess I can finally say thank you*Coby
*I guess this means you’re one of the good guys then*he turned to JJ
*I don’t need to ask, but you already knew that. Why didn’t you tell them*JJ
*I might as well be frank with everyone*
*I’m on my own side, I’m only on the autobot’s side for SPECIAL reasons*Lori
*special reasons*optimus
*and it seems we keep finding friends in the most unexpected places*jetfire
*I’ll say*optimus
*I’ve been very stiked about keeping our presents a secret but we seem to find powerful allies where ever we go*
*override from speed planet*
*snarl from jungle planet*
*Jewry from earth*
*all three have been very viddle to our mission*
*and to be honest I don’t think we’ll be where they are without their help*
*and of cores there’s coby Lori and bud from earth as well they have been the most helpful of all*Suzuki
*you can count of me*Franklin
*me too I’ll help any way I possibly can*scattershot
*that’s good and believe me we’re going to need all the help we can get now that starscream has disappeared with the omega lock*JJ
*there’s got to be some way to track it*Coby
*wait a minute Jewry cant you track it you and the omega lock seem to have some kind of link* Vector prime
*a link*JJ to vector prime
*something the matter vector prime*Vector prime
*Coby said you have a link to the omega lock is that right*JJ
*yeah that’s right is that not good or something?*Vector prime
*it’s very strange is all* in his head
* The omega lock is connected to primus, what does this mean?* JJ to carnal Franklin
*Carnal Franklin try putting for forces out looking for the location I think that might help*Franklin
*that’s not a bad idea*
*at autobot base*Knockout
*that should do it*an IV was put into JJ’s arm and it was filled with energon blood JJ and he was sitting on a lab table
*how many of these to I need*Knockout
*from what Ratchet saw you lost a lot of blood than you could handle your not as strong as you normally are*JJ
*how much blood did I lose*Knockout
*you lost at least 4 quoits of blood*Bud
*4 you shouldn’t be even living*Cliffjumper
*look Bud it takes more than a little blood lose to kill our superior, this isnt the first time this has happened to her* Wheeljack
*and we help her out in any way we can something that the autobots can’t do*JJ
*well no arguing with you on that*
*you all can do whatever I need some me time*
*later outside*JJ was hugging hotshot’s arm her eyes were closed and he was smiling
*finally some alone time*Hotshot
*wont your teammates get mad when they find us*JJ opened her eyes
*I told all of them to look for starscream’s base of operation*Hotshot rubs the top of her head
*smart and beautiful*JJ looked up at him and smiled at him
*you make me so happy*she leans on his arm again
*sucks that we can’t spend much time together though*Hotshot
*Jewry, when you said special reason was it because of me*JJ
*the main reason, also optimus is kind of like an older brother to me after all he and vector prime share the title of prime and you know where that comes from*Hotshot
*I know what you mean and on top of that we can’t tell anyone or else they’ll freak out*
*and we don’t want that happening*JJ
*true that*the both laughed JJ quickly stopped and she started glowing Hotshot
*is it the omega lock*JJ
*it is*she stood up and looked up at the sky and a type of worm hole was in the sky and the worm hole now appeared to be the back hole Hotshot
*it’s the black hole*JJ
*no it’s only an image of the black hole*the glowing on her started pulsing and she looked down Hotshot
*Jewry?* JJ made a fist in her hand and blood dripped in her hand and it fell on the ground
*starscream*she started to give off a strong and intense serge in the air hotshot was holding his chest where his spark was
*Jewry you’re going to harm the humans in the area including us as well*JJ quickly looked up and looked surprised the serge stopped and so did the glowing JJ
*sorry I forgot*hotshot saw her hand was bleeding
*your hand*JJ opened her hand
*I’m alright*her hand quickly healed Hotshot
*that’s going to need to be getting used it*JJ
*you said it brother*she started walking off Hotshot
*hey where are you going*JJ
*I need to contact primus*hotshot
*almost forgot you can do that*JJ was still walking forward
*of course I am technically HIM after all*
*if the others ask I went to find the omega lock myself*
*heatseeker let’s go*heatseeker appeared and walked behind JJ she turned her head to him
*you have my sword*Heatseeker was holding her black sword with its case on it JJ
*good once I’m done I need to go straight into battle and you stay back with the other mini cons*heatseeker nods yes to her JJ takes her sword
*I won’t be long*she vanished into thin air
what cosplying is by tfakairi
what cosplying is
Lilah shows jiraya and Hidan a poster of her and her friends cosplaying as them  


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